All About Raven Tattoo For Men

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  2. Popular styles of performance
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Birds are often used in body art as they represent freedom, fidelity to dreams and inspiration. In this article, we will consider everything about a crow tattoo for men, which attracts attention with a mystical character.


In the art of tattoos, the image of a raven is quite often used. The meaning can be different, since the posture of the bird, how it is depicted and the composition as a whole, has an influence. For example, if a raven is represented in flight, then such a tattoo means the power of the soul, cunning and anger, as well as the manifestation of aggression. If only the wings of a raven are represented on a tattoo, then it is a warning, the owner of such a tattoo is rather cunning and dangerous. A flock of ravens symbolizes fussiness and haste, the desire to lead others. The white crow emphasizes that its owner is protesting against the generally accepted rules, most likely, money is not important to him, he can act as an outcast in society.

Initially, images of a raven on male bodies appeared among the Celts. Such a bird was a symbol of the gods of battle and death. She began to be seen as a symbol of evil, Satanism, dark forces and even witchcraft. In addition, the Celts believed that the raven is a symbol of prophecy, it helps to predict the future. But the tribes in Africa, on the contrary, perceived the crow as luck, victory and kindness. For the Scandinavian peoples, the raven is a symbol of a great memory and a wonderful mind. For shamans, it is the raven that acts as the ancestor of man. The Romans associated it with being secure and believing in a wonderful future. And today a crow tattoo can mean different concepts. Color performance plays a very important role.

It should be taken into account where exactly the tattoo is located, as well as the hobbies of the person who decided to decorate his body with such an unusual image.

Popular styles of performance

Styles of execution of a tattoo depicting a crow for men can be varied. Minimalism and realism are often used, in addition, you can use a combination of styles. The most common color of a raven tattoo is black. Sometimes there may be slight additions of blue.

The color red is quite popular, which is often used to display additional elements. Usually there are a minimum of colored parts. If you depict a crow on a bright background, then it will become more expressive. Some tattoos are complemented with multi-colored bird plumage. Let's take a closer look at different styles.


This direction acts as a mix of reality and unconventional drawing methods. To understand what is depicted on the body, one should immediately see the whole drawing, so to speak "from afar." Only in this case it will be possible to say exactly where the tail is, and where the bird's wing is. Lines appear in the form of outlines, and so the drawing is presented in the form of smeared strokes. Black is ideal for this style.


The watercolor raven is also black, although the background color can be changed. Usually soft colors are used, they do not have transitions from one to another.

Preference should be given to the blue color, it allows you to very beautifully convey watercolor spots.


You can depict a raven in this style direction in the following ways:

  • geometric shapes form the silhouette of a bird;
  • a crow can be performed against a background of geometric shapes that are secondary;
  • a crow is depicted inside a geometric figure, it is placed inside, for example, a rectangle, a rhombus, and so on.


Typically, drawings in this style are presented in gray tones. It seems that the bird is drawn on the skin with a slate pencil. Shading is used, which gives the tattoo a sophistication, but lacks realism. Careful detail prevails and the drawing is flat.


It is rather difficult to imagine a crow in this style, since it appears colorless. In this case, it is necessary, with the help of imagination, to complete everything that is missing. The bird is represented by contour lines. Slight transparent shading is sometimes used. There is no background here, but the background decor, for example, flowers, adds brightness to the tattoo.


In this style, the raven is decorated not only with black plumage. Blue or purple tint looks very attractive. Feathers have both dark and light spots. Very rarely, only the raven-shaped central element is used. The drawing is complemented with various objects, for example, jewelry or flowers.

You can use other items with a semantic load.

Old school

The main thing is to adhere to the contrast of white and black colors. Clear lines are used, no smooth transitions. If desired, the legs and beak of the bird can be made in gray tones or yellow.


This direction allows you to transfer photos using monochrome dark tones. A raven can sit on a twig and look away. This position allows you to depict the silhouette of the bird as accurately as possible. A small white highlight on the charcoal eye gives it life.


