Men's earrings: types, materials and tips for choosing

Men's earrings: types, materials and tips for choosing
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Species overview
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  5. How to choose?
  6. How to wear?
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Men's earrings are spectacular and stylish accessories, the history of which goes back several millennia. In the countries of the Ancient East, these ornaments were popular with representatives of the noble classes. In the Middle Ages, they were an integral part of the image of pirates and sailors. In the Renaissance, earrings were preferred by royal persons and their entourage. What are modern men's earrings? How to choose and how to wear these unusual accessories?


Men's earrings have a number of features that distinguish them from products designed for women. One of the characteristic features of men's jewelry is uncomplicated, laconic and restrained design. A minimum of decor, strict geometry, simplicity of lines and shapes - these details are considered characteristic of men's earrings.

Many models of men's earrings have a very specific appearance and shape. They can be made in the form of skulls, knots, crosses, swords, daggers, horseshoes, anchors, bolts, keys. Earrings made in the form of zodiacal symbols are very popular among modern men.

Men's earrings decorated with stones also have their own characteristic features. When creating such items, jewelers usually use blind or corner setting of stones. With these types of setting, stones are placed directly in the thickness of the metal, and not in a separate setting.

Thanks to this, men's earrings decorated with stones look elegant, but not pretentious.

Species overview

Modern manufacturers of jewelry and bijouterie offer a dizzying assortment of earrings of all shapes, configurations and sizes. These jewelry are popular not only among young people, but also among mature men.


Mono earrings (single) - products that do not have a pair. They can have almost any shape, configuration, type of attachment. Single ornaments, unlike paired ones, are more popular among the stronger sex.


Single or paired products that have a special pin and fastener with a hole or a tiny screw lock. Wearing this type of jewelry requires a piercing piercing through the earlobe. Stud earrings can be made of both precious metals and inexpensive hypoallergenic alloys.

Simple stud earrings without embellishments, stones, enamel inserts and engraving can be a good addition to your everyday look.

With rocks

Precious, semi-precious and semi-precious stones are usually used to decorate men's stud earrings with a strong metal clasp. Less often, they are decorated with clips, the wearing of which does not require a puncture in the earlobe. The average diameter of stones used for inlay products varies from 3 to 6 millimeters.

The most popular types of stones used to decorate men's earrings:

  • diamonds;
  • rubies;
  • sapphires;
  • cubic zirconia;
  • topaz.

Men's earrings decorated with inexpensive but very effective ornamental stones look very original: jasper, hematite, malachite, carnelian. Such products are popular with young men, as well as representatives of informal trends and subcultures. Some men use stone earrings as elegant accessories for evening or party wear.


Wearing magnetic earrings does not require a piercing through the earlobe. Most often, one such earring consists of two cylindrical magnetic plates that are easily fixed on the edge of the auricle. The front side of one of the magnetic plates is often decorated with a catchy design, lettering, engraving or pattern.

One of the drawbacks of magnet jewelry is the discomfort they cause with prolonged wear. By squeezing the earlobe on both sides, such earrings can cause not only discomfort, but also severe redness, inflammation and even swelling of the auricle.


Hoop earrings are considered one of the first varieties of men's jewelry, which appeared in ancient times. Large round earrings were originally worn by representatives of the noble classes in the countries of the Ancient East. Later, such decorations appeared in European countries.

Modern men's hoop earrings differ in both thickness and diameter. They may be thin or massive, smooth or embossed, solid or open, simple or decorated. Very popular among modern men of young and mature age are earrings-congowith small dimensions, as well as a round, D-shaped or quadrangular inner profile.

These jewelry can successfully fit into both a stylish everyday and a progressive informal look.


Such accessories are popular with representatives of subcultures and informal movements. Usually they complement the images of bikers, rockers, goths, hippies. Plugs are two round plates (usually black), which are connected by a thin pin. Wearing such jewelry requires a piercing through the earlobe.


Some types of earrings were used by men in ancient times to denote their status, belonging to a particular class, community, ethnic group. In Cossack families, these jewelry were prescribed to be worn by those who were the last man in their family or the only son of their mother. The military leaders did not place the owners of such symbolic accessories in the front ranks when attacking in battle, trying not to expose them to undue danger.

Practically the same position in the family was symbolized by men's earrings among the gypsies. So, an earring in his left ear meant that this man is the first and only son in his family. The second-born sons wore double adornment. Traditionally, gypsy earrings looked like a ring or a crescent.

Among the Slavs, earrings most often served as a talisman. They were often decorated with pagan symbols, images of runes. Such accessories are still popular among adherents of ancient Slavic traditions.

Also, Slavic earrings were often used as an accessory indicating the special social and financial status of a representative of the clan. Wealthy Slavs wore mainly gold and silver jewelry, representatives of the unprivileged strata of society - wooden or copper.

Materials (edit)

In the manufacture of stylish men's earrings, modern manufacturers use an impressive list of materials - from precious metals to high-impact plastic.

