Levi's shirts for men

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Current models
  3. Dimensions and materials
  4. Selection Tips

No men's wardrobe is complete without shirts. These items of clothing will be needed for both formal and informal occasions. The right shirt is an important element in creating a stylish man's image.


The assortment of the world-famous American brand Levi's includes models of shirts of both classic and sports type.

Classic shirts - strict and restrained - are sewn from finely woven fabrics of white or light shades of neutral colors. Almost always monochromatic, occasionally with a thin stripe of a darker color than the main tone. They are worn under a formal suit and worn with a tie, so rigid inserts are sewn into the collars.

Sports shirts do not have strict rules when designing models. Such shirts are sewn both from thin materials and from dense, rough ones (denim, flannel, chambray). Can be absolutely any color, plain, in a cage, with prints. The collars are soft, without additional inserts, the sleeves are long or short. Levi's produces much more classic shirts of a sports type, since the general direction of the assortment of this brand mainly consists of sports denim type of clothing.

Current models

The company's designers closely follow fashion trends, and fashion designers are constantly updating their assortment. Here are some stylish examples from the Levi's collection of men's shirts.

  • Check flannel shirt with Levi's logo patch. Great everyday option. Material: soft elastic cotton 98%, elastane 2%.
  • Slim fit white shirt with Levi's logo. Wide collar, button placket. Material: 100% light cotton.
  • Levi's Big & Tall cowboy denim shirt. Snap fastening. Material: lightweight denim, 100% cotton.
  • Levi's Sunset 1 shirt with stripes. The sleeves are short, the collar is pointed. Material: linen 55%, lyocell 45%.
  • New in men's wardrobe - Levi's gray oversized shirt with pockets... Wide collar, button fastening. Material: soft twill, 55% lyocell, 45% cotton.
  • Levi's logo denim shirt fitted silhouette, form-fitting cut. Material: denim, 100% cotton.
  • A smart Levi's shirt in a floral print. Turn-down collar, short sleeves. Ideal for your vacation. Material: lightweight cotton 100%.

These are just a few of the diverse assortment of Levi's mens shirts. There are many models in the brand's collections, from which you can always choose the appropriate option for the most discerning man.

Dimensions and materials

Under the Levi's brand, products are produced in almost every possible size. Shirts fit flawlessly both on slender thin men and on people with an impressive build. If a person does not know the exact size, then you can measure the main parameters of the figure with a centimeter tape and determine your clothing size from the table.

According to the value indicated on the label, it is easy to choose a suitable shirt.

Most of the models are made from natural materials - cotton and linen. The disadvantage of such fabrics is strong crease, but models made of 100% cotton fabrics of the highest quality still prevail. The addition of a small amount of synthetics corrects the situation. Most often, fabrics are used, in which synthetics are not more than 5%.

Experts assure that such a quantity of synthetic additives does not in the least reduce the quality of the products, but, on the contrary, improves the appearance.

Selection Tips

When choosing a shirt, the following criteria should be considered:

  • general style of clothing;
  • Lifestyle;
  • features of character and physique;
  • the age of the man;
  • quality of tailoring and materials;
  • combination with other elements of the wardrobe.

For all positions, you should be guided by the advice of stylists, otherwise the most expensive model may look unpresentable and ridiculous.

If there is an opportunity to try on a shirt, then you need to take into account a few simple points.

  • The collar should not be tight or too wide. A buttoned collar should recede from the neck by 1 - 1.5 cm (you can check by putting 2 fingers behind the collar).
  • The length of the sleeves should cover the wrists slightly. If a shirt is chosen for a jacket, then, according to etiquette, the cuffs protrude from the sleeves of the jacket by about 2 cm.
  • For large men, loose-fitting shirts are suitable, for men of athletic build, models of an adjacent cut can be worn.
  • To check the convenience, you need to button up the shirt during fitting, move your hands to the sides, up, down, bend at the elbows. There should be no signs of tightness in the area of ​​the shoulders, back and chest.

    Levi's men's shirts are, as some buyers say, shirts for life. Over a long period of time, socks are not even noticeable signs of wear or discoloration. With proper care, they always look like new.

    Branded products have high prices, but excellent tailoring quality, impeccable cut, practicality and durability justify the cost.

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