This direction has some common features with abstraction. Rough sketching prevails, so it seems like a sketch is in front of you. There is no clear silhouette of a bird on the body; attention is paid to the position of the body, wingspan and head turn. Quick strokes are applied to convey details. Gray and black tones are perfect.


Usually the raven is combined with the crazy doctor. She sits on his shoulder and acts as a "scavenger". In addition, a combination of a raven and a doctor is possible, since he is presented in a leather hat and cloak, and the mask looks like a beak.

Trash polka

The raven is found among other tattoos, such as the skull, black rose, or wolf. In this style, the bird acts as a symbol of death, a deep philosophical meaning is felt. The decor is presented in black and red colors.

The bird looks spectacular in tandem with inscriptions or objects, for example, with the aforementioned skull.

Best sketches

The raven on the skull looks very nice. In this case, it symbolizes death. The bird looks calm and not intimidating, so the picture exudes confidence. Additional details in the form of roses highlight the chosen theme very nicely. A raven with spread wings with a twig in the key will look very beautiful on the back or chest. Sharp outlines, but smudged strokes give the image a natural look. Such a tattoo is suitable for confident men who know what they want out of life.

A beautiful silhouette of a raven, a confident posture and a proud look will allow every man to express himself, to declare to others about his reliability and confidence. Such a bird can be depicted on the shoulder, back or leg.

Location options

If a representative of the stronger sex decided to portray a raven on his body, one should not only familiarize oneself with its meanings and style of performance, but also decide where exactly it will be located. Location gives the bird additional meaning. Let's consider in more detail the possible options.

  • Shoulder. This zone is responsible for the strength and reliability of a man, so the image of a raven on his shoulders will be associated with stability and responsibility. In addition, this bird on the shoulder can still be seen as the ability to see the future.
  • Forearm. Usually this part of the body is open, so a bird on the forearm is regarded as a protest against others. Such a man opposes the established rules, he is guided by personal interests.
  • Scapula. The tattoo on the shoulder blade is personal, so such an image carries a deep meaning. The raven can be a subject of imitation. The stronger sex wants to acquire his strong qualities.
  • Wrist. A tattoo on this part of the body shows that such a man is rather mysterious. In this case, it matters in what form the bird is depicted. She can act as a talisman against dark forces.
  • Palm, fingers and hand. If the tattoo is presented on the arm, then it is open to everyone. Usually such a tattoo is done by men who strive for freedom and power, they prefer to lead the rest.

A tattoo on the palm acts as a talisman.

  • Sleeves. If the bird is made as sleeves, then the drawing has a rather deep meaning. The bird of prey is associated with anger and aggression. A calm bird testifies to deep feelings and wisdom.
  • Neck. Usually the crow on the neck shows the personality of the man. He stands out from society, so to speak, is a "black sheep". A bird in a dream or in flight says that a man is ready to defend his opinion. If a raven radiates kindness, then a person is open to others.
  • Breast. Usually a bird in flight is represented on the sternum. It symbolizes protection from various adversities. In addition, the crow on the chest or belly is seen as a desire to start a family and also signifies loyalty and devotion.
  • Side. The location of the bird on its side indicates that the tattoo is not intended for prying eyes. The raven under the heart symbolizes love and a strong family. In addition, the image of a raven emphasizes the strong qualities of a man.
  • Hip. Such a tattoo is quite intimate, so its presence also contains some subtext. A man with such a tattoo on his thigh is a rather sensitive nature, as well as a loving and loyal husband.
  • Back. The tattoo on the back protects the man and his family, therefore the raven is considered as a talisman, helps to protect against ill-wishers and betrayal.

In addition, the presence of a bird on the back indicates that the man is the leader.

  • Leg. A tattoo on his leg is an indicator that a man is not satisfied with his life. He needs the support of his family and friends. Although there is an opposite opinion - such a man shows that he is ready to become responsible and start a family.
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