Review of men's tattoo with snakes on the arm

  1. Meaning
  2. Popular styles and colors
  3. Best sketches
  4. Location options

The snake is a popular symbol in body art. From the material in this article, you will learn what it means on the male body and in what techniques it is performed. In addition, we will tell you which parts of the body it will look more advantageous.


Contrary to popular belief, the snake often does not carry negative energy. In most cases, it is associated with wisdom and harmony.

Even a reptile biting its tail (one of the oldest symbols) symbolizes infinity and an eternal life cycle.

However, the general meaning may depend on what kind of meaning is put into the picture.

Sometimes in this way a man wants to emphasize changes in life or indicate rebirth in a figurative sense. Other representatives of the stronger sex so emphasize harmony with the inner world.

The meaning depends on the plot. For example, a snake with a dragon is interpreted as pacification of the wild disposition, being at rest.

A reptile with an eagle testifies to the internal confrontation between lustful desires and morality. A drawing in which the eagle prevails indicates his victory in the battle. This is a sign of nobility.

The king cobra represents wealth. However, in addition to showing social status, it can be a dangerous and overbearing symbol. Such an image on a guy's body speaks of a certain life position and non-standard outlook on life.

A snake entwining a dagger or sword may indicate decisiveness and a certain impenetrability of the male character. Such images show constant internal strife.

The depicted uroboros (dragon serpent) has a sacred meaning. Its designation is often associated with the alternation of creation and destruction.

Only the snakes depicted at the time of the attack bear a partly negative coloration. They are a kind of warning, indicating that the host is ready to fight back at any moment.

The mythical serpent is applied to the body as a way of self-expression. For some, he is a powerful talisman. Therefore, he is often credited with supernatural power.

Popular styles and colors

The choice of colors is largely determined by the technique used as the basis for the drawing. In some cases, the masters create the most realistic tone transitions. In others, this is not required, and only black ink is taken as a basis.


This style is comparable to the creations of professional artists in the manner of printing. This is evidenced by photographically accurate tattoos with perfect proportions and colors.

There are no clear contours, but there is a volume and a three-dimensional effect. The color is perfectly aligned, all the elements are traced to the smallest detail. Realistic snakes come in color and black and white.


Men's snake tattoos, made in a minimalist manner, are small in size. These are iconic images, applied without much drawing, mainly in black ink.

The drawing is set by a line, a silhouette, and can be supplemented with a dotted shadow. Sometimes combined with graphics and geometry. Variants with the absence of details differ from them without losing the integrity of the image.


A snake in watercolor technique is made with colored pigments, observing a bright contrast. The visual difference from the realistic drawing is the blurring of the outlines.

Outwardly, the tattoo looks like a wet watercolor.

Often, details do not have clear black outlines. Volume is maintained by playing halftones.Tattoos look pretty impressive.


Geometric snake tattoos for men are most often combined with graphics. Unlike other styles, such images are stuffed mainly in black.

The snake itself is performed with and without drawing, geometry elements are additional strokes of the composition. Often these are triangles of different sizes and shapes, rhombuses and lines.


Sketch tattoo is considered one of the best body art techniques for men. Such images are performed in black. They are recognizable due to the schematic outline that they seem to be at first glance.

The proportions are observed in them, the power is felt, as well as some under-drawing, characteristic of this style. The size of the tattoos is predominantly medium to large.

Celtic patterns

A distinctive feature of the Celtic technique is the visualization of the drawing, placed in original patterns. The style has many directions, which leaves an imprint on the applied images.

Common features are the use of black ink, blocking elements with a dense outline, the intricacy of many lines. In this case, twisted bundles can be stacked in several rows.


The graphic snake on the male body has proportions, but lacks the realism inherent in realism.

Outwardly, the technique resembles detailed coloring pages with a professional approach to business.

Moreover, the reptile itself is rarely depicted without any decor. Often it is decorated with skulls and all kinds of flowers. Execution color - black.

Old school

The old school technique has its own characteristics. A black outline is required for each part drawn. At the same time, the style does not strive for realistic images. Rather, there is symbolism here.

