Review of men's tattoos in the form of a bear

  1. Meaning for men
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Where is it better to stuff?
  5. Nuances of application

Bear tattoo since ancient times they have an important sacred meaning for men. Sketches of such patterns existed even among the Celts and Romans, they were used to intimidate enemies, and also as a totem. Modern men wear tattoos depicting bears on the shoulder and sternum, on the arm and forearm, on the back and leg, giving them their own special meaning.

Meaning for men

Bear - a strong, predatory and dangerous animal, which in different cultures has its own sacred meaning. He is called the owner of the forest, perceived as a bully or a harsh and ruthless ruler of the taiga. Few animals are mentioned so often in folklore sources, from children's fairy tales to chilling legends about berserkers. It is not surprising that bear tattoos for men are so popular among people with different interests, lifestyles and worldviews.

The interpretation of this symbol is often associated with the habits of the animal.... For example, the ability of a bear to hibernate and then wake up in the spring is seen as renewal, the beginning of a new life. The desire to protect the territory that is part of its habitat is also appreciated by men.

The bear is found as a symbol among many peoples.

  • The Celts. In their culture, he was a talisman against evil forces, a sign of a warrior who emerges victorious from any fights.
  • Egyptians... This symbol was rarely seen, since it was an exclusive attribute of royal power.
  • In China... Here the bear is considered exclusively an attribute of masculine strength, a sign of sexual longevity, fertility, and uncompromising courage.
  • Indigenous peoples of North America... Indian tribes revered the bear as a deity. It symbolized power and strength, was a talisman against external threats and dangers.
  • The Slavs... The bear was revered as a master, ruler, protector of the family. He was feared, but at the same time respected.
  • The ancient Scandinavians. In the mythology of these peoples, the bear was perceived as a ferocious beast that knows no pity. It is not surprising that the warriors put on his skins during the battle, literally turning into predators for this period. The fame of berserkers has been preserved in historical documents and even in material artifacts. Such stylized images can also be seen in modern Scandinavian tattoos.

Over the centuries, the attitude towards the bear has not changed. The modern interpretation of such tattoos often combines all these symbols.

Views and sketches

Bear tattoos are quite varied in their design. As a plot for a sketch, brutal animals on fire or the real owners of the forest in their natural habitat are often chosen. Each such drawing means something important to the owner, even if it does not have a generally accepted sacred meaning. The most popular design options are worth considering in more detail.

  • Bear Paw... The main meaning of this symbol is a demonstration of strength and power.
  • Claw marks. They are often viewed as a sign of good luck, a talisman against any adversity.
  • Bear with cubs... It is a symbol of fatherly duty and pride. It can also be an expression of willingness to defend the family. Another similar plot of a tattoo is considered as a designation of a mentor teaching youth.
  • Grin of the beast... The manifestation of aggression in this case is considered as a willingness to meet any attacks of enemies boldly and openly. Such ornaments are chosen by athletes, military men, people whose lives are associated with constant risk.
  • Bear on the background of a forest landscape... This is a sign of love for the native land, closeness to nature. It can mean the desire for hermitism, the search for your own path away from the beaten path.
  • Brown bear... This symbol is chosen for themselves by the owners of a fighting character, who are going ahead for the sake of their goals.
  • Grizzly... A generally accepted symbol for tattooing in North America, it is used by indigenous people as a totem, spirit of a clan or tribe.
  • Himalayan... This mountain dweller is quite popular in Eastern cultures. It is considered a symbol of good luck and dexterity.
  • White... A popular symbol among the indigenous peoples of the North and seafarers. It is considered a sign of good luck. Can symbolize the romance of travel.
  • Panda... A charming black-and-white bear is rarely seen in male tattoo sketches in Europe, but in Asian countries he is taken seriously. Outwardly looking lugs, pandas are actually very dexterous and strong, and their inactivity in the East is considered a sign of wisdom, a refusal of fuss.
  • Ursa Major and Ursa Minor against the background of the starry sky... This tattoo is for romantics and travelers. Often the North Star stands out especially brightly in the drawing.

These options for sketches are not limited to. Men are increasingly choosing for themselves ironic and unusual images of bears in the form of cartoon characters, as well as abstract drawings in which the silhouette of the beast is only guessed.

Styles and colors

The choice of style for a bear tattoo is also of great importance, as is the color scheme in which the pattern is performed. The most commonly used options are the following.

