All about men's wing tattoos

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Accommodation options

Before applying a tattoo on your body, it is recommended to carefully read what it means, because not every drawing carries a positive message. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the features of male tattoos with the image of wings, as well as consider the most popular sketches of them.


Tattoos in the form of men's wings are often applied only for aesthetic reasons, because such a tattoo on the body looks very impressive. However, not everyone knows that such a body pattern also has a specific meaning, and it is predominantly positive.

So, often such a drawing is interpreted as a desire for freedom, for independence from other people's opinions and circumstances, a desire to get rid of frames and shackles. Usually, people who make such drawings on their bodies strive for adventure in order to fill their lives with vivid emotions, and also love travel, and want to achieve certain heights.

Whose wing is shown in the figure is also of great importance, because this has a great influence on the semantic load of the tattoo. Generally speaking, such a drawing can symbolize a person's desire for light, self-development and spirituality, faith, boundless imagination, creativity, religiosity, change, the ability to adapt to a new environment, love for freedom and nature, the desire for a rich life.

There are also people who associate the image of the wings with Hephaestus, who was the messenger of the gods. He moved mainly with the help of sandals with wings. It was thanks to them that he could move quickly and save many people.

And in ancient Egyptian culture, tattoos in the form of wings meant a connection with divine powers.

Often such drawings were applied to resemble the gods. The very same drawing in this case could mean greatness and power.

In Scandinavia, the image of the wings was often associated with the Valkyrie warriors., where they symbolized the ability to fight for ideals and inner strength, both physical and spiritual.

It is also interesting that famous personalities often do tattoos in the form of wings. For example, such a drawing, located in the area of ​​the biceps of the hand, can be seen by Sergey Lazarev. Many people understand such an image as a symbol of inaccessibility.

Views and sketches

There are many options for performing wing tattoos. Moreover, we note that the choice of a sketch is of great importance, because the semantic load of the tattoo depends on its compositional features.

So, most often men fill angel wings. This often indicates a person's religiosity, as well as faith in an angel who guards him and protects him from various troubles and adversities. But if such a tattoo is complemented by an image of a halo, then such a drawing means a deceased loved one.

Moreover, such images are often supplemented with the initials of the deceased person or an inscription with his name.

Often, angel wings are complemented on tattoos with the image of a cross, which also indicates a person's religious affiliation.

Often men depict on their body and bird wings, mostly eagle, which symbolizes strength, the ability to protect yourself and your family, power, wisdom and nobility. But a tattoo depicting the wings of a phoenix will indicate willpower and the ability to overcome any difficulties that are encountered on the way to the intended goal.

Often on such tattoos you can also find the image of the all-seeing eye in combination with wings. Such drawings have a connection with the culture of Ancient Egypt and Macedonia, where they symbolized omnipotence.

Tattoos in the form of a heart with wings are also popular. Such a tattoo successfully combines such two concepts as love and freedom, which means a relationship in which a person feels good, he is not limited in anything.

Such wearable designs, by the way, are often supplemented with the names of beloved ones. Often they are applied as paired tattoos.

All sorts of inscriptions on tattoos with the image of wings also take place, and they can be written in any font and in any language you choose. You can engage in such tattoos as someone's quotes, as well as suitable lines from songs. The meaning of the picture in this case will depend on the content of the inscription.

Styles and colors

The wing tattoo can be done in any color depending on the person's preference. Men, as a rule, prefer black and white tattoos, because they look very impressive and strict. However, there are those who prefer colored drawings, which indicates their originality, creativity and positive attitude.

If we talk about the style of such tattoos, then a person is also provided with a fairly large selection.

Most often, men prefer such a style as realism. Drawings in this style are usually detailed and well-drawn, which makes them naturalistic and admirable. At the same time, tattoos of this kind are also distinguished by their scale, because very few people will succeed in achieving a high level of detail in small images.

The minimalist style for such tattoos will also be appropriate. Drawings made in this direction are distinguished by their simplicity and elegance.

Often they are preferred by those people who do not want their drawing to often catch the eye of strangers.

There are also those who prefer watercolor style. Such drawings look very bright and colorful due to their use when applying a variety of shades. At the same time, the image itself looks as if it was applied with real watercolors, that is, it is blurry and, as a rule, without clear outlines.

The style of new cheekbones for such tattoos is also suitable. It is also distinguished by its brightness and colorfulness, however, in this style direction, much attention is paid to drawing clear contours, which is one of the features of this style.

Accommodation options

You can place a tattoo with wings on any part of the body - on the sternum, on the arm, on the forearm or on the shoulder. It only depends on the size of the tattoo and your desire.

Men, as a rule, prefer large-scale tattoos with wings, which are placed most often in the back area and a little less often in the chest area.

However, small tattoos are also in demand among males. They look very impressive on the back of the neck, on the biceps, and also in the wrist area.

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