All about men's wolf tattoos

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  2. Popular execution techniques
  3. Best sketches
  4. Location options

The wolf is a symbol of independence and loneliness. In modern body art, he has a lot of interpretations. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular styles and sketches of wolf tattoos that men choose.


The wolf is a controversial character in tattoos. Good and negative qualities are attributed to him. Its application to the male body testifies to independence.

Tattoo owners have their own principles, which they strictly follow. The traditional beast means devotion and loyalty, inner nobility and power.

However, its meaning for men differs depending on the storyline and the type of animal.

  • Werewolf denotes the acceptance of one's own hidden essence, its subordination and control.

  • Magic wolf in a fiery flame means searching for the unknown, discovering new possibilities in oneself.

  • Designation of a wolf howling at the moon associated with loneliness and disappointment in life.

  • Wolf eye tattoo demonstrates openness to the world, a kind of challenge, a desire for acceptance by others.
  • White Wolf - a sign of originality, readiness to overcome any life situations.

  • Wolf grin - a sign of toughness and fearlessness, a symbol of a strong male core.

  • Jumping Beast Tattoo indicates a willingness to take risks and an adrenaline rush, the desire to achieve the goal at any cost.

  • Wolf Pack - the personification of the social qualities of a man, this is a sign of a recognized leader and a strong leader.
  • Footprint for guys can be interpreted as an understanding of what a person needs from life.
  • Wolf with skull - a dramatic version of a tattoo with meaning, indicating a willingness to face death.

Popular execution techniques

To date, the favorites of techniques have been identified in which men prefer to stuff wolves on the body. Each style has its own recognizable features and nuances of performance.


The realistic wolf is available in color and black and white. At the same time, in contrast to women's tattoos, the color pattern is filled with the use of muted paints.

The emphasis in it is not on brightness, but on photographic accuracy. The tattoo is hammered into the skin for several sessions, detailing each element, up to a glare in the eyes.

The black and white version is not inferior to the color one. For realism, the master dilutes the ink with white paint, creating an effect of volume and three-dimensionality using halftones.

When positioned on certain parts of the body, such a tattoo comes to life with every movement.

Wool, saliva is drawn, professionals can even convey the mood of the look.


Men's minimalist wolf tattoos do not pursue the goal of authenticity. They are filled with mostly black ink. Unlike realistic images, they are smaller.

They can be set as a single line, combined with geometric shapes, additional work. The minimalistic wolf is graceful, laconic, but recognizable. It can be depicted as a silhouette of a running animal.

Technique welcomes precision and straightness of lines. It has a special meaning. It is important to discard all unnecessary things in order to attach importance to the important. This is the main principle of the style.

Such drawings are suitable as the first tattoos for guys. Without unnecessary variegation, they distinguish a man from the crowd, allow him to show individuality.


The sketch style technique is a unique style of tattoos for men. It is stuffed in black, keeping the image unfinished. The view of the image resembles a schematic drawing.

Recognizable features - strokes and lines, angular contours, a hint of texture. Visually, the wolf resembles a sketchy pencil sketch without drawing. It has no distractions.

The plot of a high-speed drawing differs, but the essence of thoughts and feelings that are conveyed through the sketch is always captured. Sketch style is considered one of the creative techniques that can convey emotions and impressions.

It is devoid of detail and penumbra, but it has completeness. Even with the apparent angularity of the forms, it has the effect of lightness. The sketch wolf is usually medium in size.


The Celtic wolf is a favorite among other techniques. It is applied exclusively in black paint. The key element is a line that creates a pattern through many weaves.

It closes up, symbolizing infinity. A tattoo with a Celtic wolf symbolizes unity with nature and the surrounding world. The head of the beast resembles a dragon crowning intricate intricacies of knots.

Celtic has its own way of transferring the picture. In addition to knots and loops, spirals and geometric shapes are characteristic of it. The elements are connected to each other, forming an interesting pattern.

In addition to braids, the wolf can fit into the design of a medallion, bracelet, talisman.

The drawing is cyclical, it is distinguished by the accuracy and clarity of the lines, their identical thickness in the same elements of the pattern.


The graphic wolf is sketchy. The stylistics is based on the principles of expressiveness and dynamics. It is based on the artistic techniques of engraving and the use of black paint.

The sketch is created with strokes, clear lines and shapes. All fragments are located inside the outline. The style does not accept traditional shadows and shading. All this is created by shading.

Color gradation is set by intentionally emphasizing strokes. The wolf is often depicted as a symbol or an allegorical predatory image. He can be endowed with human qualities.

There is no goal of portrait accuracy here. However, it is important to convey the very essence. The wolf can walk on two legs, it is depicted without softness of the contours. Ideally, ink is not diluted in a drawing. Only the visual pressure is different.


A spectacular tattoo style for men is new school. It is practiced by professionals in body art. Its principles are the same as those of the old school tattoo. Each detail of the drawing is outlined in black.

The priority is the clarity of the edges, a clear image. It is more believable in comparison with old school, performed in color and monochrome. The range of shades has also been increased, and their tones are softer and more muted.

