All about men's tattoos in the style of realism

  1. general description
  2. Color solutions
  3. Types and sketches of tattoos
  4. Tips for choosing an image
  5. Accommodation options

Realism is one of the most popular trends in body art. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the style features, popular tattoo ideas, color trends and the nuances of choosing a picture.

general description

Realism began in the middle of the 19th century. Today it is brought to perfection and visually is not inferior to digital photographs. It belongs to the most difficult stylistic directions.

Only experienced craftsmen with well-developed artistic abilities can work in this technique. The technique requires a professional approach and maximum detail.

Men's tattoos in the style of realism look authentic, they have the correct proportions. Sketches can be traditional and three-dimensional (3D options). The drawing is created without an outline stroke.

Unlike standard paints, the technique of mixing pigments is used here to obtain the most reliable shades, through which a transition of tones and volume is created.

For maximum realism, the master selects natural tones, displays every detail of the drawing - up to a glare, reflection in the eyes, animal hairs, drops of sweat, steam from the mouth.

Today, realism is actively used as an accent tattoo. This is how different directions of body art are played out. For example, it can become an adornment of Chicano, biomechanics, organic, oriental tattoo.

Color solutions

Realistic tattoos are performed in color and monochrome. In the first case, the master selects natural and muted tones. The second uses black and white pigments. The ink is diluted for grays and midtones to create a natural gradient for volume and shadow.

One of the new directions in the choice of color was the use of accent coloring. The drawing is done in black, and its accents are colored pigment.

At the same time, only 1 color is used in the tattoo. Most often it is blue (cyan), yellow (yellow-orange), red (red-gray). Usually it is dim, and sometimes completely muted by gray paint.

Modern colored male tattoos differ from female ones in a lesser riot of colors. They are used in combined techniques. For example, this is a great way to create a mood in the organic and portrait directions.

Types and sketches of tattoos

Very beautiful realistic tattoos for men are divided into several varieties, depending on the plot.


Portrait subjects are one of the leading in realism. Men put on their bodies photos of their loved ones, fathers, cult personalities, beautiful girls, mythical characters.

Popular options are formidable warriors, samurai, gladiators, Vikings. Football fans are trying to immortalize their favorite idols on their bodies. With the proper skill of the master, tattoos are photographically accurate on any part of the body.

Images of manga characters, partial macro portraits (for example, big eyes) look great on the male body. Unusual options are portraits of the leaders of Indian tribes or historical figures.

Each drawing carries a certain message. Some portraits are stuffed into a token of memory. Others mean life wisdom and calmness.

A realistic tattoo in combination with a trash polka or chicano style speaks of the frailty of being, the transience of life. In this case, not only the key figure - death, but also the angel, the Virgin Mary, Christ can become a portrait.

Animals and Birds

Realistic animals look spectacular on the male body. The priority options are predators.These can be totem beasts, guardians and helpers.

Popular animals are puma, cheetah, leopard, bear, wolf, wolverine, tiger. No less frequent characters in tattoos are the snow leopard, lion, spider, dog, lynx. By applying this or that sign, a man puts a special meaning into the tattoo.

Somewhere it is a demonstration of inner strength and power. In other cases - openness to people, striving for the goal at any cost. Beasts with a grin carry an aggressive connotation.

Dragon tattoos are popular. Moreover, the priority areas are macro tattoos. These can be giant dragon eyes peering through the torn human flesh, as well as the heads of dragons.

The birds chosen for body decoration are not so varied. They can be mythical (phoenix) and predatory. The most popular among men are owl, raven, eagle, swallow.


These jewelry on the male body are rare. Rather, they are a complement to a key figure or the finishing touch of a tattoo.

Most often these are blossoming rosebuds, which decorate objects, animals, portraits. Realistic roses look interesting, complementing the sketches of Chicano and trash polka.

Flowers are complemented by the skulls of people and animals. They can be part of a realistic sleeve technique or blackwork style, which is characterized by an abundance of black ink.

This technique creates the effect of flowers bleeding through the dense blackness. It looks very impressive. These compositions are stuffed mainly on the hand.


Most often, the theme of insects is embodied in black and white. A wide variety of realistic beetles and worms, hornets, ants, millipedes are applied to the body.

Every tattoo has a meaning. The scorpion is popular (a symbol of betrayal, death and revenge). He is usually depicted with his tail raised, ready to attack.

Sometimes, for greater realization, the master adds a little marsh or brown ink to the black pigment. Thus, it is possible to enhance the effect of a vivid drawing.


In addition to the main directions, body decoration with various objects is gaining popularity. These can be realistic clocks, ships, crowns, playing cards, roulettes, weapons.