A typical technique is a sketch of a snake with a dagger or a skull. Only a few paints are used in the work. At the same time, the picture has practically no halftones and a smooth gradient.


The organic style is recognizable by the torn skin, from under which different subjects peep out. This creates the effect of exposing the essence, a special masculine principle. In this case, the details are drawn as accurately as possible.

However, if in realism the snake is often depicted in full, the organic reptile welcomes macro sketches. For example, it can be a drawing of a snake scale, a huge snake eye.

Best sketches

The storyline of male snake tattoos is limited only by the imagination of the master and the preferences of the client.

Someone likes sketches with a predatory reptile entwining a decaying skull. Others like the image of a snake wrapping around and even biting a man's hand, as evidenced by drops of flowing blood.

Sometimes the reptile is depicted as a kind of mythical symbol, surrounded by triangular figures and eyes.

In addition, drawings with a lurking and attacking snake are popular. Often she is depicted in thickets of grass or in flowers.

Images vary. Somewhere the key figure curled up into a ball. In other sketches, she peeps out of the eye of the skull or crawls through a desert area.

In the catalogs of experienced ringmakers there are options for sketches with the depicted head of a serpent peeping out of a tangle of Celtic intricate patterns.

In some cases, it is depicted as an infinity sign, which looks very impressive. In the "sleeve" technique, it can be combined with skulls, waves, birds, demons.

Some clients ask for a snake with a scorpion to be painted on the body. In oriental style, reptiles can be depicted in pairs symmetrically in relation to each other.

Location options

The drawing on the body depends on its size, shape, technique used and the client's preferences. A male shoulder decorated with a snake tattoo demonstrates masculinity and physical strength.

Such images are applied to the athletic body. A reptile on the shoulder on the right means the pursuit of observance of life principles.The location on the left may hint at the secrecy of the character.

Forearm tattoos are the perfect choice for men with muscular arms. Drawings in this area create the illusion of realism with any movement.

As a result, snakes are often stuffed here in a realistic and organic manner.

Reptiles look spectacular on the hand, wrapping around the area from the elbow to the hand. Sketches in which snakes wind around the arm are among the most popular in modern body art.

Minimalistic snakes are applied to the wrist. It is believed that in this way the owner protects himself from negative factors and ill-wishers. For example, this is where zodiac signs and geometric sketches can be placed.

Small tattoos that mask scars look good on the arm. In addition, simple images can beautify the palms, hands and even fingers.

However, not every place is considered successful for the location of a beautiful tattoo. Masters strongly recommend not to apply images to areas with maximum skin mobility.

Because of this, the contours of the pictures are very quickly blurred and become indistinct. The image itself looks sloppy and needs a quick correction.

The sleeve technique involves placing the sketch over the entire arm or its upper part. The fundamental difference from the usual placement is the clogging of the pigment not only from above, but also inside, ringing the arm and going over the shoulder.

Brutal men often adorn their bodies with intricate compositions. In this case, the pattern can occupy the surface of both arms, chest and back. On rare occasions, it touches the buttocks and thighs.

This technique is called costume technique because of the called association.

An unusual placement technique is a padding on the neck. At this point, the reptile is usually depicted facing the beholder. She seems to be studying the one who is looking at her.

These tattoos look spectacular on a physically developed male chest and a flat stomach, as well as ribs. Depending on the technique chosen, the sketch can sometimes take up a large part of the body.

It is believed that the closer the reptile is to the heart, the stronger the man's desire to become strong and independent.

A calm look indicates a similar character.

Being on the side can indicate a desire to change oneself. Men who decide to decorate the ribs on the left with such a pattern want to find harmony in relations with their soul mate. Brutals choosing the right side to apply are busy changing their lifestyle.

In addition to other parts of the body, the snake is also placed on the thigh, where it looks no less impressive. Someone associates this with an intimate component. However, the overall message is related to the technique chosen and its resources. For example, if it is Chicano, it means the cyclical nature of the world. For old school, the meaning revolves around the amulet.

Also, a snake can decorate a shaved head. It can be positioned behind the ear, with the transition to the neck and back.

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