A wolf in the style of new school can be complemented by characteristic attributes. For example, it can be a skull or some kind of ornament.

One of the most popular areas is the freehand technique. This is a free style of tattoos, in which a sketch is born on the body without any drafts and blanks.

Often it is stuffed by combining several areas of body art. For example, it can be traced techniques bioorganics... Macrotatu in the form of large wolf eyes look spectacular on the male body.

No less colorful is the image where a wolf's muzzle peeps through the torn flesh. Thus, the hidden nature of the owner is demonstrated.

One of the creative male themes is the Chicano direction with its inherent demonstration of the frailty of life. Drawings are filled with black ink. At the same time, detailing, purity of execution are welcomed.

Blackwork technique is popular, literally meaning "black work". Such images are made with strictly black pigment. The black color clogs up most of the tattoo.

This is how the style differs from other monochrome techniques.

Elements of abstract technique often complement images. All kinds of spots, blots and other elements give the picture a special flavor and allow you to gently beat its borders.

Sometimes in the drawings, elements of the watercolor style can be traced. Most often, this is a slight blur along the edges of the drawing, made mainly in black ink.

Best sketches

The plot sketches of male wolf tattoos vary. Connoisseurs of simplicity choose classic animal images. In other cases, a certain action is depicted on the body.

For example, it can be a variant of a wolf with a grin, or a plot in which a lone wolf howls at the moon. The subtext of the picture can be friendly and aggressive.

Popular ideas are a wolf and a raven, a beast with a she-wolf. In addition, a wolf pack may be depicted on the body against the background of mountains and a lake, an animal sneaking or lurking in ambush.

Portrait options are also different. In one case, it is the face of an angry wolf. In the other - stylization, in which one side of the muzzle is drawn realistically, and the other - in the form of geometric shapes or ornaments.

The plot can consist of two seamlessly connected images. For example, the key figure is located in the center, above and below it is surrounded by forest, sky, mountain peaks.

Beautiful sketches can be created with colored accents. In this case, the main picture is set in black, and the master uses blue, yellow or red for accents.

The accent of the picture can be the eyes of a wolf, its mouth. Somewhere it is the reflection of the moon, fire, steam from the mouth of an animal or the air above it. The accent ink color is muted and dull.

An unusual version of the picture - half of a wolf's face in a macro view. In this case, an unusual ornament, a couple of lines, an arrow, an inscription, or something else can become the border of the picture.

A creative solution is the imposition of pictures one on top of the other. This creates the effect of translucency. For example, it can be a wolf located on top of a gloomy forest or clearing.

A wolf with a wolf cub is not a frequent, but an original plot. No less interesting is the idea of ​​depicting a wolf with eyes that shoot lightning. And also the beast can be depicted above its relatives, prowling through the forest.

The animal is depicted by a stream drinking water from a spring. It can be depicted with unpainted eyes. Sitting calmly and watching everything that happens. The masters give special attention to the look.

Most often, the wolf is calm and balanced. Less often - growls and shows teeth. Sometimes has a long dragon tongue.

Some men stuff two wolves on the body as a sign of confrontation and internal struggle. And also the animal can be sleeping, guarding its territory and wolf cubs.

Japanese wolf tattoos are characterized by a desire for aggression. Stuffed on the entire chest and back, arms, they consist of a mass of plots, united by one idea.

As a rule, they are voluminous and colorful. Often they are made in color and with a characteristic oriental flavor. Such wolves have the features of dragons. For example, they may have recognizable long mustaches and even horns.

The wolf in the form of a dream catcher is an original plot. Moreover, the core of the talisman can be an ordinary, stylized, howling beast. The style of stuffing also differs, which can be laconic and realistic.

Location options

Modern men are trying to apply tattoos on embossed areas of the body. Thus, the drawing seems more voluminous and believable. This is especially true of wolves stuffed in the style of realism. Applied to the shoulder and forearm, they literally come to life with every movement of the muscles.

Sketches are stuffed on the inside and outside of the hand, giving preference to different heights of the location. Some people like to use the elbow area, others fill the sketch above or below.

The wolf looks spectacular in the "sleeve" technique, encircling the arm, like clothes. This type of tattoo is distinguished by a dense padding around the arm. In this case, the length of the "sleeve" is different.

One of the best places to decorate your body is in the male breast. It is on the sternum that voluminous works of professional craftsmen look great.

Someone prefers to get a tattoo on the shoulder blade and back. In terms of practicality, these are the best options.The skin of the back undergoes age-related aging later than other parts of the body.

The image applied to the back will not deform as much as it happens with tattoos on the chest, side and arms. So that the drawing does not float, you need to constantly monitor your physical form.

Recently, there has been a tendency to decorate both hands, fists, hands and wrists with wolves.

However, experts do not advise to fill drawings in places of greatest mobility of the skin.

This leads to rapid fading and erasure of the pattern. And if on the back the tattoo will retain its original aesthetics for a long time, then on the hand and wrist it will require correction much faster.

Besides, a wolf can sit on a man's leg. For example, this is a great sketch style tattoo placement.

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