Description of men's tattoos in the form of inscriptions and their location

Description of men's tattoos in the form of inscriptions and their location
  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Types and sketches of tattoos
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Selection Tips
  5. Accommodation options

A men's tattoo in the form of an inscription is a classic option if you need to concisely express your position. It can be a name, a memorable text about a loved one, or a life slogan. Such inscriptions are always in trend, they are appropriate in any situation, besides, they are simple and understandable to others. We will talk about the main ideas of such tattoos and the techniques for applying them in this review.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before getting a tattoo in the form of text, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons. Such tattoos have both their pros and cons. The main advantages include a number of nuances.

  • Price text tattoos are much lower than the stuffing of colorful pictures.

  • A correctly chosen phrase will always be in fashion and never will not lose its semantic relevance.

  • If over time a person decides to get rid of the tattoo, then the letters will be easy to overlap with a drawing, unlike an illustration.

  • Tattoos with texts give a man a more stylish, brutal look. It is no coincidence that the Chicano style, invented in Latin American prisons, has been trending for a long time.

But there are also disadvantages.

Any inscriptions made in a foreign language threaten to become a serious problem in the event of an incorrect translation of the text. One of the most common mistakes is typing the phrases you like on the body without specifying the full range of its meanings. It happens that a single mistake changes the whole meaning of a phrase and not always for the better. Therefore, before getting a tattoo, you need to consult with a native speaker or a person who knows it perfectly. But you should not resort to the services of online translators.

Over time, ink seeps through the skin and the tattoo loses its richness. In addition, a person can lose weight or, on the contrary, gain weight - this leads to a change in the geometry of the filled phrases. And when it comes to drawings, then this will not be a problem, since they can be easily corrected and quickly restore their original appearance. In such cases, inscriptions in the form of an inscription often become unreadable. This happens especially often with small texts consisting of thin single lines and miniature letters.

Tattoos in the form of text always make sense:

  • they are applied in memory of a significant person, event or life phenomenon;

  • they complement the already available illustrated tattoo;

  • a tattoo defines a life motto, sets the right direction, meaning or turn in fate.

Types and sketches of tattoos

Men's tattoos in the form of inscriptions can be stuffed in any language, from ancient Latin to any native language - Russian, Tatar, Ukrainian and others. The most widespread are English, Italian, Arabic, as well as Old Slavic languages. The choice depends only on individual perception. Phrases in French, Italian and Spanish are associated with aesthetics and emotion.

But Russian is not popular even in our country. This is due to the fact that not every font is effectively combined with the Cyrillic alphabet.

Texts in German are perceived harshly and charismatically. Hebrew creates a touch of mysticism and mystery, and Latin is an unshakable classic for any tattoos. English is universal.

Therefore, in our language, only the lightest and shortest texts are usually performed - a memorable date, a name, or the name of a city. The Arabic script looks much more beautiful, the sayings of the eastern sages do not even require additional decorative elements.

The choice of language always has a certain meaning. For example, for typing texts of a personal nature, addressed only to their inner self, most often they use complex or ancient languages. Declarations of love are written in French or Italian. And motivating quotes in any other, more understandable dialects.

Here are the most popular topics.

  • Love... This is a wonderful and light feeling that makes men perform feats. Everyone expresses their emotions differently. Someone is typing the name of a loved one or the date of meeting him. And someone writes quotes from books and films that evoke associations with the object of passion.
  • A family... Many men try to declare to everyone around them about their love and devotion to their family. Often they fill the hand with the inscription Family - succinctly and briefly, but at the same time makes it clear about the priorities of the owner of the tattoo. Others put the names of spouses, children, and parents.
  • friendship... Some men get paired tattoos to celebrate a long friendship. Thus, they always feel supported in difficult times.
  • Life credo. Men are very fond of stuffing phrases and sayings of great philosophers on their bodies. Someone is content with short expressions. And someone allows himself to "roam" so that even the size of the back is not enough to express their attitude to this world.
  • freedom... Tattoos representing an inscription about love of freedom have a special chic. Moreover, freedom and independence can manifest itself not only in marital status, but also in fearlessness, bright individuality, as well as denial of generally accepted cliches and labels.
  • Motivators... Tattoos in the form of motivating texts are very popular. Such tattoos are stuffed by men when they lack their own energy and internal stimulus in order to perform an important act. As a rule, people who stuff such phrases on their bodies strive for constant development and activity.
  • Religion... Another popular topic. Masters of tattoo parlors claim that in recent years, quotes from the Bible in Old Church Slavonic have been steadily among the most demanded tattoos among men.

Styles and colors

When creating a tattoo in the form of an inscription, it is very important to choose the right style. It not only gives it visual beauty, but also emphasizes its semantic and emotional message, makes it more accessible to the perception of others.... Some letters are subconsciously perceived as coarser and, as a result, more masculine. Conversely, there are softer and more feminine ones. Therefore, when choosing a font, you need to build on the very concept of the text.

For male lettering, one of the following techniques is usually employed.

Gothic - this style became widespread in the Middle Ages. Its exoticism can be simple or complex. How easy it will be to read the inscription directly depends on the version of the design - in this case, you need to focus only on your internal preferences. Some men do not want the meaning of the text to be understood by those around them; intricate mysterious words will suit them. In this case, the letters are closely intertwined and form a mysterious Gothic pattern.

Western film - in biker tattoos, you can often find a Western font. It is invariably associated with the Wild West, cowboys and fugitive ads.

