Variety of men's tattoos in the form of inscriptions on the sternum

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Overview of options
  3. Styles
  4. Nuances of application

Many people get various tattoos on their bodies. Wearable drawings in the form of inscriptions are gaining more and more popularity. Today we will talk about the features, advantages and disadvantages of such tattoos on the sternum in men.

Advantages and disadvantages

First, let's take a look at the advantages of such tattoos.

  • The ability to make a large image. The ribcage is quite large, so, if desired, a large pattern can be filled in this area.

  • Volume... The relief of the chest will give the finished tattoo volume, which will make it as beautiful as possible.

  • Duration... The tattoo on this area will not lose its original appearance for a long time due to its hardness.

  • Easy to cover up... A drawing of any size can be covered with clothes, if necessary.

  • Price... Typically, text tattoos cost much less than illustrations.

But such wearable designs also have some drawbacks.

  • Possible incorrect translation... This applies to inscriptions in a foreign language. Before heading to the tattoo parlor, you need to make sure the translation of the selected word or phrase is correct.

  • Deformation... Over time, all tattoos will lose their saturation. At the same time, tattoo in the form of inscriptions is less amenable to correction.

Overview of options

There are many options for designing such a tattoo for men. You can pick up a sketch with a small phrase in English. Popular inscriptions are: Demon - daemon, Enjoy every moment - enjoy every moment, My life - my rules - my life my rules, Never say never - never say never, Wait and see. - wait and see. And also some put words on the chest in French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. You can apply a foreign phrase immediately with translation.

Sometimes various quotes, sayings of philosophers, names of loved ones are stuffed. Images in Latin look interesting. Individual excerpts from books and songs can be written.

Such tattoos in the form of large inscriptions will look beautiful and unusual. They, as a rule, are accompanied by various additional pictures, including floral ornaments, images of animals, portraits.

You can apply a large semicircular inscription from one shoulder to the other. Often, the inscriptions are decorated with the image of wings at both ends. Body drawings with phrases from hieroglyphs look original. Moreover, they are often made vertically. Most often they are designed in a simple black color scheme, but color options are also possible.

If desired, religious inscriptions are stuffed on the sternum. They can also be written in different languages. Some people stuff whole large compositions with phrases on their bodies. Drawings can smoothly transition to the sides, shoulders, belly.

Such tattoos are most often done in classic and graphic type. Sometimes Old English script, cuneiform, various inscriptions with a 3D effect are also used.

In any case, remember that the chosen font must match the meaning of the selected inscription. Otherwise, the whole tattoo could be ruined.

Sometimes only one letter is applied to the body. It can mean the initial of a loved one. It also often refers to the name of your favorite sports team. If desired, draw only one foreign letter.

The tattoo inscription looks original, consisting of words of two different colors. Most often they combine black and red. Such a tattoo turns out to be quite bright and beautiful. In this case, the font can be any.


Nowadays, there is a huge variety of tattoo styles. Let's analyze the directions that are used when applying inscriptions.

  • Gothic... In this case, all letters have clear and straight lines. They are made with a sharp outline and sharp edges. The gothic style will reflect the firmness of the masculine character. It is most often used for the design of ancient quotes.

  • Elegant... This style is considered one of the most beautiful. The applied inscription is subtly drawn, it is made with various additional decorative details, including curls. But this option is still more often preferred by women.
  • Handwritten... This style is very similar to the previous one. But at the same time, light negligence, sweeping lines are characteristic of handwriting.
  • Lettering... This direction allows you to fill one inscription with different fonts. These images are originally hand-drawn. Lettering is characterized by abstraction. Most often, such inscriptions are complemented by various curls, lines, small drawings, they can be decorated both in black and white and in color.
  • Calligraphy... This direction allows you to make images in the form of elegant inscriptions with a large number of monograms, curls. The master first displays all the letters on a special stencil, and then they are transferred to the human skin. Calligraphy is characterized by artistic execution. Most often, such pictures are made in large sizes.

Nuances of application

If you are planning to get such a tattoo on the chest, you should keep in mind some of the features of applying to this area. Remember that it is the sternum that is considered the optimal place for a tattoo, since during the application process, a person will practically not feel pain.

In addition, it is in this place that a large number of soft tissues are located; they are capable of absorbing blows from a needle. And also it should be noted the symbolism of such tattoos, applied near the heart. As a rule, special importance is attached to such drawings.

The rib cage allows for beautiful tattoos in various sizes and styles. This zone will be the best option for those men who, due to the specifics of their work or for other reasons, cannot make such images on open areas of the body (arms, neck), while the pattern on the chest will almost always be covered with clothes.

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