Biomechanical tattoos for men

  1. Style features
  2. Popular sketches and their meaning
  3. Location options

Men's tattoos in the biomechanical style are chosen by people of a special temperament who want to demonstrate the beauty of the body, or to focus on certain character traits or beliefs.

Style features

We can say that biomechanical tattoos are exclusively male options. It is extremely rare to meet a woman with this type of pattern on her body, if at all possible. This style is characterized by the image on the body of various mechanisms connected in a common composition. It can be various gears, nuts, screws, pistons, metal objects, wire, wires and everything in the same spirit.

But in order for these tattoos for men to look organic and, indeed, to be a decoration of the body, applying such a pattern should be taken very seriously. Indeed, despite the seemingly some simplicity of such a tattoo, in fact, you always have to clearly think over the composition. Otherwise, it will be a strange jumble of metal parts - and nothing else.

It is for this reason that it is worth contacting the masters who have experience in creating this type of tattoo.

Sometimes it is even useful to familiarize yourself with the work of a tattoo artist in order to roughly imagine what kind of picture will decorate your body in the future. Such tattoos can be either black and gray or colored.

Equally good, provided that the master is a professional in his field, both options look good. Often, this style uses elements such as fragments of human internal tissues and organs, as well as the images of aliens or fantastic creatures, which are harmoniously woven into the composition.

Popular sketches and their meaning

Speaking about the variety of sketches, they can be roughly divided into three groups.

  • A calmer and more restrained version is black and white drawings, more often they occupy the "sleeve". For example, it is very easy to depict the hand of a "mechanical man". There is a feeling that there is a robot in front of you. Such options may indicate that there is a person in front of you who wants to say that his will is iron, he is strong, self-confident, ready for a variety of tests. On the other hand, someone can put a slightly different meaning in such an image. For example, this may be a sign that a person has experienced a loss, terrible events, he is not ready for feelings and further emotions, it is easier and more comfortable for him to live under the guise of a robot. Well, in addition, it should be borne in mind that the meaning of any drawing can have its own specific meaning, accessible only to its owner.
  • The next type is when mechanical parts seem to break through human flesh. And in these cases, torn skin is depicted very realistically by the hand of a talented master, from under which various mechanisms are visible. The options for mixing a piece of iron with human flesh can be different. For example, tattoos are popular, which depict the human heart, and various iron mechanisms and details lead to it. The meaning here lies precisely in the fact that a person has an iron character, nothing will lead him astray, he goes to the goal and, most likely, various romantic deviations in his heart are not foreseen.
  • And another very popular option is when elements of various fantastic creatures are added to the metal. It could be some kind of eye peeking through gears and chains, or tentacles that can be guessed among wires and wires. Such tattoos may mean that a man is very keen on science fiction films. And, perhaps, he himself has an extremely mysterious character, and it is difficult to predict his actions.And you can thus hint at your individuality and uniqueness.

Location options

As for the location of the image, here everyone is free to choose an option depending on their preferences: on the arm, leg, shoulder, sternum, forearm, hand, back, lower leg, calf. There can be no restrictions. It is only necessary to take into account a number of nuances when choosing the place of the body for the future plot. If a man can afford to openly wear such a tattoo, his type of activity allows him to do this, then you can safely decorate the entire "sleeve", or give his back under a three-dimensional image. If you need to look like an extraordinary person only sometimes, you should hide the tattoo under your clothes, and then you can choose any place on your leg or arm.

It is important to consider the point that biomechanics is the type of tattoo that is completely impossible to imagine in a miniature form. Such scenes will not look on the finger, face or wrist. Therefore, most often for such experiments they give a sufficient area on the body. Such tattoos can take up the entire arm or leg, or even two arms or legs. They can be placed on the back or chest with the transition to the arm or back.

Everything will depend on the chosen plot and the thought that should still be put into the tattoo. Nonetheless, meaningless images on your body should be avoided.

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