Description of tattoo in the form of owls for men and their meaning

  1. Meaning
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Accommodation options
  5. Nuances of application

The owl is the real embodiment of wisdom, subtle mind, ingenuity and mystery. That is why many people decide to get a tattoo with this mysterious bird. Such sketches are very popular among the stronger sex. In this article, we will consider a detailed description of owl tattoos for men, as well as understand their purpose.


Before getting this or that tattoo, it is advisable to first understand its meaning and sense. Only after that you can safely go to a proven tattoo parlor with a good reputation.

Owl sketches for men are very popular nowadays. Such images, as a rule, mean exclusively what their owners put into them. The exact meaning and designation of a sketch depicting a wise or funny owl can be predicted based on the style of its execution. The composition of the tattoo itself plays an important role: the posture of the bird, the number of birds, and so on.

The generally accepted meanings of the images of wise birds are in such main features that the owner wants to emphasize in himself (or ascribe to himself). First of all, this concerns wisdom, ingenuity, sharp mind, mysticism, connection with the other world.

Absolutely any meaning of the male tattoo in question is somehow associated with the demonstration of very strong energy, as well as with mysticism.

In many cases, sketches with an owl are stuffed by people for whom nightlife is familiar.

Some types of compositions in which the image of an owl are used have a certain meaning.

  • With the moon. A very popular option that personifies the cyclical nature of time, mystery and mysticism.
  • Owl with a dreamcatcher decoration. An equally popular type of sketch that many men choose for pricking. Such an image may indicate that its owner is looking for protection that he wants to attract to himself through a tattoo.
  • Composition with a clock. These images are the real embodiment of wisdom, clear calculation. They indicate that a man does not want to waste his precious time, fully understands its value.
  • With a key. This interesting composition means that a person has some secrets, has big secrets, or is not used to opening up to others.

Views and sketches

There are a huge number of attractive and stylish sketches of male tattoos depicting owls or eagle owls. Let's consider some of the options.

  • Black and white compositions look brutal and mysteriousdepicting an angry owl, as well as a skull with a candle and ancient books. In a high-quality design, such a tattoo will look great on the arm or forearm.
  • Gray and white image of an owl, which has spread its wings on a man's chest, will be another of the interesting tattoo options. Of the colored details, there can only be large bird eyes and some decorative elements present in the composition.
  • Image of a serious owl on a man's chest can be not only black and white, but also color. The combination of a large number of different shades will make a tattoo like this very bold and vibrant.

Styles and colors

Beautiful sketches depicting a wise owl or eagle owl can be realized in a variety of styles.

Consider the most popular and aesthetic styles in which male tattoos are often performed in the form of feathered characters.

  • Indian shamanic. The style that is chosen by men and young guys very often. Most often, such compositions are performed in color.
  • Minimalism. Every year this style becomes more and more popular among men. Owls and eagle owls, realized in this vein, are distinguished by brevity, severity and simplicity of lines.

There is usually no overload of many small elements in such compositions, a minimum of colors is used, small scales are characteristic.

  • Miniature. A handsome eagle owl can be stuffed in this interesting style. Miniature involves drawing a very small image that can be stuffed on tiny areas of the body. This direction is more often chosen by girls, but correctly selected drawings also look decent on men.
  • Linework. The main feature of this direction is the application of images composed of straight lines that eventually add up to a drawing. The style is similar to minimalism, the tattoos are discreet but attractive.
  • Neo-traditional A relatively new stylistic trend that quickly gained wild popularity. This technique is practiced only by very experienced tattoo artists, since it is very difficult to implement. The main "trick" of the neo-traditional style is to use the most clear edges. Images can be either color or monochrome. A sketch of an owl in this design can turn out to be truly luxurious.
  • Realism. A style that is in demand among both sexes. The name of this direction speaks for itself - all images are stuffed as realistic and natural as possible. Owls and eagle owls, made in a similar vein, look natural and very beautiful.
  • Oriental. The theme of this style is the mysterious culture of the East. In such sketches, various characters may be present, for example, dragons, koi carps, warriors and geisha. Of course, you can use not only such images, but also drawings of owls and eagle owls. Usually people put a very deep meaning in such tattoos.
  • Old school. The "old school" style is insanely popular among men. Images taken in this direction show the brightness of a wide variety of colors. Details are outlined in bold, contrasting black lines.
  • Tribal. Tribal tattoos depicting owls and eagle owls look bold and stylish. Sketches of this kind are stuffed in the form of monochromatic (black or gray) geometric patterned compositions. In the latter, there are various graceful curves that form this or that image.

On the male body, such tattoos look especially organic.

