Tattoo "Anubis" for men

Anubis tattoo for men
  1. Meaning
  2. Popular performance techniques
  3. Best sketches
  4. Location options

All kinds of tattoos you will see now. Most people prefer traditional sketches, some choose drawings with hidden meaning. The same can be said for the Anubis tattoo. Such drawings are quite unusual, they have a certain meaning, carry their own energy. We will talk about what the sketches look like, what Anubis tattoo means for men, as well as the popular techniques for their execution and the most successful locations.


The mysteries of Ancient Rome have not yet been solved until now, this ancient civilization has left many secrets. Images of gods, scarabs and other symbols can be called some of the most commonly used options for tattoos. You can also often see wearable designs depicting Anubis.

Anubis is the god of death with the head of a dog or jackal and a human body. This drawing looks very impressive. There are many interesting options for the image of Anubis. These are both classic sketches and wearable pictures depicting a god with scales, a mummy, and other symbols.

According to legend, Anubis was a mediator capable of moving souls after death between worlds.... In one of the translations, his name meant "the keeper of the scales." Its purpose was to weigh human hearts on a scale. On one side of the scale, there was room for the human heart. The second side was used for a bird's feather. If a person was pious during his lifetime, his heart was light and did not outweigh the feather. But if he led an inappropriate life, his heart would become heavy. Such a person was not worthy of a good life in the afterlife.

Also, Anubis was the keeper of medicines and poisons. No wonder his images are chosen for themselves by individuals who believe in mystical forces, as well as psychics, healers, pharmacists.

According to the modern interpretation of the image of God on the body, it helps the owner of the tattoo move towards the goal, go the right way, listening to intuition. For those who have not decided what its purpose in life is, you can make a similar sketch by turning to the ancient Roman god for help.

Usually, such tattoos are filled with self-confident individuals who are able to withstand life's failures and difficulties. They are balanced and can achieve a balance between the dark and light sides of the soul.

Popular performance techniques

Male tattoos depicting the god Anubis can be performed in different techniques. But there are styles that work best for this.

  • Watercolor... Such wearable images imply the use of imitation of colored paints with a water base. Usually the background of the image is made in several colors.
  • Blackwork... The most suitable style for Anubis tattoo can be considered blackwork. Thanks to the use of a black background, the masters manage to achieve realism and create the necessary gloomy atmosphere.
  • Geometry... These tattoos are based on the use of geometric shapes. So, the standard options are images of a god inscribed in a triangle or rhombus.
  • Graphics... A monochrome image in dark gray is one of the most successful options for depicting the keeper of the scales.
  • Linework... An equally popular option is linework, which is quite easy to apply and does not take much time to complete. This style is able to most accurately convey the atmosphere of the afterlife by drawing the profile of the judge.
  • Neotradishnl... Used to create a brighter, more colorful and realistic picture.The choice of this technique will allow you to interrupt the old images.
  • Old school... Typically, this style uses the image of a deity in profile. The master in the process of work applies 6 shades without mixing them.
  • Newschool... Using this technique will make it possible to turn even a very gloomy picture into a funny drawing. The new school style is distinguished by the use of bright colors and the display of a picture in the form of a cartoon.
  • Realism... For those who want to imagine how Anubis would look in reality, the realism style is more suitable. A three-dimensional image of a deity in the chosen style sometimes looks quite creepy.

Sketch, trash polka, ornamental styles can also be used to create such wearable images.

Best sketches

Having chosen an image of Anubis for a tattoo, it will not be superfluous to look at the ready-made sketches in the salon or choose your favorite options on the Internet. You can also come up with your own version, inspired by different pictures and interesting ideas.

  • One of the popular sketches is the image of the god Anubis. with a heart in his hands. In this case, the picture symbolizes the deeds of a person that he was able to do throughout his life.
  • In the classic form, Anubis is depicted next to the scales.... Moreover, its appearance fully reflects the mystery of the court procedure. In this case, the scales occupy one of the main components indicating how a person should live.
  • The images of the keeper remain relevant scales in the form of a mummy.
  • Often Anubis is depicted next to with a mummy, scales, sekhem and other attributes of the world of the dead.
  • Popular options include images of the keeper of scales and Ra (the sun god). A certain opposition of light and otherworldly forces in this case speaks of their inextricable connection for a person throughout life.
  • They depict the patron saint of the dead and with weapons. Usually such sketches are chosen by people endowed with the ability to overcome difficulties and are ready to fight them.

Anubis tattoo looks very original in the form of an independent sketch.

The underwear pattern in the form of a "sleeve" will also look good.... Variants with a complex portrayal of the deity remain relevant. At the same time, various metamorphoses are inherent in the patron saint of the dead. He can be indifferent or formidable. Thanks to such large-scale images, you can show his greatness in the best possible light.

The color scheme is varied, but more often used three primary colors. The black shade is a kind of symbol of the other world. Green tone is more often a symbol of resurrection. White is usually used when displaying bandages, when the god is depicted in the form of a mummy.

Location options

The body drawing depicting Anubis can be seen on any part of the body. This will not change the meaning.

You can pin a picture:

  • On the hand;
  • forearm;
  • on the shoulder;
  • on the sternum;
  • back;
  • leg, calf.

A sleeve tattoo will look very interesting, especially in color. Large images look very interesting in places that are accessible for viewing.

A drawing of the god Anubis looking in front of him will look great on the back, neck or forearm, as well as on the lower leg, thigh and hand.

Images of God in profile can often be seen on the shoulders, shoulder blade, ribs, chest.

The location of the drawing largely depends on the meaning invested in the tattoo.

The best option is the location of the image on the shoulder. In this case, the scale of the picture plays an important role. The larger the image itself, the more impressive the tattoo looks. On the body, it is customary to make drawings using red and orange tones, as well as blue, because these tones are associated with power and wealth.

Tattoos located on the chest or back are usually large in size. It is in such a place that they look most impressive. Religious symbols are used as additional attributes. They are called upon to emphasize the scale of the figure.

Images are used as additional details:

  • scales, which are a symbol of the measure of human qualities;
  • dog;
  • crown, personifying power;
  • skins.

Considering that Anubis was considered the keeper of medicines and poisons, his images are chosen by medical workers and pharmacists. The leg at the bottom and top of it are considered the most popular places with them.

Many people think the brush is not a very suitable place for such a picture, but sometimes it is in this place that such an image will be most appropriate.

Paired tattoos that are symmetrically positioned will also look good. To do this, the image is applied symmetrically to different parts of the chest, shoulder blades or hands.

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