All about men's collarbone tattoos

  1. Features, pros and cons of location
  2. Popular techniques
  3. Best sketches

Men's collarbone tattoos allow you to show your full potential and decorate the body in an extraordinary way. In this article, we'll take a look at the best tattoo sketching styles and ideas for men and guys.

Features, pros and cons of location

The collarbone tattoo has certain advantages.

  • This location is unbeatable and original. The collarbone belongs to closed areas of the body, so the tattoo does not contradict any dress code. People of different professions can wear a tattoo on the collarbone.
  • The collarbone does not change with age. Thanks to this, you can not be afraid of the deformation of the drawing after many years. Weight gain is not terrible either, since it will not affect the shape of the sketch.
  • Drawing techniques are quite diverse. Here you can fill not only stylized, but also three-dimensional, three-dimensional, realistic images. Their size is usually small.
  • Pictures can be located not only on one, but also on both sides. Their theme is limited only by the client's imagination and the skills of the master. The color can be monochrome and multi-colored.
  • With the help of a tattoo, a man can emphasize his thirst for spiritual and physical development, hidden opportunities. The location of the tattoo on the collarbone indicates the desire to stand out from the crowd.
  • This is a non-standard solution, a demonstration of a specific character trait. A tattoo on the collarbone can be laconic and detailed. A certain meaning and meaning is laid in it.

The negative point is the painfulness of the procedure. There is no fatty layer in this zone, the bone is close. Because of this, the client will feel discomfort during the session. The master will have to use a pain reliever.

Popular techniques

With all the variety of techniques, there are styles that men choose most often.

  • Some of the best tattoo art styles for men and boys are considered Polynesian and Celtic. Both directions have a sacred meaning, relate to ethnic style and are performed with black pigment. To give the desired texture and shade, it is diluted with white. The rest of the tech resources are similar. The drawings consist of complex weaves and ornaments. In one case, they are from closed lines, in the other - from separate ones.
  • Ornamental tattoos are distinguished by the harmony of the selected patterns. Often, ornaments are complemented by elements of additional work, the characteristic features of which are multiple dots of different sizes.
  • The style of realism is no less popular among men. Its embodiment on the collarbone can be very diverse. It is based on a jewelry elaboration of every smallest element of the pattern. The technique is recognizable for the photographic precision with which the master transfers the sketch to the body.

Today it is more often done in black and white with flawless creation of the gradient and volume.

  • The technique of the old school (old school) does not give up its positions. Unlike other directions, it is set by bright base colors with the prevalence of one of them. All details of the drawing are highlighted in black. This style is in opposition to realism. It is close to caricature, performed in a somewhat casual manner. Figures are often supplemented with inscriptions and dates.
  • Chicano tattoo looks extraordinary on the collarbone. His recognizable images are masks, money, weapons. The style is daring and creative, it sets a special mood, but not everyone is suitable.
  • Trash polka is one of the fashionable trends in demand among guys. Its features are somewhat similar to Chicano, but the emotional presentation has its own characteristics. The main thesis is the symbolism of death, the decoration of decay and vulgarity.

Rebelliousness is manifested in the storyline of the drawings, the aggressive subtext of the images, the use of a bloody pigment.

  • Those who decide to get their first tattoo often start with a minimalist style. It is easy to execute and visualize. Drawings have no volume, often lack shadows. Performed in one color. The technique is combined with other areas of the tattoo industry. The drawing can be set by a silhouette line, a spot, geometric shapes, graphic elements.
  • Graphics are a common choice for guys who want to decorate their collarbone with a simple first tattoo. There is no three-dimensionality in it, the image is flat, straight, made with black pigment.
  • One of the unbroken areas is sketch style. Today it is only gaining popularity, but it allows you to realize a variety of drawing ideas. Despite the seeming roughness of the lines, it creates the necessary dynamics. In this technique, movement is perfectly conveyed. The style itself is like speed pencil drawing. The shape is set by several lines; rough contours and strokes are visible in the sketch.
  • Megapopular biomechanics with its inherent tendency to demonstrate a variety of metal bearings, tubes, plates, springs, and other parts under the naked human flesh. The style of cyber limbs in the human body is quite specific. Drawings are hammered into the skin using mostly black ink. Its popularization is largely associated with the well-known Terminator franchise.

Best sketches

A male tattoo theme can be a single element or a group of compositionally interconnected details. They are selected in accordance with a specific style, manner of application, color.

Birds and wings

The clavicle area is a great canvas for symmetrical tattoos. Most often these are swallows, popular with guys, depicted in different techniques. They are usually depicted hovering in the sky, pointing towards each other. The birds are complemented with ribbons with inscriptions. They can hold small flowers in their paws or beaks. Unlike many other drawings, swallows are often complemented with colored accents.

Men prefer to stuff a crow or an eagle in the collarbone area, placing it on the side. The detailing of these birds differs from the swallows in greater reliability. An equally popular idea for men's tattoos is the open wings of an angel.