Graffiti Is another popular technique that comes from hip-hop culture. Such tattoos resemble bright inscriptions on the streets of a big city. A distinctive feature of the style is the mixture of typography and illustrations.

The typewriter is a timeless classic. Such inscriptions look as if they were made on an old instrument with defects. Tattoos like these look very distinctive.

Trash polka - maximizes the emotional meaning of the text.

Graphics - characterized by clarity and utmost brevity.

Blackwork - represents a strict and restrained inscription in monochrome.

Tribal - transfers the text in the form of a pattern.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, men's inscriptions are stuffed in a black and white tint palette. This fully corresponds to the style of an adult and charismatic man with an established outlook on life. And young emotionally expressive young men may well consider color options, in which the background is blue, green and scarlet shades.

Before stuffing a tattoo, you can independently choose an option in any text editor, for example, in Word. In addition, there are a large number of specialized sites on the Internet that allow you to try out a variety of fonts online.

Selection Tips

Before stuffing any text on your body, be sure to think through a few important points:

  • define your personal, individual meaning, as well as the emotional message of the selected inscription;

  • match this text with your style and lifestyle, character traits, temperament and external image;

  • draw up a sketch and mentally try it on yourself, try to determine whether you are comfortable with him or not.

On their bodies, men can stuff any texts that are important to them. But still there is a category of inscriptions that should not be done.

The names of distant friends and unfamiliar women. Even with sincere sympathy, it happens that relationships suddenly deteriorate or gradually come to naught. And the tattoo will remain on the skin for life. Therefore, be sure to think about whether you want to wear a tattoo if communication with a person stops. If you are not so sure, pick up some other sketch.

You should not get tattoos in an unfamiliar and even more unknown language if you do not have the opportunity to get advice from a linguist or native speaker.

Accommodation options

In most cases, tattoos in the form of text are represented by miniature pictures, rather than large compositional formats. They can be stuffed on a wide variety of areas of the body, regardless of their proportionality. However, it is imperative to take into account the status and lifestyle - many men have respectable positions, the dress code of which prohibits tattoos peeking out from under the sleeves of a shirt.

In addition, it is important to consider the body's pain threshold. The most painful will be the application of the image on the ribs, in the chest area, on the head, the back of the thighs and on the feet. Exceptional discomfort is associated with the creation of a tattoo in the groin area, on the elbow and knee bends. While on the calves, forearm, in the area of ​​the collarbone and shoulder blades, sensations are quite tolerable, and the tattoo heals much faster.

Shoulder and forearm

Tattoos in the form of text on the shoulder are preferred by men who adhere to a minimalist style. These tattoos are composed of thin black lines. On the forearm, inscriptions in the Gothic and Thrash Polka technique are more in demand. In this case, you can fill in the text not only on the outside, but also on the inside of the hand.


A small text is stuffed on the wrist and the edge of the palm - it can be a laconic phrase, an important date, a name or a symbolic word. It should be borne in mind that a tattoo stuffed in this area is often in contact with water, clothing and household chemicals, and therefore needs regular correction.

The tattoo on the brush looks very stylish. However, not every man dares to fill an inscription in this place - this is due to the fact that it often interferes with professional activities. In addition, as an independent picture, it looks ugly, most often it is stuffed as part of the "sleeve". In this case, the overall composition looks much more aesthetically pleasing.

The "sleeve" is more like an artistic masterpiece than an ordinary tattoo. As a rule, an illustrated picture is depicted from the shoulder to the wrist, and as an addition to it, appropriate inscriptions are selected and stuffed on the brushes.Such tattoos today are considered one of the most popular, they are only competed with tattoos on the fingers. However, this option is only suitable for men with a high pain threshold. Finger tattooing is a very painful procedure. Therefore, there is always a great risk that within 3-5 days any manual work will cause significant discomfort.

No tattoos are made on the elbow. This zone is associated with frequent mechanical stress, as a result, the skin is stretched here. As a result, the tattoo loses its shape and takes on a vague outline.

Neck and back

It is believed that the inscriptions made on the neck can change the fate of its owner. That is why the most positive phrases related to personal growth, spirituality and energy potential are suitable here.

The back provides plenty of room for imagination. Here you can create large-scale compositions consisting of pictures and texts. Most often, motivating phrases are stuffed here, as well as quotes that carry life's wisdom and experiences. The choice of this zone is due to the fact that the shoulder blades and spine are considered the main energy center of a man.

Chest and side

A man's chest is a canvas that can accommodate fairly voluminous inscriptions. Usually these are phrases expressing loyalty to family and friends, as well as inspiring words. The text on the collarbones looks the most stylish.

On the side and ribs, especially under the heart, love messages are often stuffed. These can be names, dates, and favorite sayings. Texts in Arabic script, in Latin and in Hebrew look very impressive here.

Tattoos on the stomach can be applied only if you are in good physical shape and not overweight.

Thigh and leg

A tattoo on the thigh and lower leg usually implies an inscription that carries a personal meaning. Philosophical and especially religious sayings will look ridiculous here. Motivators for moving forward, goal-setting and personal growth look very harmonious on the foot and ankle. In addition, paired tattoos associated with love, friendship and family are often hammered here.

In conclusion, we note that it is best to get a tattoo, including a text tattoo, in a professional tattoo parlor. These organizations are licensed to provide these services, employ experienced craftsmen and use safe tools. Only in this case you can be sure of the guarantee of the quality of work.

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