Men's sports haircuts: types and selection criteria

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Sports style in men's haircuts is actively gaining popularity today and is used by men of different nature and kind of activity. Among the most important advantages of sports haircuts are: ease of styling, low maintenance requirements and versatility, which allows you to successfully combine such haircuts with any style of clothing. In this article, you will get acquainted with the main types of men's sports haircuts, as well as with the features of their selection for different men.


Men's sports haircuts became popular in the 50s of the twentieth century, it was then that they were used by tennis players, weightlifters and boxers, who, during a game or competition, must simultaneously look dignified and not be distracted by curls falling over their eyes.

Initially, sports haircuts were ultra-short hairstyles with an almost bald head., however, with the spread of such haircuts among ordinary people, varieties with longer curls appeared.

Today, sports options for haircuts are successfully used by all men, regardless of their type of activity, character and chosen bow in clothes.

Among the main features of men's sports haircuts are the following.

  • Minimalism, which implies completeness and simplicity in hair styling. All sporty haircuts look simple but can complement any style.
  • The absence of bangs as such - this is done in order to maximize the man's face, especially if the latter has beautiful and distinct facial features.
  • The main tool in creating men's sports haircuts is precisely the electronic machine, since most of these hairstyles involve shortened or shaved hair on the back of the head and sides.
  • Almost all men's sports haircuts have an increased length in the area of ​​the crown and parietal lobe, while the sides and back of the head are most often trimmed short or even ultra-short. The length of the curls at the crown can vary greatly - from a few millimeters to several centimeters.

Among the key advantages of men's sports haircuts are the following:

  • these are classic haircut options that will always remain in trend and never go out of fashion;
  • among sports haircuts, absolutely every man can find a suitable one for himself - they are universal and will fit into any bow;
  • men with sporty hairstyles do not need to take regular care of their hair (the same applies to styling) - to maintain and correct the appearance of some sports haircuts, you will need to visit a hairdresser every 3 months;
  • to perform basic sports hairstyles, an ordinary machine will be enough, others are done in no more than half an hour.

Popular types

Today there are about 15 sport type haircuts for men. Some of them are used less often and are the author's reflection of the already known classic sports haircuts. Below will be described the features of youth men's sports hairstyles for short hair.

Boxing and semi-boxing

"Fighting" haircuts Is a classic example of men's sports haircuts. It was with them that the trend for a sporty style in creating hairstyles began. The key features of boxing haircuts can be considered ease of styling, no need for adjustments, the most open face.

Boxing haircuts look great on young men under 25 who are into active sports like tennis, martial arts or athletics.

Boxing characterized by ultra-short or shaved sides, shortened curls at the back of the head and slightly increased hair length at the crown - up to 5 cm.In the semi-box, the curls on the head are slightly longer - no more than 7-8 cm. varnish. Often, the curls are lifted with a hairdryer, simply ruffled with wax or gel and fixed with fixing agents. There are no bangs in the case of these hairstyles - it fits together with the hair on the crown.

Under zero

It is recommended to use hairstyles and haircuts bald or under zero only for men with beautiful oval faces or with a "square" face. If this haircut is worn by a young man with a heavy chin, wide forehead or ugly cheekbones, all these imperfections will become even more noticeable. Zero is ideal for balding men.

The key function of a zero hairstyle is to give a man more masculinity and brutality. This hairstyle does not need any styling, but it does require regular visits to the hairdresser to remove the sprouting hairline.

Usually, a standard electric clipper is used to perform a zero-cut haircut., which removes hair on the head from the forehead to the crown, after which the temporal lobes and the occiput are treated.

Another plus of a shaved bald head is the possibility of self-haircut - with enough patience, even a novice hairdresser can do such a sporty hairstyle at home.


Another versatile sports haircut that will suit absolutely any man is the hedgehog hairstyle. The main feature of this hairstyle is the curls raised in different directions at the crown. Often, curls in such a haircut are treated with varnish or gel - to create a natural shine effect. The advantage of a hedgehog haircut is the presence of feigned negligence, due to which almost any hair styling in such a hairstyle will look good.

The bangs in the case of a hedgehog can fit together with the entire head of hair or slightly stand out in length against the background of the rest of the hair.

The hedgehog looks most effective in the bow of men with an oval or round face, but for the owners of triangular and diamond-shaped faces, it is better to stay on options for a hedgehog with more voluminous temples.


This is perhaps the most controversial men's sports haircut. The beaver is characterized by ultra-short sides and the back of the head, as well as voluminous and raised curls on the crown, during the laying of which a semblance of a flat platform is formed on the crown. Like all sports hairstyles, the beaver completely opens the face and can visually stretch it, which will definitely be useful for men with round and triangular faces.

Styling a beaver takes about 20 minutes a day and requires a regular massage comb, gel and nail polish to set it in place. Unlike the hedgehog, the beaver's hairstyle is more straight and complete - there is no carelessness or fuzzy lines. Moreover, in a beaver, the hair on the sides is shorter than in a hedgehog.


Military type haircuts appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century in America. Initially, it was the military who wore them, but over time, such hairstyles have spread among ordinary men. Outwardly, military-type hairstyles are very reminiscent of boxing, but in the latter, whiskey is cut with scissors, but in military, whiskey is shaved off with a zero nozzle. Like other sports men's haircuts, a military haircut does not need painstaking care and does not require daily styling. Some men use styling gel to give their military curls a natural shine.