Depending on the chosen technique, they can be very diverse: classic, with additions in the form of cyber decor, realistic, sketching.


Small tattoos with all kinds of insects look great on the collarbone. Most often, men stuff here centipedes, hornets, horned beetles, ants, and scorpions. In the world of tattoos, each insect is associated with its own meaning, which is embedded in the meaning of the drawing. The most suitable techniques for conveying the desired atmosphere are realism, geometry, graphics.

Insects are set on the one hand, complemented by abstract decor or other elements characteristic of a particular tattoo technique (for example, a dagger in old school, honeycombs in geometry).

Lettering and numbers

A variety of motivating inscriptions, phrases, aphorisms, single words made in a beautiful font look great on the collarbone. Unlike women's tattoos, there is no flowery and monogram decor here. Male fonts are gothic, elongated, newspaper, with outline strokes, volume effect, shadow, feathering. Priority languages ​​are English, French, Latin, Arabic, German.

Lettering can be the main idea of ​​a drawing or part of a composition. For example, they go well with angel armor and wings. They are in harmony with numbers, floral patterns. The drawing can be an inscription on a ribbon fluttering in the wind. Also, the phrase is depicted between the birds or around them. The same fonts are used for typing numbers, which are Roman and Arabic.Ideas for such jewelry are different: own dates of birth, loved ones, dates of death, other significant events in life.


This topic allows you to demonstrate your inner potential by choosing any technique. The choice of strong men is predators, strong beasts. Most popular themes: wolf, tiger, lion, leopard, wolverine. Depending on the embedded meaning, they are depicted in different ways: with a calm gaze, grin, lurking, jumping, moving, with sharp claws, growling, howling. The ideal style is realism. In it, the beast is transmitted as reliably as possible. Often these are asymmetrical plot compositions with a transition to the shoulder or side.


Popular plant-themed ideas are small laurel twigs with leaves, stylized plant wreaths and branches with leaves. Drawings are usually symmetrical, made with black pigment. They often go to the forearms. Branches with leaves are drawn pointing down or up towards each other, crossed, with straightened or bent ends. In some cases, fern leaves are depicted.

In addition to laurel branches, a sakura branch can decorate a man's collarbone. The theme of Japanese motives usually consists of several images. Therefore, a samurai tattoo may be located nearby.


In addition to traditional ideas, there are non-standard sketches in the catalogs of tattoo parlors.

  • Mandalas, the letters of the runic alphabet, curled up in a snake ball, look spectacular on the male collarbone.
  • Some men choose the collarbone for their zodiac sign. At the same time, the tattoo technique can be very diverse.
  • The hands holding the planet are no less spectacular. Unbreakable solutions: bat, demons confrontation, shark, pirate motives.
  • Tattoos in the oriental style deserve special attention. These can be all kinds of snake-like dragons (with or without wings), snakes, and other mythical creatures. In addition to the collarbone, they cover the shoulder and forearm.
  • Creative personalities decorate the collarbone with abstract tattoos, combining several directions of tattoos at once. For example, a drawing might look like a ragged web of geometric shapes.
  • Among other options, it is worth noting the popularity of angels, crowns, and mighty warriors. Black roses are rare additions to brutal tattoos. The angel is usually depicted as a warrior (with and without a halo) and outstretched wings.
  • Fans of football and other sports put the symbols of their favorite teams on the collarbone. For example, various emblems of football clubs, dates of birth of their idols.


Samurai tattoos deserve special attention. Men are attracted by the idea of ​​following their own path, which this theme embodies. It has a deep meaning, its own philosophy. All this is manifested in the choice of the type of warrior. He can be formidable, aggressive, in a terrifying mask and a metal helmet full of gear.

In other tattoos, the warrior is depicted against the background of a bloody sun. He is dressed in a kimono, his hair is disheveled and fluttering in the wind. The look is calm. Someone likes the appeal to the theme of the frailty of life. Such men fill their bodies with an image of death in the form of a skull. Others prefer a fallen angel.

If the tattoo is printed as part of a drawing, it takes into account the general theme of the existing images. As a rule, it is performed in the same manner, with the same color scheme.

In the search for unbroken ideas, the solution can even be a drawing of a bone sticking out of the flesh with a reliable drawing of volume and the effect of liveliness. Often, not the main element is located on the collarbone, but its edge detail: squid tentacles, phoenix tail, dragon flame fire. On the body, a card can be seen, seen from torn human flesh. Some people like the idea of ​​crossed swords, ax and mace more. The yin and yang symbol, an anchor with a dagger and roses, a mountain landscape will decorate the collarbone.

The combination of techniques allows you to create unique plots. If you combine Polynesian or Celtic motifs with an oriental style, you can create a sketch of a closed snake, on the body of which a motivating phrase will look spectacular. By using the same tattoo techniques, beautiful ornaments in the Greek style are obtained. A suitable pattern for the collarbone will be the graphic animals of the zodiac, converging in battle against the background of the mountains.

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