Overview of men's tattoo on the neck in the form of inscriptions

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Varieties and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Nuances of application

In our country, they have become much more tolerant of people who decide to decorate themselves with tattoos. Even many celebrities get tattoos for themselves, including on the neck and face, and therefore tattoos have become very popular in recent years. However, before deciding to get yourself a tattoo, you need to carefully study all the features and nuances, since this issue cannot be approached lightly.


For most people, a tattoo on the neck in the form of inscriptions means that its owner is not afraid to go against the stream and defy public opinion and condemnation. As a rule, people with tattoos are more open and sociable than those around them, as they took such risks to stand out from the crowd. This makes it easier for them to meet other people and try something new and different. It is not surprising that many would like to get a similar tattoo on their neck, and therefore there are many orders among the masters for this particular type of tattoo. However, it is worth noting that the procedure for applying a tattoo itself is complex, and you should not trust this business to beginners. Only an experienced craftsman can make a beautiful and accurate work, as well as advise the client on certain options.

The main danger lies in the fact that the skin on the neck is very delicate and vulnerable, and therefore it does not tolerate external damage well. The tattooing procedure itself is very painful. And although today modern equipment allows the master to do everything as quickly and accurately as possible, sometimes it is not possible to make the process completely painless.

It should also be noted that the skin with tattoos is vulnerable to the sun's rays, which in the bright sun can lead to burns. In hot weather, it is necessary to wipe the tattooed skin with sunscreen.

Varieties and sketches

If a person has never done a tattoo before, then he should approach this issue with caution and complete seriousness. You should carefully study the various options, paying particular attention to the size and complexity of a particular sketch. Experts advise not to try too fanciful or unusual tattoos for the first time, but instead choose the most minimal option. In this case, the process will not be so painful, and the person himself will be able to understand how sensitive he is to such procedures.

As for tattoos in the form of inscriptions, then each specialist is ready to provide a wide range of different options. Typically, the label will be placed horizontally or vertically, in rare cases at an angle. For each such tattoo, a special font and size is selected depending on the wishes of the client. Usually short and succinct phrases are offered in which any information important to the owner is displayed. It can be a motto, a quote, a talisman, or even a set of numbers.

The most popular languages ​​for translation remain English, Latin, French and Chinese. However, you can order the inscription in any other language, the main thing is to provide it to the master.

The sketches also differ in where they will be located. The most difficult option is getting a tattoo on the front of the neck. The skin here is very sensitive due to the many muscles and nerve endings, and therefore during the process the client will have difficulty breathing. Working with the side of the neck is much easier. The skin is much thicker here, and therefore difficulties in this place should not arise. Finally, the tattoo can be applied to the back of the neck, and it all depends on the specific location.So, if the tattoo touches the spine, then the procedure will be very uncomfortable.

The most popular sketches remain quotes in Latin, for example, Testis unus, testis nullus (“One witness is not a witness”) or Omne nimium nocet (“Any excess is harmful”). Such winged expressions in Latin better reveal the education and depth of the soul of the owner of the tattoo. Sketches of love and romantic inscriptions are no less popular. Most often they are performed in Italian. Among the most common options, it is worth noting such sketches of phrases as Sei semper nel mio cuore ("You are always in my heart") or Segui i tuoi sogni ("Follow your dream").

Finally, there are sketches of tattoos, where the inscriptions coexist with colorful drawings that reveal the meaning of the phrase. For example, a rose or heart is best for romantic lettering.

Styles and colors

The choice of style depends entirely on the preferences of the client. What language should the inscription be in, what font, what size, and so on - all this is discussed before applying the tattoo itself. There can be many options, since everything is limited only by human imagination. Many people prefer memorable quotes and any phrases that are important to them. Someone wants an inscription in some foreign language just for beauty. In this case, the inscriptions in French or Chinese are preferable. The font and size of the text also play an important role, since it depends on whether the lettering will be thin or, conversely, wide. Accordingly, this will affect how difficult it will be to get a tattoo.

The choice of color also plays an important role. Black remains the most popular color, but at the request of the client, you can choose a completely different color. It all depends on how it will be combined with the skin. Besides black, the most widely used colors are gray, blue, yellow, green and white.

Each color has its own meaning. All of them reflect a particular state of a person. So, black symbolizes night, death and destruction. Blue is responsible for calmness and wisdom. Green means hope and freedom. It all depends on the character of the person himself. Of great importance is what the inscription on the tattoo means. In essence, this is a person's life credo.

Be that as it may, it all depends on how the color and style will be combined with the lettering itself. Black is more suitable for brooding and melancholic phrases, while blue is better for calm inscriptions. There are often options when different colors are combined with each other to create a unique effect. The style of the tattoo also has a huge impact on how the lettering will be perceived. Sometimes even exactly the same tattoo will carry a different meaning depending on the chosen style. The most popular styles are: hieroglyphs, tattoos made in block letters, Gothic inscriptions, graffiti and tattoo in a calligraphic font, as well as such trends as trash polka, graphics, realism, blackwork, tribal.

Nuances of application

As already described above, tattooing on the neck is a very difficult and uncomfortable process, and therefore all possible precautions should be taken. Before going to the master, in no case should you drink alcohol.

And also, a person should not have any skin diseases, since people with such ailments are contraindicated to get a tattoo. In addition, people with diabetes, epilepsy and severe viral diseases should also not be tattooed. In this case, it is best to change your mind and not ruin your health.

Do not take blood thinners. These include, for example, aspirin. In this case, the chance of bleeding during the session increases, and the master will have to spend extra time wiping up the blood.The same goes for drinking coffee as it excites the nervous system. Before going to the tattoo parlor, you should eat well, as the pain will be felt more on an empty stomach.

And you also need to sleep well, from overwork the process itself will feel much more painful. Physical activity before the process is contraindicated. After the body is properly inflamed, the skin will be more elastic, which greatly complicates the work of the master.

And, finally, in case of any ailment, it is advisable to postpone the session.

An important role is played by the place where the inscription itself will be located. This will determine how difficult and painful the procedure itself will be. For example, the areas behind the ear and on the Adam's apple are considered difficult spots. If the choice fell exactly here, then you need to be prepared that the session itself will be uncomfortable.

During the first two to three days after the end of the session, you need to pay special attention to the condition of the skin on the neck. Damaged skin should be treated regularly with antiseptic agents, and then with a healing cream. It is not recommended to touch the neck at this time, so as not to leave traces.

The skin should then fully recover in the next few days. To make the inscription look brighter after that, you need to provide the tattooed skin with proper care. Natural oils are the best choice. It is worth remembering that men's neck tattoos are the first thing that will catch people's eyes, and therefore it is recommended that you choose the inscription wisely.

The decision to apply a tattoo should be a balanced and reasonable choice of a wealthy and serious man. The tattoo reflects the personality of a person, and therefore it is this inscription that will best tell others about who is in front of them.

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