Men's haircuts with shaved temples and nape

Men's haircuts with shaved temples and nape
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Who are they suitable for?
  4. Varieties
  5. Laying methods

Everyone knows that men turn to a hairdresser much more often than women, while as a hairstyle they mostly choose the classic styles of haircuts that have already become familiar. At the same time, stylists noticed that over the course of several years, asymmetric forms of men's haircuts, which have a pronounced touch of brutality and even mild aggression, have burst into the number of top trends. In our article we will get acquainted with the names of the most popular hairstyles, dwell on their pros and cons, and talk about the intricacies of choosing styling options.


The times when men cut their hair "under a typewriter" are in the distant past. Nowadays, a stylish hairstyle has become an integral part of the image of any modern representative of the stronger sex who cares about their appearance and strives to keep up with the times. Now the number of men choosing extravagant and creative haircuts for themselves is growing exponentially. This is what explains the wave of popularity of men's hairstyles with a shaved head and trimmed sides.

These hairstyles are a more modern version of the once popular boxing.

A haircut gives professional stylists a lot of room for imagination and creativity - the extent to which the areas of the temples and the back of the head are exposed varies depending on the type of appearance, the age of the man, his style, as well as lifestyle and personal preferences. A hairstyle with short temples and a shaved back of the head suggests a variety of ways of execution: it can be quite short or elongated, even or asymmetrical. Of great interest among young people are styles that involve shaved drawings on the sides.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other haircut, the shaved hairstyle has its advantages and disadvantages.

The pluses include:

  • the ability to choose the optimal model for a haircut from a wide range of similar hairstyles, guided only by your own taste, as well as personal ideas about male beauty and style;
  • exceptional ease of caring for hair after a haircut - such a hairstyle requires a minimum of cleaning agents and time-consuming;
  • neat and at the same time fashionable, quite bright and extremely stylish appearance;
  • fast styling;
  • the ability to change the hairstyle, creating stylish images - all you need to do is change the direction of the bangs, as well as use styling products;
  • correction of imperfect features of appearance;
  • hairstyle allows you to visually "remove" age.

    Among the disadvantages of haircuts are:

    • the hairstyle does not suit overly thin men with a thin and elongated face;
    • shortened temples are not recommended for owners of a large nose, high forehead or overly small facial features - a haircut invariably attracts attention to any flaws in appearance;
    • a hairstyle with a shaved head and short temples always visually lengthens the head, and if its shape is not too proportional, it is better to opt for other styles;
    • the hairstyle is not suitable for overly tall men;
    • shaved temples and the back of the head reveal certain areas of the skin, and if they have scars, inflammations, acne and some other imperfections, it is also better to dwell on other hairstyles;
    • a haircut should not be done for men with blond hair - areas with shortened strands will look like bald patches, they will begin to shine through ugly, giving their owner an unhealthy look.

    Who are they suitable for?

    Styles of haircuts with a shaved temporal region and a nape area emphasize the brutality and charisma of the stronger sex. Absolutely all options for such haircuts invariably look pretty bold and attractive. At the same time, these haircuts are by no means all men, therefore, before deciding on such a radical change in appearance, it is advisable to consult with an experienced stylist or a good hairdresser.

    When choosing a particular hairstyle, several factors need to be taken into account:

    • strand length;
    • head shape;
    • direction of hair growth.

    So, for men with rectangular, round and square face shapes, these hairstyles are suitable - they visually stretch it, and trimmed temples will slightly soften the angularity of square and rectangular faces.

    The choice of haircut varies depending on the length and structure of the hair. Shortened temples are combined with medium or long bangs - on the hair below the shoulders, such hairstyles will look ridiculous.

    Men with thick hair will have haircuts models with long and medium hair on top - the most stylish representatives can braid them or collect them in a tail.

    Owners of curly hair should be preferred asymmetrical hairstyles.

    On coarse hair, such a style as a half-box looks very impressive, especially in tandem with bangs.

    For men with hard strands, varieties of hedgehog hairstyles or army haircuts are suitable, options with a creative pattern look good.

    When choosing a particular haircut it is imperative to take into account the peculiarities of a man's profession and his social status. For example, the option with shaved temples and the back of the head looks harmonious on people of creative professions (designers, singers, stylists and artists). The haircut is also suitable for adolescents, extraordinary personalities who are not afraid to challenge everyone around them and stand out from the crowd. On the contrary, a hairstyle with strands of different lengths will not be entirely appropriate in the guise of a top manager of a large company or a person holding a major public office.

