Men's hairstyles with a braid: popular options and tips for choosing

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Who are they going to?
  3. Fashion options
  4. Beautiful examples
  5. How to braid?

Modern men undoubtedly follow trends and pay great attention to their appearance. An unusual haircut is considered an original "trick" at all times. Men's hairstyles with a braid are gaining more and more popularity among handsome men of different ages. Unusual styling will definitely attract admiring glances of the opposite sex.


It is generally accepted that a long braid is an exclusively feminine "decoration". However, weaving has been popular with men since ancient times. Moreover a man's hairstyle with a pigtail today is considered traditional among followers of a particular religion (for example, among Buddhists)... According to historical information, the popularity of long men's hairstyles began to grow in the second half of the last century, in the era of hippies. Most often, representatives of this subculture wore their hair loose or did partial braiding. Over time, the male braid has become an addition to short haircuts or acted as a spectacular "feature" on medium length hair.

For many men, this hairstyle is a way of expressing individuality. And also, most fashionistas choose spectacular styling for the sake of the desire to always remain in trend.

Today, a man with a beard and a French braid is unlikely to attract judgmental glances. On the contrary, the original appearance will characterize him as a free, creative person.

Who are they going to?

When choosing one or another styling with weaving, a man should take into account his type and the quality of his hair. Naturally, a tight braid is contraindicated for owners of thin, sparse hair. In addition, men with an expressive "aquiline" nose should also refuse such a hairstyle.

Stylists claim that braiding on men's hair visually "opens" the face, thereby exposing flaws... Thus, braid hairstyles are best suited for guys with an oval face shape, neat ears and expressive eyes. Don't forget about your skin condition. When braiding pigtails, keep in mind that all problem areas will be visible.

As for the age, the weaving does not have any restrictions. However, braids look best on young guys and men under 40.

Fashion options

The modern beauty industry offers different options for men's braided hairstyles: with a French charm or a Viking style. The most common are braids and dreadlocks.

Braids (French or boxing braids). It is a kind of tight African braids (all over the head). To give the image brightness, artificial fibers - kanekalon - are woven into the strands. Moreover, their shade should correspond to the natural color of the hair. Braids are most often chosen by professional boxers, since the weaving retains a presentable appearance for a long time. Naturally, braids require careful maintenance. It is necessary to periodically wash your hair with a special shampoo (once every 14 days). In addition to athletes, creative young people love this hairstyle. They often choose weaving in different directions, creating patterns and beautiful ornaments. Making boxing braids requires the hand of a professional.

Dreadlocks. This option belongs to one of the types of Afrokos. Suitable for long to medium hair. Outwardly, dreadlocks resemble cylindrical or round mats. To add volume, many craftsmen also use synthetic kanekalon material, which is very similar to natural strands.Only a professional craftsman can create spectacular dreadlocks. As a rule, the hairdresser divides the man's hair into zones, collects it in bunches, and then brushes it (from the ends to the hairline). Like braids, mats require maintenance. Cleansing the head with Afrokos should not occur more than 3 times a month.

Note that natural dreadlocks are considered "dangerous", since there is a high probability that it will not be possible to untangle the tangles. Most often, men choose dreadlocks made from artificial fibers. "Safe" mats are attached to your own hair using special hooks. It is very easy to get rid of this hairstyle at any time.

Apart from these hairstyles, there are several options for braids.

On the back of the head. This option is characterized by the presence of short strands on the crown and temporal parts, and an elongated strand remains behind, which is braided into a braid. This hairstyle looks quite extravagant and unusual. Athletes (soccer players, runners, and swimmers) love to braid the thin braid. Thus, they fix their hair when taking part in competitions.

On the side. It is usually braided in medium length hair. It is important to fix the weaving with a thin hair clip and varnish it with a strong hold. The side weave looks very creative and unusual. This styling is relevant for young guys. It is very easy to unravel such a braid.

"Spikelet". Many men are afraid that this hairstyle will "kill" their masculinity. For such cases, stylists are advised to combine a French braid with a neat beard. A short haircut with an elongated central strand that is combed back and braided into a "spikelet" is considered a stylish option.

Beautiful examples

Brave guys complement the original weaving with bright elastic bands and headscarves. Partially colored strands look no less impressive.

For example, a French braid is braided over highlighted elongated bangs.

And also African braids are decorated with all kinds of bright laces, ribbons and threads. Some men paint a partial weave with dye varnish or crayons.

Don't forget about the bangs. It can be woven into the "main" braid or left as a separate "stroke" in the image.

How to braid?

Men's hairstyles with a braid do not always require the hand of a professional master. For example, braiding long, medium and short hair can be done at home.

Weaving technique on the hair of the maximum length:

  • thoroughly comb clean hair and apply foam;
  • comb the hair back, and start weaving (from the back of the head);
  • We "lead" the braid to the very ends, fix it with an elastic band.

Braiding looks more interesting on short to medium hair. So let's get started:

  • wash your hair thoroughly and dry it slightly with a hair dryer;
  • apply a little mousse to wet hair and highlight the central strand;
  • comb it back and start weaving a "spikelet", adding hair from the side parts to the main braid;
  • We fix the French braid with a bright elastic band, cover the entire hair with varnish.

As for African braids, it is advisable to entrust their creation to a hairdresser. However, weaving can still be done independently. The process is quite painstaking. You will need:

  • thin comb;
  • a set of silicone rubber bands;
  • styling products (gel or wax).

Divide clean hair into zones (braiding will go horizontally: from ear to ear). Apply a small amount of wax to the front strand, then begin to weave a tight, thin pigtail. By analogy, we create afrokos all over the head. We fix them with rubber bands.

Partial weaving will look no less impressive. To do this, it is enough to apply a strong hold gel to clean hair and highlight the central strand. Braid a wide French braid and secure with a thick elastic band. Cover the hair with varnish. To give the image extravagance, shave off the rest of the hair.

A lesson on weaving African braids in the video.

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