  • New school. A relatively new, but very popular style. It is characterized by the use of a large number of saturated colors, humorous and sarcastic notes are visible, abstraction details and elements are welcome.
  • Blackwork. A style that implies the application of compositions in black colors on rather large areas of the body. Men often choose this direction.
  • Ethnicity. A style that is very popular among men today. In this direction, the notes of the Indian style stand out especially. The main picture in such compositions is usually brought to the fore. Ethnic tattoos are immediately striking, they are very difficult to confuse with something else.
  • Sketch style. Images printed in this style look like light sketches. They are characterized by translucency, unobtrusive contours. There are usually no clear and pronounced edges here. An owl, implemented in a similar vein, will definitely turn out to be a very original and stylish solution.
  • Geometry. Geometric stylistics in tattoo art originated relatively recently. At first glance, such images look like the simplest combination of geometric shapes.However, if an experienced and talented master works on such a drawing, the result is impressive.
  • Pagan. A style for which the feathered hero sketch is perfect. Initially, these types of tattoos were applied to the body of people solely to protect against evil magical powers and curses. Both multi-colored and monochrome palettes can be used here.

Accommodation options

There are many variations on the placement of images in the form of an owl. Consider the difference between certain zones suitable for such popular tattoos.

Shoulder and forearm

Most men try to emphasize their masculinity through a properly selected sketch. As a rule, such birds are depicted on the shoulder in order to highlight the mystery of their own person, the possession of a multifaceted inner world, a lot of available positive qualities and advantages.

Drawings on the forearm are no less popular. It is in this zone that the omote and uro-yakutaku points are located - the centers of energy concentration.

The presence of a tattoo on such areas indicates that a man is always ready for protection, emphasizes the strength and brutality of his owner.


Often a drawing with an owl or an owl is pinned by men on the hand or on the wrist. The tattoos located in these zones can serve as excellent talismans-amulets that protect their owner from personal problems, failures and failures, bad designs of malevolent persons. Basically, on the hands, especially on the wrist, the bird is not pricked in a realistic style - here, graphic or geometric options are more appropriate.

Besides, stylish male tattoos can be implemented on the palms and fingers. These are less common places, but sketches transferred to them serve as symbols of direction, protecting men from wrong actions and deeds. Simply put, in these areas, an owl tattoo can play the role of the same amulet as in the cases discussed above.

Neck and back

Usually, the presence of an image of a feathered in the zones under consideration indicates the originality of a person, his creative nature. Owls on the neck play the role of amulets against lies and betrayal. In addition, they act as symbols of determination, a strong spirit of men.

A bird tattoo on the back surface is a very spectacular and mesmerizing sight. This mainly concerns multi-colored combinations depicting a flying bird with wide-spread wings. The main meaning of such a tattoo is hidden in the demonstration of male freedom, independence, passion.

Chest and side

Also, men often get a tattoo with a wise bird on the sternum and on the side. If the owl is depicted in the style of realism on the chest, then in this way the man emphasizes his love of life, the desire to reach all the peaks, the desire for longevity. In addition, some representatives of the stronger sex clog the chest, putting a love meaning in the tattoo.

Images with feathered characters, impaled on a man's side, look interesting. Of course, such variations turn out to be beneficial if a person has a fit and beautiful figure.

Thigh and leg

Mostly on the thigh, men are pricked with birds, implying an intimate subtext. It is extremely rare that we are talking about a religious or sacred sense, since this is not the most suitable place for these symbols. An owl on the hip can serve as a demonstration of self-confidence, a desire to meet a soul mate.

If a drawing of a feathered creature is present on the leg, then this speaks of a person's prudence, his steadfastness, confidence in the correctness of the decisions made.

For some nationalities, a bird on its feet means liberation from pain and suffering, which have accumulated in huge quantities in the soul.

Nuances of application

Before heading to a tattoo parlor, it is advisable to take into account a number of nuances associated with the procedure.

  • It is necessary to very carefully select a suitable sketch that will be transferred to the body. You should first print the photo in order to immediately demonstrate it to the tattoo artist.
  • It is important to pay due attention to every little thing, as well as the symbolism that will be used in the tattoo composition. Do not repeat other people's ideas and ideas. It makes sense to show your own individuality, to realize your creative ideas.
  • It is highly recommended to initially consult with an experienced craftsman on the value of the image, as well as the optimal place for its application.
  • It is imperative to indicate the size of the tattoo in the form of a bird, based on the place on which it will be stuffed. This is necessary in order to observe all the necessary proportions of both the image itself and the areas on the body where it will be realized.
  • You should also think in advance about the degree of brightness and clarity of the owl image. In this case, the physiological characteristics of the skin, the quality of the materials used by the master should be taken into account.
  • If you plan to apply an image with an owl or an owl, it is strongly recommended to contact only trusted tattoo artists who work in good parlors. You should not save on this issue, since a low-quality tattoo can be a big problem for its owner.
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