  • Gold - the most popular precious metal used to make men's earrings. It is customary to refer to the pluses of gold jewelry not only a noble shine and an attractive appearance, but also hypoallergenicity, lightness, resistance to oxidation and corrosion. The downside of gold is its softness, susceptibility to deformation.
  • Platinum - an expensive silver metal, remarkable not only for its dazzling cold luster, but also for its strength, resistance to moisture and salts. Platinum jewelry does not cause allergies, is extremely lightweight, does not deform or darken over time. Their only but significant drawback is the impressive price.
  • Palladium - a rather rare noble metal from which unusually light and durable jewelry is made. For its bright silvery color and dazzling shine, alloys of palladium and gold are called white gold. Products made from such alloys are not scratched, deformed or tarnished. However, such jewelry is quite expensive.
  • Silver - an inexpensive, but very popular noble metal used to make a variety of jewelry. Men's silver earrings are charismatic, durable and inexpensive items that are resistant to scratches and deformation. The disadvantage of this metal is its property to darken over time. Without regular maintenance, silver jewelry quickly loses its luster, becomes dirty brown or almost black.
  • Titanium - durable and very light metal, from which spectacular and inexpensive jewelry is made. Titanium earrings do not cause allergic skin reactions, do not fade, scratch or deform.

The amazing lightness of titanium makes it possible to make even very massive and large jewelry out of it, which do not pull the earlobe and do not create discomfort when worn for a long time.


  • Spikes - a well-known American brand, which produces original men's earrings made of high-strength jewelry steel, tungsten and titanium. All products of this brand are distinguished not only by stylish and progressive design, but also by impressive strength, durability, resistance to mechanical, chemical and thermal effects. In the manufacture of jewelry, this manufacturer uses exclusively hypoallergenic metals and alloys.
  • SOKOLOV Is a Russian jewelry brand founded in 1993. The product range of this manufacturer also includes elegant men's earrings made of precious metals: platinum, white, red and yellow gold. The manufacturer uses diamonds, sapphires, Swarovski crystals to decorate products.
  • "Eridanus" - a well-known jewelry company specializing in the manufacture of original jewelry for men and women. Men's earrings produced under this brand are made of precious metals, inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones. In Eridan's collections one can find both inexpensive but stylish jewelry and exquisite premium products.

How to choose?

When choosing men's earrings, stylists recommend focusing on a number of such important criteria:

  • the age of a man, his preferences in creating an everyday (business, evening) image;
  • product material, design, weight, shape, type of fastening.

Mature men should give preference to products made in a classic style. They are distinguished by simple and laconic design, uncomplicated forms (round, square). They will organically fit into the image of a modern business man who prefers original accessories, elegant gold or platinum earrings, decorated with medium-sized precious stones.

For young men who adhere to an informal style in everyday life, designers recommend taking a closer look at original and catchy accessories. These can be classic magnetic earrings ("pills") or stud earrings, complemented by graceful pendants, for example, in the form of a hieroglyph, magic symbol, cross or sphere.

The lightest are earrings made of titanium and titanium alloys. The heavier are items made of gold, silver and other noble metals. For permanent wear, it is better to purchase lightweight earrings with a comfortable and reliable buckle.

Massive products are ideal for occasional wear, for example, for an informal party, corporate party, romantic date.

Palladium alloy jewelry is valued for its durability, beautiful silvery-white color, mechanical and chemical resistance. Just like titanium, palladium is used in prosthetics due to its physical inertness. Such jewelry does not cause allergic reactions even after prolonged contact with the skin. Earrings made of palladium or titanium will be the best choice for men with sensitive skin prone to irritation and allergic rashes.

The most inexpensive, but very exquisite are men's jewelry made of medical stainless steel. They are strong, durable, hypoallergenic, chemical and thermal resistant. Designers recommend paying attention to such products for men who prefer practical, stylish and inexpensive accessories.

The most inconvenient to wear are men's magnetic earrings and clips with a clip. By squeezing the earlobe, they can be extremely uncomfortable. In addition, such jewelry can easily slip off the lobe with any sudden movement.

Experts believe that the most reliable type of attachment is pin, requiring a through puncture of the lobe.

How to wear?

Before the era of informal trends (hippie, punk, rock), wearing earrings was condemned by conservative men. It was believed that this typically feminine jewelry was worn only by gay men. Nowadays, men's earrings are perceived by society as the most common accessories that functionally do not differ from rings, bracelets and other jewelry. Most modern men wear an earring in their left ear. Wearing two earrings is tantamount to the manifestation of outrageous behavior typical of rock musicians, outstanding athletes, and scandalous media personalities.

To avoid dissonance in the image, stylists recommend considering the design of earrings when choosing clothes. Classic jewelry can be worn with almost any clothing. Ethnic earrings should only be paired with clothing of the appropriate style. For example, gypsy hoop earrings can successfully complement men's outfits in boho, hippie or grunge styles, embodying ease, comfort, confidence and freedom. And, for example, earrings in the Slavic style will be an excellent addition to modern kosovorotki shirts, spacious sweatshirts or loose-fitting shirts, decorated with embroidery or runic symbols.

Beautiful examples

  • For young men who prefer sportswear or practical casual-style, designers recommend paying attention to graceful earrings of the original form. As an example, here is an interesting decoration in the form of a five-pointed star made of blackened silver. The product is equipped with a pin that allows you to securely fix the earring on the earlobe.
  • A simple cross earring will be a good complement to a man's look in a rocker, gothic or biker style. Usually, such jewelry is attached to the lobe using a pin with a screw lock, however, in modern stores you can also find magnetic analogs that do not require a through-hole.
  • To create a romantic look, a classic stud earring decorated with a large diamond is ideal. Such an adornment will successfully complement a festive men's outfit in a classic style, for example, a wedding or club suit.

For how to pierce the ears with a pistol, see the next video.

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