What are rose tattoos for men and what do they mean?

  1. Meaning
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Accommodation options
  5. Nuances of application

Tattoos with the image of roses are in demand among men. What does such a drawing mean and what types of tattoo sketches are especially in demand - we will consider in this article.


A tattoo, where there is a rose, for men can have very different meanings. It depends on the plot features of the picture, on the color of the flower, as well as on the meaning of the wearable drawing by its owner.

For many, the rose is traditionally associated with love, fidelity, passion and tenderness, because it is bouquets made of such flowers that men often give to their beloved, trying to win their attention and affection. A similar interpretation of the image of this flower was given in Ancient Egypt, where the rose was also considered a symbol of purity and sincerity.

However, at the same time, a rose can also mean mortal danger, pain, or the ability to protect oneself, which is explained by the presence of sharp thorns in this flower, which, through negligence, can easily get injured.

The image of this flower has a different interpretation in the Celestial Empire. So, for the Chinese, a rose is a symbol of success and a good life.

The ancient Greeks associated the image of a rose with Aphrodite, who was considered the goddess of love and beauty. In Rome, the rose symbolized the transience of human life and was often associated with the Kingdom of Shadows. And for Western countries, this flower is sacred, it is often used in burial rites, where the rose is seen as a symbol of the endless life of the soul and the eternal memory of the deceased.

In the 16th century, the image of this flower was often placed on the human body, which was doomed to the death penalty, that is, such a wearable drawing could be considered as a kind of stigma. However, over time, the rose lost such a gloomy meaning and began to evoke associations with the ability to forgive and a merciful attitude towards others.

In the understanding of Dante Alighieri, the Italian poet, this flower meant a genuine feeling coming from the depths of the soul, and not just a physical attraction.

Views and sketches

There are a large number of sketches for men's rose tattoos. At the same time, the way the flower is depicted is of great importance for understanding the meaning of the tattoo.

  • So, if the flower bud is depicted closed, then this symbolizes the young years, the beauty and purity of youth, the birth of a new one. An open bud, on the contrary, indicates that a person has already grown spiritually, has a certain experience and life achievements. If the flower in the picture fades, and its petals fall off, then the meaning of such a tattoo is very sad. This will symbolize the loss of a loved one, a black streak in life, or failure in love affairs.
  • If the rose has a large number of thorns in the picture, then this speaks of the difficulties and pains that are often encountered on the path of a person in search of true love.

In addition, such a drawing can symbolize the fact that the owner of the tattoo pays little attention to the appearance of other people and looks more at inner values, because the shell is often deceptive.

  • Of particular importance for the interpretation of such a pattern is the number of flowers present on it. So, one rose is a symbol of renewal, sensuality and softness. Three flowers - light, love and life.

This interpretation of the image of this flower is especially prevalent in Masonic culture.

  • The number of flower petals is also important for interpretation. So, five petals in Christianity are often associated with the wounds that Christ received during the crucifixion - there were also five of them.As a rule, images with such a semantic load are often combined with images of small blood droplets. If a rose has 7 petals, then this, according to Pythagoras, symbolizes harmony and balance. The same number of petals in the Renaissance meant change. And the number seven itself today is often associated with happiness, luck and luck.

Often the rose on male tattoos is complemented by other objects, they also affect the interpretation of the tattoo.

  • Such tattoos often have a dagger or sword. Such a wearable image can symbolize a huge passion in a love relationship, as well as a special kind of love, which is contradictory and can even border on hatred.
  • The skull on a rose tattoo is usually filled by those people who have experienced a serious loss. - with such a semantic load, the tattoo, as often happens, is performed in dark colors. If the image is made in bright colors, then such a drawing may have a different meaning. For example, if the skull holds a flower in its teeth, this indicates the originality, carelessness and gambling of a man. People with these tattoos usually like to be in the spotlight.

If there is a skull on the tattoo, in the place of the eyes of which roses are depicted, then this speaks of the man's high self-esteem and his self-confidence, in his own powers.

