All about the tattoo in the form of a guardian angel for men

  1. Meaning
  2. Popular options
  3. Where to place?

According to the masters of tattoo parlors, most men choose tattoos with angels, considering them to be just aesthetic drawings. But in fact, each sketch has its own meaning. Angel tattoos, as well as the most popular places for them, will be discussed today.


Angel tattoos are popular with strong statues. The meaning of the body image can be judged by understanding the types of such images. Translated from Latin, the word "angel" means "messenger" or "messenger". It is the angels who help in difficult times, guiding them on the right path.

There are several types of such wearable images.

  • Tattoo in the form of a guardian angel. Such a picture can be considered a strong talisman for men, helping to attract luck and good luck into their lives. The presence of a tattoo will help protect the owner from ill-wishers and negative manifestations.

  • Tattoo with wings. Usually they are stuffed by people striving for freedom and independence. Often they are chosen by men who renounce worldly pleasures. At the same time, such a picture may indicate a desire for protection.

  • Tattoos with angels. Little cherubim are the personification of purity and innocence. Choosing them will help attract love, relieve pain and save you from disappointment.

  • Fallen Angel. Opinions differ on this depiction. Some believe that the drawing is chosen by aggressive people who are distinguished by cruelty. For others, the fallen messenger is a symbol of bad deeds committed in the past, which led to the death of a loved one.

  • Archangel tattoo. The presence of such a picture allows you to move in the right direction without making mistakes. All this can be accomplished only through divine help.

Most often, the meaning of each tattoo directly depends on the style, as well as additional elements included in the image. An important factor is the place where the image is applied.

Many consider a tattoo depicting angels to be a kind of amulet that helps to get rid of troubles and troubles, to find happiness.

At the same time, the choice of such tattoos by most men is not accidental.

  • Such pictures are expressions of faith. In this case, the angel becomes a talisman for them, protecting them from evil and giving them faith in good, giving them energy and inspiration.
  • They help the owners find hope, demonstrate faith and hope for a future without evil and violence.
  • They are also used as reminders of significant events or shocks.

Such tattoos are stuffed in the hope of showing the desire for freedom and independence. Many men use images of angels and demons just for beauty, in this case they will only perform a decorative function. If these two forces are fighting, this indicates an internal confrontation between the light and dark sides of the soul.

Popular options

There are many interesting options for tattoos depicting angels. Having come to the tattoo parlor and looking at the sketches, everyone can choose the most interesting option in order to pin himself such a wearable image.

Common options.

  • Images of an angel with a cross. Such a tattoo is a kind of symbol of hope; it is chosen in memory of the losses in a person's life.

  • Image of a praying messenger speaks of the desire to achieve harmony, inner balance, health.
  • Tattoo with a guardian angel. Images with a figure spreading its wings indicate a readiness for change. The flying messenger is a symbol of rebirth, and the fallen one means the collapse of all hopes.

  • Cherub tattoos. When a child arrives, many parents fill in the image of a curly-haired cherub holding a harp or trumpet. Lovers usually prefer Cupid. Often, images of little angels are stuffed in memory of the dead children. The choice of such a sketch allows you to tune in to positive thoughts, change your worldview.

You can often see male tattoos depicting warrior angels. The main purpose of such images is the personification of strength and power, the conviction that good will always triumph over evil.

Tattoos with fairy-tale or cartoon characters allow you to give a positive attitude.

It is they who are chosen by positive and friendly men.

Where to place?

Tattoos depicting angels in different variations are placed on different parts of the body.

This could be:

  • back;
  • breast;
  • shoulder and forearm;
  • hands and wrist;
  • lower leg and thigh.

Most often, large paintings can be seen on the back or chest. Such images always look very stylish, unusual and even sophisticated. At the same time, they are amulets for their owners, they personify their strong spirit and desire to improve.

According to statistics, most men choose a hand to place sketches. Large pictures on the shoulder look especially impressive. At this place, you can often see a drawing of an angel flying, spreading its wings. Such a picture symbolizes the desire for inner spiritual rebirth.

The image of a praying angel can often be seen on the forearm. According to the majority, such a picture is a kind of way to get rid of guilt and emotional turmoil.

A good place to place a tattoo is on the wrist. Little angels, wings, as well as a keeper are often stuffed here. Such tattoos allow you to establish a special connection with the creator, to show your devotion.

Palms, fingers, or wrist are great places to pair tattoos.

The sleeve tattoo is not just an ordinary image - it is a kind of canvas for the artist, covering the entire arm. In this case, the images of angels can be in different interpretations.

Having chosen this sketch for a tattoo, it should be remembered that, according to the Bible, angels do not always come to people for the purpose of protection, they often punish a person for his actions. That is why the choice of underwear pattern should be deliberate.

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