Sometimes the details of the drawing are money, marble statues, photographic films, shields, swords, daggers. When the artist uses a mixture of realism and biomechanics, various robotic elements adorn the tattoo.

Experienced ringers faithfully convey the texture of the metal. At the same time, a believable pattern of the robot skeleton is created under the torn skin. This direction is one of the young, gaining popularity among modern men.

The technique of creating realistic illusions through various figures is in demand. For example, three-dimensional cubes put on top of each other look unusual on the body.


A storyline is a great way to convey your self. In this case, different key figures of the picture can be used.

For example, it can be a wolf howling at the moon, a wolverine lurking in the thickets, a lion calmly looking at the world. The plot component is limited only by the client's imagination.

Images with an optical illusion look original.

Interesting tattoos in which the drawings are combined into a single pattern. In this case, portrait and space themes can be combined.

The plot is effective, including several key figures: a statue with wings, a roaring lion, a sage and death in the form of a skull surrounded by fire. An experienced craftsman skillfully combines all the elements, subordinating them to a specific idea.

The original plot is a lion with a weighty crown and an owl. The connection of several figures creates a special meaning that is embedded in the tattoo.

Somewhere it is an emphasis on the best character traits. Sometimes clients, through a tattoo, accentuate their inner power, their outlook on life. Other personalities refer to tattoos as a means of decorating the body.

An interesting option is a tattoo in the form of an angel of death with a sword, galloping on a horse for someone's life. In addition, the angel can be depicted crying, praying, with an open face, or in a cape with a hood.

Biblical topics are also in demand among men. At the head of the plot can be located George the Victorious with a sword, crushing the demon's legs. The Virgin Mary and God the Father can look at it from both sides.

The mythical plot idea is no less unusual. Men often stuff the bodies of ancient warriors along with predatory animals. The composition can be completed by a stormy sky, plant elements.

The pirate theme does not give up its positions.

Unlike old school and new school in a realistic manner, it looks especially impressive, even if the master uses only black and white pigments.

The drawing harmoniously intertwines ships, the deep sea, pirates, and often mythical creatures. The drawing looks original, in which Poseidon unleashes anger on a lonely ship.

The desired atmosphere is conveyed as accurately as possible. For example, this can be seen in the expression on the face, lightning, dissecting the firmament. The master conveys gusty wind and sea storm.

They look spectacular on the male body of the samurai. The masters of tattoo parlors accurately convey not only the design elements of their clothes, but also the facial expression - with its characteristic calmness and sadness.

A popular image of a girl with a rose and a tiger over her head. The beast sets the formidable character of the character, the rose indicates fragility. The lion is often depicted with a clock, and today it is fashionable to superimpose one image on another, creating the effect of transparency.

Tips for choosing an image

The choice of the subject of the drawing depends on the preferences of the client and the meaning of the particular image. It is important that a person likes the sketch and conveys the meaning embedded in it.

In order not to get into a mess, it is worth exploring all the designation options. You should not stuff a tattoo with a prison meaning and negative perception on the body.

Having chosen a specific option, they are determined with the type of tattoo. For example, it can be portrait or subject. Sometimes stylization is included in realism. In this case, part of the picture is painted over with a simple ornament.

If an animal is chosen as the basis, it can be depicted in a jump, movement, lurking. A bird or dragon is drawn sitting or hovering in the sky.

It is important to decide on the size and location of the drawing. He can hide under clothes or be visible to others.

You should not choose what everyone is doing - it is important to show individuality and select those images that you really like and convey your inner mood.

The sketch should be clearly visible and correspond to the area of ​​the body to which it is planned to be applied. To find the right option, you should choose a few sketches and consult with the master. An experienced specialist will suggest the best solution.

Accommodation options

Most often, realistic tattoos are placed on the chest and arms. These are the most successful places for a physically developed body. A master can help determine the best option, who sees exactly where the tattoo will look best for a particular client.

Ideal areas are the shoulder and forearm. With every movement of the muscles, the realistic drawing will come to life. Portraits, plot sketches, a combination of realism and blackwork look great here.

The drawing on the hand can go over the chest or shoulder blades.

Volumetric images are best placed on the sternum and flat stomach. Large back tattoos look no less impressive.

Today it is fashionable to stuff drawings on fists and both hands. Realistic animals, objects, small tattoos look great here. This arrangement is unbeatable and non-standard.

Small tattoos for men are applied to the head, neck area, temple. For example, these areas are great for placing insects and spiders. Here they will look the most advantageous.

You will learn even more interesting information about such a direction as realism by watching the following video.

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