  • A heart in combination with a rose can also be viewed from different angles. So, such a drawing can mean endless love that overwhelms a person with his head, or, on the contrary, an ended love relationship that brought a lot of pain to the owner of the drawing.
  • Having a snake on a rose tattoo will indicate that a man wearing a similar pattern easily succumbs to temptations, he rarely manages to resist, and he succumbs to temptation.
  • A sketch with a rose and a scorpion is also very common. Such a tattoo is two-valued in interpretation. It can mean a complex love relationship that can destroy the human soul, injure it, bring a lot of suffering, and it can also mean devotion in love.
  • The wolf in such a picture, depicted, as a rule, with a rose in its teeth, will say that a man is a loner by nature. He is faithful to one of his beloved to the end and remains faithful to her, despite any difficulties in the relationship.

Styles and colors

A rose tattoo can be done in different colors. The choice of color depends on the style of the image and on the preferences of the man, but it is worth remembering that the color of the rose will also affect the interpretation of the tattoo.

  • Image of a red rose traditionally associated with love, passionate and strong, which can withstand all difficulties.
  • Rose made in yellow, will symbolize friendliness, joy and the desire to take care of others - such a flower does not have a romantic connotation.
  • Black Rose usually associated with unbridled longing and great loss. Often, men make an image of a flower in this color on their bodies as a sign of respect for a loved one who has passed into another world.

However, there is another interpretation of this image. So, a black rose can symbolize the end of a difficult period in a person's life.

It is worth mentioning the style solutions in which a similar male underwear pattern can be made.

  • Often men choose a style realism, which is distinguished by detailed drawing, clarity of lines and naturalism.

Usually, such drawings are distinguished by their scale, because only the most experienced master can draw a lot of small details on a miniature image.

  • New school for drawings depicting roses is also popular with men. Such images are distinguished by clear contours, saturation and brightness due to the use of different shades.
  • Style minimalism for such a tattoo is also appropriate.Usually it is preferred by men who do not want their tattoo to be in plain sight.

Such patterns look very neat and effective, besides, they can be easily hidden under a jacket or other element of clothing.

  • Rose tattoos look very interesting in style geometry, which is characterized by the presence of different geometric shapes, bends and creases.

Accommodation options

Shoulder and forearm

On the shoulder and forearm, it will be most appropriate to place large or medium-sized images. But small drawings, on the contrary, will not look the best here, especially on a man's hand.

It is worth saying that a rose tattoo placed on the shoulder will indicate that a man wearing such a drawing is reliable and has a persistent character.


Most often, the rose is placed on such a part of the hand as the wrist. Typically, the drawings in this area do not differ in their scale. Often, tattoos made in this place are memorable for a person, they are associated with a specific life event.

But the images of a rose, placed on the palm or hand, are often made for aesthetic reasons, but in certain cases they personify unhappy love, which brought a lot of pain to a person.


The neck is a versatile spot for male tattoos. Large, medium and small drawings will look good in this area.

A rose tattoo made in this area will indicate that the man wearing it wants to make his image more mysterious.


In the area of ​​the back, large images are usually taken, occupying most of the skin area. Such drawings usually indicate that a person is in love, and sincerely and strongly. His feelings are real and, most likely, will remain with him until the end.


Tattoos made on the sternum also look very impressive, and they can also vary in size: in this place it would be appropriate to fill both a large drawing and a small one.

To choose, you need to rely only on your own preferences and compositional features of the picture.

Thigh and leg

These places are also suitable for small and large tattoos with this flower. However, these places for tattoos are rarely chosen by men.

Tattoos in the area of ​​the legs and on the hips, as a rule, are applied by girls, trying to emphasize their passion, sexuality and beauty.

Nuances of application

Before going to the master, it is advisable to have an idea of ​​the future tattoo: about its color, style, size, place of application and composition.

When choosing a place for a tattoo, it should be borne in mind that some parts of the body, for example, the chest and face, are highly sensitive, and this applies to both women and men, and therefore the process of applying a tattoo can be very painful. In addition, the price of the drawing may largely depend on the chosen place of application.

The cost of a future tattoo will also largely depend on the size, complexity of the drawing and the professionalism of the master.

We strongly do not recommend saving on the latter, because correcting an unsuccessful drawing can be much more expensive than applying it with a good tattoo artist.

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