Options for men's tattoos on the side of the neck

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Application features

Men's tattoos on the side of the neck are characterized by a variety of varieties, made in different techniques from true masters of their craft. A common misconception is that the neck is chosen as a place for tattooing if the rest of the parts are sufficiently filled. Some experts argue that the pattern on the neck must necessarily be combined with the already stuffed sleeves, but in reality, no conventions are needed for this choice.

Advantages and disadvantages

Men's side neck tattoos are a manifestation of a deep-rooted tradition of decorating this part of the body. Unlike women, who have a wide variety of jewelry (which is why they prefer small, delicate designs with a deep and often unambiguous meaning), men get large, colorful and polysemantic tattoos. If we consider this part of the body as a potential field for the image, they can be conditionally divided into several types:

  • collar (around the entire circumference, solid, with a gap in the front or back, reminiscent of a clasp);

  • the back of the head with adjacent areas (part of the back, shoulders);

  • on the side (small, under the ear or on the entire lateral part);

  • paired large images on the right and left.

The downside of a tattoo on the side of the neck, especially if it is single, is the presence of a small space, that is, a field that limits expressive possibilities. The positive aspects include visibility, an unlimited choice of sketches (not counting the most common ones offered in the first place), the possibility of matching with shoulder volumetric images or with a tattoo in the form of a sleeve (in style and meaning). Even with a fashionable beard, the side pattern remains visible to the prying eye. And this means that a person gets the opportunity to assert himself, proclaim his life credo, views and ideals at any time of the year, with any hairstyle, neck length.

He can pair it with earrings, piercings and even emphasize with a chain or necklace in any style.

Views and sketches

For men, many more options have been invented, which does not prevent women from adopting and transforming images unusual for them lately. The widespread use of sketches that have lost gender differentiation is due to the polysemy inherent in each symbol, or their harmonious combination.

The interpretation can be due to national, mythological, esoteric and astrological origins. A person often brings his own sketch of a tattoo with an aphorism, quote, statement of a historical person.

Drawings, volumetric images and inscriptions are another way of differentiating tattoos in this area. As in any other case, they can be large and small, contour and volumetric, made in one of the popular techniques. There is a division recently introduced by experts into anatomical, birds, insects, inscriptions in different languages, letters and hieroglyphs, religious symbols. In the harsh reality, you need to carefully choose a tattoo, not allowing the interpretation of other peoples to carry a dangerous, perverted or simply obscene meaning.

Therefore, in the course of choosing a sketch for drawing, they most often stop at common options, the meaning of which is general and does not need additional explanation.

Consider an approximate - but far from complete - list of images that you can safely choose for drawing on the side of the neck.

  • Short phrases made in different handwriting, aphorisms (in Latin or any other language). This does not exclude the possibility of making a voluminous inscription in a certain style, which, in addition to the semantic load, will also perform a stylistic function, indicate an addiction to a musical or artistic direction: gothic, rock, abstractionism.

  • Rose is appropriate if a man has a beloved woman. She indicates that his heart is already taken. In the case when the meaning is fully sustained, he loves her, despite the fact that he is in a long separation.
  • An owl can be stabbed by a person engaged in self-knowledge and gaining wisdom. This bird is an appropriate symbol for the manifestation of the artist's imagination: it sees in the dark, can navigate in difficult situations and is very expressive. For the Chinese, this is not a good sign: before getting such a tattoo, you need to think about whether the owner is going to China. Lovers of antiquity can perceive it as a symbol of the goddess Athena.
  • The swallow also has several good interpretations: it is a symbol of loyalty, perseverance in achieving the goal, a sign that a person from a long journey intends to return home at any cost. Some celebrities have a swallow stuffed to attract good luck, but in ancient Greece it was considered the messenger of Aphrodite, a bird that would bring reciprocity in love.
  • A barcode is, according to some masters, a primitive combination of stripes, letters and numbers. They are reluctant to carry out its implementation, especially in a conspicuous place. However, you can put your own, individual meaning into this tattoo, encrypt the name, preferences and ideological priorities in it. There are people who similarly express their protest against materialism, the prevalence of material values ​​over moral ones. But to get such a meaning, you need to think carefully about the symbolism of letters and numbers.
  • Often beautiful tattoos seen on strangers and stuffed on their own neck, - a sign of belonging to a fan of a celebrity or sports club, subculture or sect. Before resorting to such a starting sketch, you need to clarify the general meaning, find out how acceptable such a declaration of priorities is and how they relate to your own life attitudes.
  • Cross - almost always applied as a symbol of protection from evil forces. The Celtic sign informs about the desire for spiritual development.

Insects are a great way of self-expression, emphasizing character traits, and they are chosen on a subconscious level. Aggressors, evil ill-wishers will certainly get a tattoo with a wasp, spider or scorpion, a scarab will provide an influx of internal energy, and a ladybug will bring good luck to the owner.

Application features

Often, some non-standard tattoo options are due to the nature. For example, lovers of quotes, sayings or a staff of music are asked to apply them at the location of the vocal cords, and the nature of the text or melody determines the side: on the left - if we are talking about love lyrics, on the right - if it is declarative or positions the priorities of the owner. Wings can symbolize guardian angels, deceased loved ones, or become a reminder of the struggle to be waged with base instincts. Before choosing a picture style, it is better to think about compatibility with other tattoos (if they are already present on the body).

The chosen direction should correspond to the meaning and priorities. Therefore, before ordering an image from the master, it is better to consult with him.

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