Provence style wallpaper for the bedroom

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The choice of wallpaper for the room plays an important role, because it is not just wall decoration, but also the creation of a certain atmosphere in the room. Today the market offers a wide selection of these products, first you need to decide on the design. Many are attracted by the Provence style, which is characterized by lightness, airiness and conveys the atmosphere of France.

Finding wallpapers in this style is not so easy, you need to know their features, while it is important to choose the option that will harmoniously fit into the space. We bring to your attention useful recommendations on how to combine such wallpaper with furniture and what varieties you may meet.


To choose a wallpaper, you need to carefully study the intricacies of the Provence style, which is translated from French as "province". A distinctive feature is pastel shades with bright blotches in the form of careless strokes. To recognize this style, the room must have elegant and simple furniture, the same flooring, figurines, lace and embroidery, and wallpaper of the appropriate shade.

It should be noted that with such a design, the room will not look faded, since floral motifs will add charm to the room. They should be present in the ornament of the wallpaper, embroidery is encouraged. The finishing material for the bedroom can be a delicate shade with bright accents that will add some contrast.

On the market, you can find a wide selection of wall decoration materials with different patterns and textures that are perfect for a room with this design.


If you decide to decorate the walls of your room with wallpaper and prefer the French style, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the material that is offered in different versions. Wallpaper can be paper, and it attracts a lot of attention. For the bedroom, this type is best suited, moreover, it is safe and is offered at low prices, which fully corresponds to the Provencal style. You can work with such material without assistance. As for the texture, the surface can be ribbed, rough and smooth, it all depends on personal preference. The only drawback is that they cannot be washed, so this option is not suitable for a nursery.

The next type on the list is non-woven wallpaper, which is often bought as a basis for painting. Such material has many textures, so it will be a good choice for the Provence style. The main advantages include the fact that the wallpaper fits well on the surface, they can hide flaws, and besides, they are resistant to wear and tear. Such cladding requires careful and frequent maintenance due to the convexity of the elements, where dust constantly accumulates. But if you are looking for wallpaper for a small room, this will not be a problem.

Vinyl wallpaper attracts a lot of attention to itself, which beckons with a variety of reliefs and color schemes, among them there are many options that fit perfectly into the Provencal design. With the help of such a finish, you can imitate textiles and plaster, and this is an excellent solution for decorating a room. In terms of performance, the main advantage of vinyl wallpaper is its multi-layering, so it provides thermal and sound insulation.

You can consider textile wallpapers, for the manufacture of which felt, silk and natural fabrics are used. They have a long service life and high resistance to solar radiation.

However, such finishing is not cheap, and you will need to work hard to paste over the walls. Decorating the room with such wallpaper will allow you to achieve the Provencal style.


The main idea of ​​the organization of Provencal interior design involves a return to the village life. Therefore, wallpaper with roughness, frayed or burnt-out areas is great. The use of a finishing material with such a texture creates an atmosphere of habitability, so that you can feel yourself in complete comfort. This texture is combined with elements in textiles and even furniture. The main thing is that the cladding does not look luxurious - simplicity is the main feature of the Provence style. Thus, the wallpaper should simulate a similar effect; you can also consider the option of convex elements, texture like wood or stone.

Color plays an important role in any design, therefore, based on all the characteristics of the Provencal style, it should be noted that light colors are in priority. At the same time, you can choose both warm and colder options, it is necessary to have a geometric or floral ornament that will not be conspicuous, but will be an ideal complement and a light accent.

The most popular are moderate shades such as yellow, pink, beige, terracotta, azure, lilac, etc. It would be a mistake to decorate the room with exceptionally shiny gold wallpaper, because they will attract undue attention to themselves, and excessive luxury is the opposite of the Provencal style.

If we are talking about a large room, it can be divided into several zones using contrasting shades. For example, for a bed, choose a plain, delicate wallpaper of a warm color, and make the boudoir a rich cold one.

Since the ornament is the hallmark of this type of design, it should be noted that it should be small and unobtrusive, pay attention to models with floral elements or geometric patterns of different shades.

How to match with furniture and decor?

Any detail of the interior should look harmoniously with everything else in the room, so home decor and various shelves with curbstones play an important role in creating the desired design. Functionality and elegance must be combined in furniture products, therefore, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the material from which they are made. It is worth giving preference to natural wood: walnut, ash or oak.

It goes well with wicker wrought iron elements. As for modern materials, they are not suitable for the Provencal style, so they should be discarded immediately. Classic pieces of furniture for this design will be a sideboard with a large number of drawers, carved chairs, a sideboard and a chest of drawers with legs. As mentioned above, the color scheme should be extremely light.

To make the room as comfortable as possible, you can add other details, for example, the abundance of plants will only add harmony and beauty to the interior. As a decor, experts recommend using paintings and statues that will create a French atmosphere.

Ceiling beams, natural fabrics in home textiles and lace in decor are an integral part of Provence. If you managed to find porcelain or ceramic souvenirs, you can safely use them in the interior.

It is safe to say that this style is ideal for a country house or cottage if you want to create an interior from scratch. But even in an apartment, it will look perfect if you use the space correctly and follow the recommendations of the designers. The decorative element in the form of light curtains is an important component. Pay attention to the plain fabric with floral or geometric patterns, the same applies to bedding when it comes to decorating the bedroom.

Pictures should be framed in a gilded frame, which will stand out in a pastel interior, which is very appropriate. A graceful crystal chandelier will become a real decoration of the room. If the room has a mirror, choose a carved wood frame.

Small details, such as vases, boxes and photographs on the sideboards, will complete the interior.

Beautiful examples in the interior

If you are interested in the Provencal style and you intend to use it in the interior, there are several options for how you can decorate your home in order to achieve the desired result.

  • In such a room, everything is simple, but at the same time, there are many interesting details that are ideally combined with each other.
  • Wallpaper option for bedroom decoration.
  • Enjoy Little France while on holiday.
  • The tenderness of Provence is visible in every detail.
  • This design idea will appeal to any romantic.
  • A huge bedroom with panoramic windows gives a feeling of freedom.
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