How to choose shoes for men's shorts?

How to choose shoes for men's shorts?
  1. Choice depending on the style of the shorts
  2. Combination of colors and patterns
  3. Selection Tips
  4. Beautiful images

Shorts - extremely comfortable summer clothes, including for men. It is sometimes very difficult to choose shoes for such a wardrobe item without spoiling the whole image. Nevertheless, it is quite possible, taking into account some of the nuances of this type of clothing.

Choice depending on the style of the shorts

Like any other type of clothing, summer shorts have a range of varieties, and each has its own perfect pair of shoes.


Denim shorts - the most popular and practical option for hot weather. It is best to wear the same shoes with them that men combine with jeans, namely: any sportswear, loafers, moccasins, top-siders, slip-ons. On the hottest days, pairing denim cropped models with open men's shoes (sandals, mules, slippers, flip flops) is also considered quite appropriate.

From trouser fabric

An option for business men, if allowed by the dress code, is shorts made of dense suit fabric. Such models do not have to be in dark shades. For the summer period, it is advised to select lighter colors: white, beige, brown, deep blue and others.

The only condition is that the fabric should be quite dense, the presence of arrows on straight models is permissible.

As for suitable shoes, she will be loafers, moccasins or some classic options. They can also be derby or oxford shoes and more informal couples that match the color of the whole outfit. For example, relevant for summer light-colored derby shoes with perforation all the way around and on a thin sole.

In combination with shorts made of trouser fabric, you should avoid sports and open shoes - they will look inappropriate.


Lightweight (often synthetic or linen) shorts are the preferred option for outdoor sports in the summer, as well as for evening walks. It is best to combine such a thing with sports lightweight shoes, as well as open. In some cases, combinations with casual loafers or perforated moccasins.

Among fashionable combinations, images are worthy of special attention. with espadrilles, slip-ons and loafers.

Such shoes are suitable for an informal style, complement and create a laconic stylish look.


The choice of shoes for swimming shorts is obvious - beach open couple... For such a holiday, you can choose the most daring color schemes without hesitation.

So, we can summarize which shoe models are preferable for each of the shorts models.

  • Open summer shoes (slippers, flip flops, sandals). Suitable exclusively for summer models (denim, swimming, sports, linen).

Such combinations are appropriate only for relaxation and the beach.

  • Sneakers... Modern looks in street style allow you to combine practical sports shoes with any model.

There is only one condition - the model must be calm and neutral. Combinations with denim and cotton knee-length shorts are preferred.

  • Sneakers (low and high). Ideal for summer evening walks. They can be used to create an informal look with denim, cotton or safari shorts.
  • Slip-ons, espadrilles... Trendy shoes with high or straw soles will be a great accent of a neutral look with light textile shorts.
  • Top-siders, loafers, moccasins, derbies, oxfords... More classic shoes require, accordingly, more familiar combinations. Combinations with loose-fitting shirts and denim, cotton (dark or light) shorts will be preferable.

When creating an image, it is recommended to take into account the color of both shoes and all clothes.

Combination of colors and patterns

Most often, summer clothes, even for men, are bright, with an original print, patterns and other components. It is not easy to combine variegated elements with each other, but you just have to take into account simple recommendations.

  • it is worth remembering that shoes of neutral colors (beige, black, white) are ideal for almost any color, pattern.
  • there should be only one bright accent in the image, so you should choose either bright shoes or clothes. And then, regardless of the pattern, the bow will be harmonious.

Selection Tips

  1. When choosing shoes for shorts, you need to consider personal tastes and style. Preferring informal directions in everyday life, it would be inappropriate to combine derby with this type of clothing.
  2. None of the shoe and cropped trousers combinations involve socks.
  3. Shorts are practical and comfortable clothes, but you should avoid working contacts and serious meetings in them. Also, many solemn and official events do not accept men in such clothes.
  4. Choose the right length for the model. The optimal length for men's shorts is knee-deep. Shortened models should be set aside for sports or resorts.
  5. Cropped trousers of any style emphasize the figure, exposing all its flaws, so the choice should be taken seriously. If a man has full legs, it is worth purchasing classic straight denim shorts, not narrowed and not wide. If a man's calves are seemingly too thin to avoid disharmony in the image, you should pay attention to narrowed models. Conversely, to hide the calf volume, choose wide options.
  6. Not a single model of summer menswear is intended to create a completely classic look, so wearing a tie, bow tie, jacket or even cufflinks will be extremely inappropriate.

Beautiful images

We bring to your attention stylish men's summer looks.

  • Great summer an image in a casual style. The photo shows a man in soft cotton shorts, a casual shirt and light textile sneakers.
  • In the photo there are more classic bow with dark shorts with arrows and a white dress shirt. The shoes are carefully chosen: light brown moccasins with blue inserts are a good detail for a neutral look.
  • Street style sporty look with military details - for athletic and courageous men. Shoes are chosen according to the style - white lightweight sneakers.
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