All about men's face tattoos

  1. Historical meaning
  2. Pros and cons of location
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Best ideas

Tattoos located on the face have gained great popularity nowadays and have become more common. In this article, we will tell you about the history of such images, about their pros and cons, and also consider the best ideas for sketches of men's face tattoos.

Historical meaning

The art of tattooing has been around for a long time. People applied bizarre designs to various parts of the body, including the face. The peoples of Polynesia were the first to do this. - there, by the way, the art of tattooing was born. For the Polynesians, such drawings were not just beautiful decorations, but powerful amulets that protected their owners from enemies, evil eyes and dark forces. Further, the art of tattooing spread throughout the world. In some countries, people began to tattoo their faces in order to emphasize their high status and social position.

In particular, tribal leaders did this, usually enclosing both their occupation and military achievements in body symbols. In other countries, slaves, prisoners and criminals were branded with the help of tattoos on the face. At the present time, a similar meaning of tattoos located on the face has been lost.... Most often they are applied by people, both men and women, wanting to stand out from the crowd.

As a rule, such drawings do not carry a huge hidden meaning, but some people still endow their tattoos with a specific meaning.

Pros and cons of location

Men's face tattoos have both pros and cons. Let's start with the disadvantages.

  • The most obvious one: such a tattoo is always is in everyone's sight and it can only be hidden with regrown hair. For this reason, such a drawing will attract a lot of attention from strangers, and not always in a positive way. However, there are also people who are not affected by extra attention, or even happy.
  • Another disadvantage - employment problems. In many areas, getting a job with a tattoo, especially one located in a conspicuous place, is quite difficult, and sometimes even impossible. For example, a person with a tattoo on their face is likely to be barred from entering pedagogy. You need to think about this in advance before getting a tattoo.
  • It should also be said that the face is one of the most sensitive places, because it has a lot of nerve endings and there is absolutely no fat layer. For this reason getting a tattoo on this place will hurt. However, there is a plus: as a rule, small drawings are placed on the face, and therefore it will not take so long to endure the painful sensations.
  • It is impossible not to mention that a person's face is changing, and quite quickly. Expression or age wrinkles may appear on it. All this can negatively affect the tattoo and its aesthetics.
  • Another disadvantage for many will be difficulty in finding a good master. And the price for such work can be high, which is also a disadvantage for most. However, you should not save on applying a tattoo on your face, because in this case, the risk of spoiling your appearance will be too high.

Now let's move on to the pluses.

  • To begin with, it should be said that a tattoo is a different way to disguise a scar or some kind of defect. This is what is often the reason for drawing a picture on the face.
  • A great advantage of such tattoos is their spectacular appearance. The owners of the drawings located on the face stand out from the crowd, which for the majority is the reason for applying such a tattoo.
  • In addition, a tattoo located on the face is also a great opportunity for self-expression, emphasizing your individuality.

With the right selection of a sketch, a person will be able not only to satisfy his need for self-expression, but also, possibly, to emphasize certain aspects of his - for example, courage, originality, independence from the opinion of the majority.

Styles and colors

Before applying a tattoo on this or that part of the face, be it the forehead, the area above the eyebrow or under the eye, it is necessary to decide on its style of performance and color decision... Usually, face tattoos are not large in size, and therefore the most appropriate style solution would be minimalism... Such tattoos are very laconic, but at the same time beautiful, they do not differ in a high degree of detail and line drawing.

A style like tribal, for such tattoos is also suitable. It is dominated by Polynesian motifs, clear contours, a large number of pointed lines and geometric shapes. Tattoos made on the face look very interesting in the style of new school... As a rule, bright shades are used in such tattoos, and the drawing itself most often depicts graffiti or something cartoonish.

3D style for such tattoos, it is also appropriate, and it looks very interesting, because as a result, an image with an optical illusion appears on a person's body, which is achieved through the correct use of different shades and the reception of chiaroscuro. A style solution such as graphics would be an excellent choice for face tattoos. This style combines both simplicity and elegance, it is done with shading and, as a rule, in black.

But the Chicano style is distinguished by its expressiveness, because it contains gangster theme, while the tattoos themselves usually occupy a large area of ​​the skin. If we talk about the color scheme of tattoos located on the face, then here the person is also given a rather big choice.

Many people prefer black and white shades, but the drawing can be done in a different color - it only depends on your preferences, as well as on the features of the drawing itself and the chosen style direction

Best ideas

Most often, tattoos with inscriptions in different languages ​​are placed on the face. The meaning of such a drawing depends on the content of the written. Such tattoos look very interesting and versatile, because they can be placed on any part of the face - under the eye, above the eyebrow or in the temple area. However, when applying a tattoo with a foreign inscription on the skin, it would be best to know its content in advance, so as not to get into a stupid situation in the future, because what is written in translation can mean something vulgar or ridiculous.

Often, small images in the form of objects are also applied to the face. Men most often give preference to drawings of weapons - it can be a knife, an ax or a pistol. Thus, they emphasize their courage, strength, readiness for decisive action.

Polynesian or any other tattoo designs are also very popular. Such tattoos, as a rule, have a great semantic meaning, which is rarely understood by others, and often serve as a strong amulet.

Often on male tattoos located on the face, there are also animals... The meaning of the picture in this case varies depending on what kind of animal is depicted on it. So, for example, the image of a bird symbolizes love for freedom, and the drawing of a wolf symbolizes strength.

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