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Over time, the backpack has ceased to be just an object for carrying things. Modern models define the youthful urban appearance. Manufacturers, knowing this, are trying in every possible way to ensure that their products can boast of both quality and attractive appearance. Such a company can be called Arctic Hunter.


Arctic Hunter backpacks have a number of features that make them so popular among consumers. First of all, this is the appearance. It is he who attracts people, since initially the buyer evaluates the product by its design. The manufacturer decided not to create too catchy design, making it rather minimalistic, but in line with modern concepts of urban fashion. The backpacks have a simple yet comfortable design.

It should be said about the assortment, which is represented by a large number of copies. You can find business backpacks, backpack bags, urban, sports models. Separately, I would like to note the presence of transformers and anti-theft products, which, due to their functions, over time begin to enjoy more and more popularity. Each type of backpack has a considerable number of representatives, each of which differs from others in its characteristics and appearance. The design differs in both color and pattern.

At the same time, the cost of Arctic Hunter backpacks cannot be called high. The products are available and are not inferior in terms of their performance to the assortment of other manufacturers. Most of the models have modern equipment in the form of a USB connector. Also, when purchasing some products, the buyer receives PowerBank.

Range of models

Arctic Hunter B00121C - one of the most popular models, as it surpasses its predecessor and has an attractive price. The material of manufacture is polyester grade 900D, which has a moisture-repellent impregnation. Provides a dedicated compartment for a laptop with a diagonal of 15.6 inches. Volume - 29 liters, dimensions - 35x47x17 cm. The chest strap and adjustable shoulder straps make it possible to adjust the backpack to the characteristics of your body.

It is worth noting the presence of the AirFlow system, which is represented by a soft insert for the back. It increases discomfort and promotes constant air circulation in the area. The back pocket is divided into two sections to accommodate medium-sized items. There are special branches for a bank card, telephone, headphones.

Arctic Hunter B00388 - a sports backpack designed for short hikes and travel. A volume of 30 liters and dimensions of 30x47x21 cm allow you to intervene a large number of objects. Material - 900D polyester, weight - 800 grams, chest strap, adjustable shoulder straps, and a USB port. This backpack is equipped with the AirFlow system. Zippered front pocket for carrying flat items such as documents, folders, credit cards.

The side mesh water pocket is fitted with straps on both sides for a secure fit. The penultimate compartment has a large number of compartments in which phones, pens, notepads, and headphones can be placed. Basically, the front pocket can accommodate larger items: full-size notebooks, pencil cases, flat food containers and much more. The farthest and also the largest compartment is designed for a 15.6-inch laptop, tablets and books. There is a hidden pocket along the back, covered with a polyester line. It might seem like a simple design element, but behind it there is a compartment designed to hide especially important items from the kidnappers.

Arctic Hunter B00208 - a special model, as it is specially designed to protect against thieves.The metal handle and high-strength 900D polyester make this backpack durable. Volume - 24 liters, dimensions - 32x48x16 cm, there is a built-in combination lock with a three-digit number. Weight - 1.1 kg, has a USB port, adjustable straps, AirFlow system, and waist support. Side water pockets are attached with a small carabiner.

The inner part is divided into two compartments, where in the first you can place clothes and the largest items, and in the second you can place your laptop, tablet, phone, wallet and other accessories. The structure of the pockets is dense and allows you to hold quite a lot, despite its outwardly small size. The left shoulder strap has a special small compartment in which you can store your credit card.

Review overview

Almost all consumers of Arctic Hunter backpacks like these products, because it combines many positive qualities: simplicity, spaciousness, as well as a low price and a varied assortment. We can say that for this price you will receive an interesting and practical backpack that will not let you down at the right time.

Among similar products, you can find models of the same price / quality ratio, but not exceeding it. The manufacturer tried to make its backpacks affordable and reliable, thanks to which ArcticHunter products are becoming more and more popular in the Russian Federation. If earlier the company did not even have its own website in Russian, now it is, on it you can choose an attractive product, as well as organize delivery to different regions.

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