  • Biomechanics... This style is characterized by the division of the image into 2 parts: one is realistic, and the second looks like a mechanical animal with all the details. Such tattoos are very difficult to perform, require competent technical implementation and careful study of the sketch. The image can be monochrome or color, have an addition in the form of weapons, armor, a background image in the background.
  • Trash polka... The main attributes of this style are strokes and lines, the intersection of which forms the finished drawing. The colors for the trash polka are also laconic, mainly in the form of a combination of red and black. A tattoo like this takes a lot of time, but it always looks impressive.
  • Realism... The easiest way for any tattoo lover is to apply a photographically accurate image of the wild animal. In this case, the bear can be depicted only with black pigment, and also complemented by colored details. Eyes, tongue, claws stand out brightly against the background of a solid shade.
  • 3D... Volumetric color and monochrome images of bears can become a real decoration if made by a good craftsman. Such tattoos look especially impressive in a large format (on the chest, back, in the form of a sleeve). The higher the level of detail, the stronger the impression of such a pattern on the body.
  • Watercolor... This technique is characterized by the use of bright but washed out colors, as well as a lack of clear boundaries. Often the drawing is done in an abstract or surreal manner. So that the silhouette of the bear can only be guessed. Sometimes the outlines of trees or the starry sky appear through the figure of an animal.
  • Celtica... Strict and clear lines, laconic patterns intertwining into knots. All this is typical for one of the most popular styles. In this case, the image of a bear will be quite primitive, monochrome, most often the symbolism of the footprint or head of the beast is used.
  • Geometry... This style also involves the formation of an image from lines, but they line up in a certain order, and not chaotically, as in a trash polka. Geometry is always black and white, and the arrangement of elements in it forms a clear pattern. The style is suitable for creating images in a small format.
  • Old school. Bright and juicy colors, an obligatory clear black outline.These characteristic features of the style are especially appreciated by people who prefer to get tattoos a recognizable part of their style. The images allow for some irony in the plot of the drawing, sometimes it is difficult to recognize a bear in an outlandish animal. The color scheme allows the use of not only monochrome tones, but also yellow, red, green shades.

The choice of shade also depends on the type of the beast itself. For example, a panda and a Himalayan bear will be black and white. Brown and grizzly - anthracite or brown. The polar bear is also designated quite unambiguously. If a cartoon character is taken as a basis, juicy and bright colors are acceptable.

Where is it better to stuff?

The choice of a place for tattooing is of great importance for its perception. Not every man is ready to place such a pattern on open parts of the body. Office dress code and other restrictions are also making adjustments. But there are certain places where such a tattoo will look the most advantageous.

Shoulder and forearm

Here the image of a wild beast is considered a symbol of reliability, self-confidence, an expression of brutality. The most appropriate will be plot pictures, a paw print or the head of an animal with a closed mouth.


It is customary to apply not too large tattoos on this part of the body, most often vertically oriented... Connoisseurs of oriental culture choose images of pandas or sleeping bears, symbolizing harmony, peace and tranquility in the soul. An ornament in the form of a cartoon character will also be appropriate.

Palms, hands and fingers

Placing an image of a wild forest animal on the open part of the hand, men prefer its schematic variants... This is a choice of creative people who are not bound by conventions. Sometimes an ornament is applied to fingers and palms to change fate.


Traditional option a silent demonstration of strength - a tattoo with a bear grin on the entire surface of the arm, from the shoulder to the wrist. This is a sign of a person who is imperious, confident, not afraid of excessive attention to his person.


The tattoo is applied as on the side surface, and behind, on spine... Here it is worn by intellectuals, mature and successful people.

The symbols of aggression are not used, the owner of the forest in the drawings demonstrates harmony with the world around him.


For those who want to get a large-format impressive tattoo, this choice of location turns out to be optimal. Bear head on the sternum usually located on the side of the heart. Both monochrome Celtic patterns and full-color drawing are appropriate here.


Holders of relief muscles may well apply images to a part of the body. in the area of ​​the ribs or below. A large tattoo can continue on the back or chest.


These body parts are rarely displayed by men in society. But if the tattoo is stuffed on the thigh, then it is a clear symbol of demonstrating one's superiority, as well as sexual activity, strength and power. Representatives of aggressive sports often apply drawings here: from wrestling to boxing, maintaining the brutality of their image in this way.


A talisman tattoo, covering a significant area of ​​the body, was once traditional among most small peoples. The bear here served to intimidate enemies, demonstrating that it would be impossible to get close to the warrior secretly, from the rear.


Hidden most of the time from prying eyes, this part of the body is used for tattooing by people who are vulnerable or suppress some kind of internal protest, rebels forced to abide by generally accepted norms. But the drawing between the shoulder blades has a different meaning. Here he is an expression of a person's philosophical or religious position.


Creative, freedom-loving natures most often choose extraordinary solutions for tattooing.... The image of a bear on the calf or foot can be performed using biomechanics or old school techniques.

Nuances of application

Since bear tattoos are quite popular among men, the artist may suggest ready sketch for selection. In this case, it is very important to make sure that the picture is proportional to the part of the body on which it is applied. Large-format tattoos are done in stages, allowing the skin to heal. It should be understood that creating a full back pattern can take about a year, and in the intermediate stages, the work in progress will not look very attractive.

Monochrome images from afar, they can merge, look like a solid spot. The correct choice of style and shade for performance will help to avoid such an effect.

Multicolor tattoos it is better to do it in a large format, otherwise it will be difficult to see the details behind the brightness.

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