Among sports haircuts for short curls, the Caesar hairstyle occupies a special place - this is one of the trendy men's hairstyles in the current season. Caesar is characterized by ultra-short temples, slightly elongated hair at the crown and a well-defined bangs on the forehead. This hairstyle looks perfect on men with oval and square faces. - she emphasizes the strong-willed chin, beautiful cheekbones and strongly emphasizes the eyes. Caesar does not require special styling, but it needs regular adjustments to the bangs line.


As it is not difficult to guess, the tennis hairstyle was the first to be worn by athletes who played tennis, and a little later this haircut began to be actively used by ordinary men. Tennis brings together a whole group of sports haircuts, which are characterized by short hair at the temples with a smooth transition to elongated hair at the crown, raised in the forehead.

With the right approach, tennis can go with any style of dress and any look.

How to choose?

Despite the fact that sports haircuts are considered classic and versatile hairstyles, they can more or less look good in the bow of different men. Before deciding on a particular sporty hairstyle, you need to be sure that such a haircut will suit your image. The recommendations below will help you choose a stylish sporty hairstyle. The main criteria for choosing a sports haircut will, of course, relate to your face type and hair structure.

Selection by face contour

  • The best option for a sports haircut would be for men with an oval or square face... In this case, the haircut will be able to emphasize a beautiful chin, clear cheekbones, even eyebrows and will make a bright accent on the man's eyes. For men with an oval face of these types, absolutely all types of sports haircuts are suitable.
  • The main problem of men with a triangular and diamond-shaped face - Pointed chin and wide forehead. In this case, the best solution would be sports haircuts with minimally raised hair at the crown and raised bangs. Avoid voluminous hairstyles with straight cut bangs - this will further stretch the face and enlarge the forehead. Close attention should also be paid here to a sharp chin, which can be visually smoothed out with smooth oblique lines of curls at the crown. But options like a hedgehog are contraindicated here.
  • For owners of round faces you need to focus on variations of sports haircuts with a voluminous crown and ultra-short temples - this technique will visually stretch the face and give it a more regular shape. In the case of round faces, you should abandon short haircuts with equal hair length on the temples, back of the head and crown - this will further round the oval of the face.

Sporty short hairstyles are very popular with balding men. Haircuts like these help mask falling or thinning hair.

Hair structure

If we talk about the selection of a sports haircut based on the structure of the hair, then here, too, has its own characteristics.

  • Soft, thick and manageable hair will look harmonious in any sporty haircut - it is easy to give such curls a natural volume or a standing shape.
  • For curly and curly hair, you need to choose extremely short hairstyles with short temples and an elongated crown no more than 5-6 cm thick.Curly hair will be very difficult to style, and therefore you should abandon sports hairstyles that require smoothly combed hair (for example, as in beaver haircut).
  • Coarse and sparse hair will fit perfectly into sports hairstyles like tennis, hedgehog or half-box, which involve short temples, as well as raised and sloppy hair at the crown.

    As for the shade of the hair, sports haircuts can be perfectly combined with both light and dark hair.The only difference is a sharp transition from hair length between shaved temples and an elongated crown (as in a Caesar hairstyle) looks more impressive with dark or black hair.

    Additional selection factors

    • Age. As already mentioned, sports haircuts are suitable for men of any age, however, here it should be borne in mind that the same hedgehog or Caesar may look inappropriate on older men. For older men, it is best to opt for classic sports haircuts, which will need rare care and adjustments.
    • Defects. When choosing a hairstyle in a sporty style, you need to focus not only on the shape of your face, but also on the condition of your skin. For example, sports hairstyles with voluminous bangs can mask scars and rashes on the forehead or age spots on the crown, but with ultra-short hairstyles, you need to prepare for the fact that your crown will be in plain sight.
    • Profession. From the point of view of the type of activity, sports hairstyles can be suitable for any man, however, here one should not forget about the compatibility of some professions with the appearance of the hairstyle.

    So, with a business style in clothes, a careless and sloppy hedgehog is unlikely to be combined.

    Beautiful examples

    Below are interesting and stylish examples of the use of sports haircuts in different designs on men with different characters, professions and face types. Thanks to these examples, you can visually determine for yourself whether a certain hairstyle suits you or not.

    • Here are some successful interpretations of such a classic sporty haircut as boxing... Pay attention to the length of the hair at the crown, it can vary greatly - from a few millimeters to several centimeters.
    • Caesar haircut - this is not only a beautiful, but also an incredibly fashionable version of a sports hairstyle, which is actively used today by a huge number of men. The main feature of the haircut is the clear boundaries of the short bangs and a smooth transition to short temples.
    • Bobrik - an ambiguous, but quite stylish man's hairstyle that can look good with a square and oval face. The main feature of the hairstyle is the flat area of ​​hair on the crown.
    • Hedgehog - the freest sports haircut from the point of view of styling, its main feature can be considered as raised in an arbitrary order, as well as short temples.
    • Under zero - a great option for serious and confident men, as well as for men with thinning or falling hair. This hairstyle looks best in a formal style on men with a regular oval or square face.

    For how a men's sports haircut is performed step by step, see the next video.

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