    Men with high social status it is better to give preference to classic models of haircuts with shaved temples - Canadian, boxing, and semi-boxing. They give the representatives of the strong half of humanity more strength, seriousness and masculinity, make the look dynamic and therefore can become a successful stylistic decision.


    A classic of the genre is a shortened haircut model, in which the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head are cut short, and all other strands smoothly merge into each other, rising above the ears. In this case, the longest hair is located in the crown zone.

    Fashion trends suggest a variety of haircut options.

    • Traditional boxing - in this technique, the strands fall in smooth waves into short sections. The style is optimal for men with curly hair.
    • Semi-box - the temples and the back of the head are shaved, and the hair on the crown is cut rather short.
    • Hedgehog - here, medium-length hair is left in the upper part of the head.
    • Area - in this version, a strip of elongated curls remains on the crown, which is tied into a ponytail.
    • Haircut with tattoo effect - such options involve shaving patterns in the temporal region.
    • Asymmetrical haircut - here whiskey is shaved off only from one side.

    A haircut with a shaved head and temples involves not only short strands, men with long hair can also arrange a kind of such a haircut on their head. A very popular option is in which the hair at the crown is collected in a ponytail. This hairstyle has its merits:

    • hair is always collected;
    • in order to remove the strands, it takes very little time;
    • haircuts look stylish and effective.

    For the most daring men, you can offer some more interesting hairstyle options.

    • Grunge - is a variant that creates the effect of elegant casualness. In this case, the temples and the back of the head are shaved, and a high styling is created from the remaining hair, thereby emphasizing the contrast and originality of the haircut. The main rule of this hairstyle is the absence of parting, it is this subtlety that distinguishes grunge from all other types of hairstyles.

    This haircut is often combined with creative coloring of individual strands, for example, with contrasting toning. Another advantage of this model is the ability to create the effect of wet strands, which is achieved by using styling compounds.

    • Hitler Youth- a distinctive feature of a haircut is a short length in the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head, and in the area of ​​the crown, a part of the hair stands out, which seems to hang down from above. The hairstyle can be styled back or sideways, and the most stylish ones fix the strands with varnish vertically upwards. The main advantage of such a haircut is neatness - the slightest mess is not allowed in this image, therefore, it is imperative to use styling products.
    • Undercut - the hairstyle involves elongated strands at the crown and a soft transition from the back of the head to the frontal part. This haircut does not imply a transition from the temples, it is best here to focus on the elongated bangs.
    • For the most creative young people, we recommend the men's haircut. Iroquois... In this version, the shortened occipital and lateral sections are combined with strands of medium length on top, which are laid on top, creating a ridge in the very center of the head. To fix such a hairstyle you need a lot of styling products, the haircut is optimal for parties.

    Laying methods

    No matter how stylish, creative and fashionable a hairstyle may be, in the absence of proper hair care, it will quickly lose its original appearance. Sloppy strands will create an unfavorable impression and will only cause a negative reaction from others. That is why it is very important to keep your head clean and wash at the first sign of grease. This is a simple but most important requirement. The appearance of oily hair should not be allowed.

    In order for the haircut to look neat, it should be regularly adjusted, so the services of a stylist should be consulted as the strand grows.

    Keeping your hair tidy and healthy hair will help all kinds of means to strengthen them: nourishing shampoos and balms, masks and care oils based on herbal ingredients. Such products make hair more manageable, while strong and silky.

    Men usually do not pay special attention to the need to style their hairstyles, nevertheless, an aesthetic appearance, no doubt, will benefit them. To style hairstyles with shortened temples and the back of the head, you can purchase all kinds of styling products - foams, varnishes, as well as gels and mousses.

    However, it is important not to overdo it - you need to take quite a bit of the fixing composition and distribute it as evenly as possible over the strands. To give your hair volume at the roots, you can do a light bouffant - you need to perform these actions as carefully as possible, otherwise you can accidentally damage the roots and even pull out the hairs.

    Alternatively, you can dry the hair on the crown with a hairdryer using a brush or a special nozzle, and fix the resulting styling with varnish.

        Different haircut variations require different styling methods. Long strands require more time and styling support. Maintenance of medium length hair takes much less time, but a short hedgehog requires almost no effort. All that is required of its owner is to keep the head clean and tidy.

        There are many styling methods, which is why every man can always choose the best option that best suits his type of appearance and lifestyle.

        The boxing technique is shown below.

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