Men's semi-overalls: characteristics and selection rules

Men's semi-overalls: characteristics and selection rules
  1. Characteristic
  3. Clothing requirements
  4. Wearing rules
  5. Selection Tips

Men's semi-overalls are widely used for various types of work. Such overalls are in demand in many areas - both for performing purely functional duties and for household work. Therefore, you need to be able to understand semi-overalls and know all the subtleties of choice.


The main task of the workwear is to preserve the health and improve the working qualities of the employee. High-quality, stylish workwear improves the employer's image and is simply bypassed wherever customer service takes place, for example, in places of public catering, in bars and restaurants. Men's bib overalls are recommended for indoor or summer work. It protects against destructive environmental factors, does not lend itself well to mechanical damage and aggressive substances, is easy to clean (easy to wash, dries quickly).

The use of men's overalls makes the performance of any work safer and more comfortable.


The types of semi-overalls differ in cut, material, color. It depends on the functionality that the employee performs. Orange semi-overalls are a signal workwear, they are necessary in places of increased danger, for example, on road works. The increased visibility of this workwear allows you to be careful when driving on the job site. Camouflage semi-overalls are a part of workwear that allows you to hide the presence of an employee - in a crowd of people or on the ground. Such clothes are chosen by employees of law enforcement agencies, security guards, foresters, hunters, fishermen.

Working semi-overalls - universal clothing, which is suitable for any work without special requirements. Since such clothes may be required for different types of work, semi-overalls for workers have common details: a stitched belt and belt loops, adjustable shoulder straps, pockets of various types - from chest to overhead, elastic insert to hold a muscle corset.

Light or summer semi-overalls are made of durable, but thin fabrics, a special loose fit provides ease of movement for the worker. Clothing allows free air circulation to improve the natural ventilation of the worker's body. Such overalls are used for work in the hot season or in rooms with high air temperatures and high humidity.

Insulated semi-overalls necessary when working outdoors or in rooms with low temperatures. These garments are made from mixed materials that retain heat well, but do not weigh down the overall weight of the workwear. Semi-overalls protect against drafts.

Denim bib durable, easy to clean, resistant to mechanical damage, looks stylish, which improves the image of the organization in which the employee works. Blue work overalls are popular among workers in many professions.

Stains are not visible on such clothes, it allows air to circulate freely, protects against negative environmental influences, and is easy to maintain.

Construction semi-overalls is made of materials with a high dirt-repellency coefficient, and therefore it is resistant to dirt (solution, dust), protects the worker from mechanical damage, has a minimum number of hinges and fittings in order to exclude snagging on equipment or fastening scaffolding.

Clothing requirements

Overalls must:

  • protect the health of the employee in accordance with the requirements of the production in which the work is performed;
  • not to violate labor safety standards;
  • to be comfortable to wear, easy to wash, not to have parts that can become dangerous to life and health.

Wearing rules

The employee must make sure that the overalls are the most suitable in size, comfortable to wear, and consistent with the functionality of the work performed.

It is recommended to choose a semi-overalls one size larger, in case you wear additional things under it.

A caring attitude to workwear will prolong its service for a long time.

Selection Tips

The choice of workwear for men should take into account the application in the profession and the personal comfort of wearing. When choosing overalls for your specialty, study the instructions of GOST. Determine the quality of the material, examine the fittings and functional details. Be sure to choose workwear based on your physique.

    What is "a little cramped" for you when trying on can be discomfort or even catastrophic during work. Correctly chosen workwear will be a “helper” for your work and will serve you for many years.

    An overview of the summer semi-overalls "Danube" in the video.

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