Classic style in menswear: the secrets of a stylish look

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Basic wardrobe
  3. Color matching rules
  4. Stylish examples

The classic style of clothing for men allows you to create truly elegant images; this trend has many fans.


The classic suits any situation. This image allows you to look decent at various events, including business. The basic outfit of this style includes a jacket, shirt and trousers, complemented by accessories.

The classic direction is a great choice for any man. He is preferred not only by entrepreneurs, but also by creative people.

This style will always be popular and in demand. With its help, representatives of the stronger sex emphasize their social position, the presence of taste. The looks are simple yet stylish. Laconicism manifests itself in single-breasted and double-breasted jackets, dress shirts and shoes, discreet outerwear.

To create an attractive look, it is important to choose the right accessories.

To make an image bright and attractive, you need to skillfully select accessories and jewelry. Of course, you can't do without a good haircut for such an image.

Basic wardrobe

Men's wardrobe in the classic style is, first of all, jackets, shirts and loose-fitting trousers. It's important to understand that classic doesn't mean boring. On its basis, it is easy to create a solemn and casual look. Modern fashion, of course, dictates its own rules that must be taken into account.

Summer and winter men's bows in a classic style look very attractive. This direction is suitable not only for mature men, it can be used as a base for youth images.

Let's figure out what things fit into this direction.


From outerwear, preference should be given to coats and raincoats. They are suitable for winter, spring and autumn - it all depends on the material of manufacture.

A classic-cut coat in a men's wardrobe testifies to the status and taste of its owner. These clothes should be selected according to age and lifestyle. A choice of fitted and loose models, with a turn-down and a stand-up collar, patch and welt pockets.

Most often, preference is given to models with buttons. An elegant look is easy with a coat with a fur-trimmed collar, wide lapels and cuffs. Cropped versions of this garment can be worn in spring and fall.

Fits into classic style and raincoats. For a cool autumn season, this is a great choice.

Raincoats differ in color, length and fit.

Basic models have a straight silhouette, they are a universal component of a men's bow.


The lineup of classic suits is very diverse. When choosing a style, you need to take into account the physique of a man.

  • Slender and tall representatives of the stronger sex should give preference to fitted jackets and skinny trousers.
  • Single-breasted jackets and trousers with a straight cut are well suited for overweight men.
  • Cropped jackets look great with long legs.

When choosing the color scheme of the costume, be guided by the social status, seasonality and characteristics of the event where it is to be worn.

The most popular is a bow consisting of a black jacket, the same trousers and a snow-white shirt. The image is often complemented with a vest in the same color scheme as the pants.

Costumes in a classic style are not always dark, they can be beige or, for example, light gray.

Attention should also be focused on the ornaments on the costume. A model with a horizontal stripe should be chosen by short men, this pattern contributes to the visual lengthening of growth.

It is recommended to wear dark suits in winter and light suits in summer.

Pants & Shorts

As for the trousers, gray, snow-white and beige models are popular. The style can be more laconic or "under jeans". An elegant look can be created using the latter, if you combine them with a shirt and vest made of light-colored knitwear.

The key criterion for choosing trousers is size. Look for non-pleated, heel-length pants that show off your figure. Trousers must be comfortable.

For the warm season, options from light fabrics, mostly natural, are ideal.

Men of short stature should be careful with checkered colors.

In summer, instead of trousers, you can wear shorts, giving preference to classic styles. Only they are combined not with shirts, but with T-shirts. The most popular are cotton models; options with and without pockets are on sale.

T-shirts and shirts

It is easy to ruin the image if you choose the wrong shirt. It must certainly differ in color from the suit, be lighter than the jacket. The classic style requires monochrome - this applies not only to shirts, but also to T-shirts. Avoid overly variegated colors.

It is recommended to give preference to shirts in a pastel color palette.

Please note that short sleeved models are not classic. Cuffs that protrude from under the jacket can be decorated with cufflinks. If the model of the jacket is fitted, then the shirt should have a loose fit.

It is preferable not to wear a tie with checkered models.

T-shirts in monochrome colors are usually paired with shorts.


Classic suits are most often complemented with black or brown shoes. There should be a pair of good Oxfords in your wardrobe. Choose shoes that are perfect in size, comfortable to wear, and keep them clean.

The wrong pair of shoes or a dirty pair of shoes can ruin the most stylish bow.


Accessories in a classic style are a kind of finishing touches. Tie and cufflinks are often worn with suits. A tie should be selected in a contrasting color scheme of the shirt. Many men love watches, but in the case of classics, these must be expensive models.

Belts with laconic and dull buckles also fit into the classic direction.

Color matching rules

The classics are matched by muted neutral shades of clothing. Variegated colors are allowed only in accessories - it can be a tie or cufflinks.

Businessmen should have several gray, black and beige suits in their wardrobe. Ordinary men have at least one. In formal attire, you can go to any business event.

There is a rule governing the combination of colors - they must be included in one segment of the color wheel. Make sure that the base color is at least 65% of the total onion.

This means that you need to choose a base color, and then select shades that are in harmony with it. Avoid variegated paints. There should be no more than 2 shades in one look, moderation is the key to elegance.

A plaid jacket with monochrome trousers of the same range looks great. The shirt under the jacket should be a couple of shades lighter.

Stylish examples

  • A plaid classic suit can be worn, for example, for a meeting. This color goes well with brown shoes.
  • The classic style allows men of all ages to look elegant and respectable.
  • The classics are not only raw and black suits, there are also more original color schemes.
  • The classic style is laconic and elegant, it is dominated by restrained colors, clear lines and impeccable cut. Clothes are selected strictly in size, taking into account the physique of a man.
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