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Scorpion headpieces are very popular with men. In the article we will understand what such tattoos mean, and what ideas for their sketches exist today.



The interpretation of the image of a scorpion can differ depending on the culture. The overall meaning of this insect is controversial.... So, in ancient Greece, the scorpion was originally considered a symbol of endless life, victory and achievement of goals, overcoming all difficulties. But after a while, both in ancient Greece and in ancient Rome, the scorpion began to be seen as a symbol of killers, because according to mythology, the goddess Artemis used the help of this poisonous insect to kill Orion, who offended her.

In Egypt, the scorpion was revered, as it was believed that he accompanies the goddess Isis, patronizing mothers, and helps to alleviate the hardships of the birth of a baby, and gives the child itself health and vitality.

In addition, the Egyptians also associated the scorpion with the world of the dead, and therefore its image could often be seen on tombs.

Buddhists also held scorpions in high esteem, since these insects were considered a kind of talisman that brought protection and help to warriors in a difficult battle - that is why the image of this insect was found on military paraphernalia.

The Indian tribes of the scorpion were considered as a judge who was distinguished by justice and wisdom, was able to decide what awaits a person after death.

In the Middle Ages, many interpreted the image of this insect negatively, associating it with the devil, impure thoughts and deceit.

Speaking about the traditional interpretation of this image, one cannot but say about astrology, where scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. There it is interpreted as a symbol of courage, some aggression, determination and even cruelty.

However, all these qualities, which at first glance seem radicalized, are somewhat softened by the element of water, to which the sign belongs.

In the army

The scorpion is also considered an army symbol. Here his image has its own interpretation. So, it is believed that a tattoo with this insect indicates that a man has visited hot spots, took part in battles, or served in the Caucasus.

At the same time, it is of great importance here scorpion pose... If his sting is directed upward, and the pincers are open, this indicates that the man participated in hostilities. And, on the contrary, if the scorpion in the image has lowered its sting, then this means the service of a person who did not participate in battles in the North Caucasian Military District.

By image type

The interpretation of a scorpion tattoo may vary depending on some features of the image.

So, a scorpion with open claws and a sting raised up, if we consider such a tattoo in isolation from the army interpretation, symbolizes originality, the desire to gain impressions and a bit of recklessness. If the claws are closed and in a straight position, and the tail of the insect is rounded, this indicates that the man has found calm, balanced and wise.

Scorpion tattoos for men are also considered very common. combined with floral elements. As a rule, from the flowers most often many people choose the rose, scarlet and luxurious. This pair is interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, a rose and a scorpion symbolize complex love, which has a destructive effect on a person, and on the other, endless loyalty to your partner.

In addition to the rose, there may be other flowers on the headdress. If you believe the Japanese interpretation, such a drawing will symbolize happiness and well-being in family life.

Often there are tattoos with this poisonous insect and clock. Such a plot has tremendous symbolism - it means the rapid flow of life and life in general.

The scorpion drawing can also be complemented by the image of the moon, in which case the tattoo will symbolize mystery.... Moreover, many are sure that the moon also doubles all those qualities that are characteristic of these poisonous insects, and that they include strength and ability to defend themselves.

Men sometimes give preference to such plots, where the scorpion is next to the skull. It is rather difficult to interpret such a drawing, because it is contradictory in itself: the skull is traditionally a symbol of death for most, and the scorpion personifies childbirth. For this reason, such tattoos are rarely done and most often they are not endowed with a special semantic load, applying a drawing to the body purely for aesthetic reasons.

Often, men depict the zodiac constellation Scorpio on their bodies., complementing it with such plot elements as Mars and Mercury, the letter "m" with an arrow at the end, which denotes this sign of the zodiac, as well as figures from geometry.

Such a tattoo will indicate that a person was born under this zodiac constellation.

Popular styles and compositions


Abstraction is characterized by freedom of performance, thanks to which a person is allowed not to limit himself especially and to use his imagination as much as possible.

According to custom, when depicting a scorpion in this style, artists use sharp lines and bright colors, in order to fully convey all the qualities that are endowed with this poisonous insect.


Tattoos in this style look very unusual. At the same time, the choice of a person in terms of a color scheme is relatively small: a black silhouette without much drawing, a black background with a pass in the form of a scorpion drawing, or an outline of the image using light shades. In this case, black paint is used in any case, because it is the basis of the style.


This style solution for tattoos with the image of a scorpion is chosen most often. Typically, images differ in scale and detail. The master, working on the drawing, carefully draws almost every detail, due to which the tattoo in the end looks naturalistic and voluminous. But small tattoos in realism are rarely done, because it is almost impossible to achieve such a level of detailed drawing in them.


Another common style trend that is in demand. V tattoos that are made in this way, various geometric shapes are actively used. They also carry a specific message. So, if sharp and angular lines prevail in the drawing, this speaks of the impulsiveness and decisiveness of a person, of his purposefulness. Smooth and softer lines, on the contrary, indicate docility, calmness and awareness.


Images made in this style are presented in a special way. Such drawings are performed using lines, while the contour and reception of light and shade are made using the same strokes and lines. This feature allows such tattoos to be compared with old prints that were created in the Middle Ages.


Another interesting style that is also suitable for scorpion tattoos. Such drawings look very unusual, which is due to the lines used, which are woven together, forming the image of a scorpion, and have a certain volume along the fold lines.

Old school

This style trend is very popular among tattoo art lovers. It is not difficult to distinguish this style from others, because the drawings made in this way look simple and primitive, they use only 6 colors, which, as a rule, do not mix with each other.


The word "sketch" means an unfinished drawing. This is the peculiarity of this direction. - an element of understatement is intentionally left in the tattoo. At the same time, there are sharp and quick strokes in the drawing itself, as if the image was created in a short time.


Many people call this style orientation tribal... In images that are made in this style, a variety of geometric patterns, clarity and brightness of lines usually prevail. Moreover, most often the tattoo is performed in one tone, usually in black. Africa is considered the birthplace of this kind of drawings, it was there that they first began to be applied to the body. Moreover, each image applied to the skin was not just an ornament, but also carried a specific message.

Trash polka

Such a style solution would be very appropriate for tattoos with a scorpion. Trash polka traditionally uses two shades. - red and black, or only black. The drawings themselves, made in this way, look very bright, they are catchy and noticeable, which is achieved due to the colors used.


Ornamentation is characterized by the use of patterns that should reflect peace and tranquility. Despite the fact that a scorpion in interpretation most often means determination and strength, in this direction it looks very appropriate. In this case, the patterns are either successfully woven into the image of the insect, or they serve as a background for the image.


Men choose this style less often than girls. The explanation is quite simple. Tattoos made in this style do not differ in clear contours.... They are more blurry and look soft and delicate, as if they were applied with real watercolors.

Despite this, drawings with this poisonous insect, made in watercolor style, still look impressive and very beautiful.

Location options

The scorpion tattoo can be placed anywhere. It all depends on the desires of the man himself, as well as on the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe tattoo as a whole.

So, small images without a plot look better on the hand or wrist, on the leg or on the neck. Medium-sized tattoos work well on the shoulder blade, shoulder, forearm and thigh. But large images will be best placed in the back or sternum, while small drawings, on the contrary, will not look in these places.

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