Overview of men's tattoos in the form of a rose on the arm and their location

Overview of men's tattoos in the form of a rose on the arm and their location
  1. Meaning
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Accommodation options
  5. Nuances of application

Rose tattoos are very popular among males. We will talk about what this flower means and what options for performing tattoos with it exist in this article.


The image of a rose has many interpretations. The semantic load of a picture with it can vary depending on the specific elements that are present on it, as well as on the color scheme.

Initially, this flower causes many associations with true love. And this is no coincidence, because it is bouquets of roses that are often presented to beautiful ladies by men, wishing to get their favor. For the same reason, the rose is often interpreted as a symbol of passion and devotion. And in ancient Egyptian culture, she was perceived as the personification of sincerity and innocence.

However, this flower has a different meaning.

So, for many, it symbolizes something painful and dangerous as well as the ability to stand up for yourself. It is easy to explain such a strange interpretation of the image of a beautiful flower: a rose has many sharp thorns that can be pricked.

In China, this flower symbolizes prosperity and the successful completion of affairs, in ancient Greek culture it was associated with the beautiful Aphrodite, and in Rome its image was interpreted as the personification of the transience of human life and was often associated with the Kingdom of Shadows.

It is also interesting that for the Western countries the rose is considered sacred. It is perceived as a symbol of the eternal life of the soul and the memory of a deceased person, which is why this flower is actively used during burial rites.

In the 16th century, a rose could be seen on the bodies of those people who were sentenced to death, which is why such images were often perceived as a stigma. But later, this interpretation of this image lost its relevance and changed, became associated with mercy and forgiveness.

Views and sketches

There are many different rose tattoos for men. When choosing a particular subject for your tattoo, it is recommended to first find out what it means.

  • Closed rose is traditionally considered a symbol of beauty and purity, which exudes youth.
  • If the rose is open then this speaks of wisdom and spiritual growth, the presence of a great life experience.
  • Fading same rose, whose petals are about to fall off has a sad interpretation. She symbolizes loss, defeat in love and not the best period in life.

Abundance of thorns by the flower will indicate that a person seeking love encounters many obstacles in his path that hurt him and bring great pain. This may also indicate that the wearer of the wearable pays little attention to the outer shell of others. For him, it is the spiritual component that plays a huge role, because he understands that appearance is deceiving.

A huge role for understanding the meaning is played by the number of roses depicted on the tattoo. A lonely flower will symbolize renewal, and also indicate the softness and sensuality of character. If the figure shows three buds, then this symbolizes love, light and life.

If the drawing is supplemented with certain compositional elements, then this can also affect its meaning.

So, dagger in such a tattoo will indicate the passion of a romantic feeling, and in some cases it will also symbolize a love relationship that is contradictory for many.

Scull in combination with a flower, it often indicates a significant loss for a person - such images are usually performed in a dark color scheme.But bright drawings have a different interpretation.

So if the rose is in the teeth of the skull, then this suggests that the bearer of the picture is characterized by frivolity, passion and a positive outlook on life. And if the flower is located in the places of the eye sockets, then this indicates a self-confident person who does not doubt himself or his talents.

The heart in such images is often perceived as a symbol of eternal love and feelings, into which a man plunges headlong. However, in some cases, such a tattoo will symbolize a rather painful break with a loved one, which made a person suffer.

Snake on tattoos is traditionally a symbol of temptation. In combination with a flower, she will say that a person is easy to seduce.

Often in such drawings you can find and poisonous scorpion. The meaning of such an image is very contradictory, because it can symbolize both eternal loyalty to your partner, and romantic relationships that affect a person destructively.

If the tattoo depicts a wolf holding a flower in its teeth, then this will indicate that the person prefers loneliness. And if he starts a relationship, then he remains devoted to his beloved woman until the end of his days, despite any obstacles and problems that arise between lovers.

Styles and colors

Rose tattoos can be made in a variety of shades. The choice of the color of the picture will also be of great importance and influence its semantic load.

  • So, a red rose bud - a symbol of love and passionate feelings. At the same time, the feeling is so strong that hardly anyone can resist its impulse.
  • A yellow flower will indicate a positive attitude, as well as the presence of such qualities as caring and friendliness in the wearer of the picture. Such a rose has no connection with love feelings.
  • If there is a drawing on the human body with a black rose then this in most cases indicates severe pain caused by the loss of a dear person. As a rule, such a drawing is applied to their bodies by those people who wish to express respect for the deceased person. But there is another meaning: in some cases, a flower in black means the end of difficulties and the beginning of a white stripe.

It is necessary to say about the style of rose tattoos.

They are very popular realistic tattoo. As a rule, work on them is the most difficult, because such drawings require painstaking and detailed drawing. At the same time, they are characterized by clarity of lines and scale. The large size of such tattoos can be easily explained: it will be quite difficult to draw small elements on a small image.

Style newschool also in demand among males. Drawings in this style attract, first of all, for their colorfulness, which arises from the use of different colors, brightness and clearly traced contours.

Minimalist tattoos are also in great demand. This style solution is especially suitable for those who do not want to "shine" with their tattoo and want to hide it from strangers. Such tattoos are distinguished by their neatness and simplicity, which is their main charm.

Geometry style for such tattoos is also suitable, because the abundance of geometric shapes gives the tattoo a certain zest, makes it non-standard. Moreover, the chosen geometric shapes also affect the meaning of the body image. So, a large number of smooth lines will indicate a soft and flexible character. The abundance of sharp corners, on the contrary, speaks of an impulsive and harsh disposition.

Accommodation options

Rose tattoos can be placed on any part of the human body, because this does not affect the meaning of the picture.

Quite often, men place such drawings on the hand, on the forearm, on the wrist, on the "sleeve" or on the palm. The choice of the area depends only on the scale of the image.

Nuances of application

Before you go to a tattoo artist, you need to pay attention to some of the nuances of drawing.

So, first you need to at least roughly decide what kind of tattoo you want to see on your body. Think about color, style, scale, composition and position. If you wish, you can try to draw up a sketch yourself.

We recommend that you pay special attention to the choice of the area for tattooing, because some of the body parts are highly sensitive.

This can make it very painful to get a tattoo. Moreover, the cost of the applied image often depends on the selected area.

Speaking about the financial issue, it is worth mentioning that the price of a tattoo can also vary depending on the scale of the future tattoo and the degree of its detailing. An important role is also played by how professional the master is. By the way, you should not try to save money on this: if the tattoo does not turn out the way you wanted, then you will most likely have to pay a lot for its correction or elimination.

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