Men's haircut half-box with bangs: who is it suitable for and how to do it?

  1. What is it?
  2. Who is it suitable for?
  3. Advantages and disadvantages
  4. How to do it?

In the modern world, appearance plays an important role. Therefore, not only women, but also men attach great importance to their bow. And a stylish haircut plays an important role in creating an image. One of the trends of the season is a half-box hairstyle with bangs. This haircut is versatile and suitable for men of different age categories. But to create a harmonious image, it is necessary to take into account its main features.

What is it?

Such a haircut, as a half-box with bangs, opens up the face high, emphasizing the cheekbones and the shape of the man's chin. The hair on the sides and in the back of the head is shaved short, followed by lengthening towards the crown and bangs. The large length of the strands at the top of the head gives the owner of the hairstyle more freedom in styling methods. There are several main varieties of it:

  • with a parting;
  • with bangs forward;
  • with a comb back;
  • tousled hair;
  • with hair on one side.

The choice of the option depends on the features of the structure of the face and head. An experienced hairdresser can help you choose the right type. But there are also main points by which you can navigate on your own.

Who is it suitable for?

Hairdressers classify half-boxing with bangs as the classic version of men's hairstyle, since the haircut has a minimum of restrictions. It will look great on the stronger sex with square features and wide cheekbones. In this case, a half-box with bangs helps to emphasize the strength and volitional qualities of a man. Also, this haircut is suitable for owners of an oval face and round head outlines.

With its help, you can hide small imperfections in the form of scars or irregularities in the upper part of the head. Long bangs, laid in the right direction, will do an excellent job of this task.

But this hairstyle has some contraindications. So, it is not recommended to choose a semi-box with bangs for owners of a narrow face... A haircut will make this shape even longer and narrower. However, there may be exceptions here, which depend on the personal characteristics of the man's appearance and the skill of the hairdresser.

When choosing a hairstyle, image and style experts also recommend taking into account the peculiarities of the figure. From this point of view, a half-box with bangs should be done by people with a strong physique and not very tall.

In this case, such a haircut will help create the impression of a more elongated and taller silhouette. Another criterion when choosing a hairstyle is the type of activity. Despite the fact that at present in many professions creativity and freedom in appearance are welcomed, nevertheless, a half-box with bangs is more suitable for men with a work of a sports, physical orientation.

Advantages and disadvantages

A haircut such as a half-box with bangs has a large number of advantages. The main ones include:

  • versatility in the selection of clothes;
  • the ability to look younger;
  • ease of styling;
  • the ability to "discipline" curls;
  • trendiness;
  • a chance to stand out from the crowd due to individual changes in the haircut.

A hairstyle such as a half-box with bangs can easily complement both the business bow of the creative director and the tracksuit of a fitness or boxing trainer. In addition, it will help men after 40 to look younger, more modern and more interesting. Considering the length of the haircut, styling it does not take a lot of time, while allowing you to look stylish all day long, as well as during the evening without additional effort. In addition, given the short length of hair on most of the head, the half-box with bangs makes it easier to style even curly hair, and also helps to remove excess volume.

On the advice of a hairdresser or based on your own preferences, you can add an element of individuality to such a haircut in the form of shaved patterns on the temples and the back of the head, as well as an unusual line of bangs. This approach will add uniqueness and mystery to any image and increase interest in a man of the opposite sex. But this hairstyle also has disadvantages, which should include incomplete versatility. So, a half-box with bangs makes the face more elongated, which is not suitable for men with elongated features... The same applies to those representatives of the stronger sex who are tall.

In addition, such a haircut still has to be styled daily. Not everyone has enough time for this procedure, especially on weekdays.

How to do it?

To get the perfect look, it is better to turn to a professional in the salon. However, if necessary, it is also possible to independently perform a half-box haircut. This requires a minimum set of tools. Namely:

  • electric hair clipper with a set of attachments;
  • hairdressing scissors (straight);
  • thinning scissors;
  • ordinary hairbrush;
  • a cape or towel.

Before cutting, you must thoroughly wash and dry your hair. Next, using a comb (if the hair is quite long) or by eye, you need to draw a line from one tip of the ear to the other through the back of the head. From the very bottom to this line, the haircut is done with a clipper with a 3 mm (4 mm) nozzle. Here the hair will have a minimum length. It must be remembered that in the process of cutting on the temporal part of the head, the clipper must be held at an angle of 45 degrees.

Then you can go to cutting the hair on the crown and bangs.... The procedure is performed with scissors and a comb. The length of the strands can vary depending on personal preference. But usually it is from 5 to 8 cm. If desired, the bangs can be made longer.

Finish the haircut by treating the ends of the long section of the hair with thinning scissors. This gives the haircut a lightness and naturalness.

But you can't talk about the haircut process and not mention the possible options for styling a half-box with bangs. The styling method depends not only on the taste and the desired look, but also on the length of the bangs. It is better to lay an elongated bang on one side or comb it back. Any of these options will look great with a business suit. The shorter one can be combed forward. This will not only look fashionable, but will also allow you to hide small wrinkles on the forehead, if any.

For those who do not have enough time for styling, we can recommend a simpler and more perky option in the form of carelessly tousled hair. To do this, simply ruffle the bangs slightly, and the hairstyle is ready. For long-term fixation, the strands can be lightly sprinkled with varnish. Half-box with bangs - a simple and fashionable haircut. It will be a great addition to a masculine bow and will help hide some of the imperfections in appearance. And the ease of maintenance will save time for both work and play.

For information on how to perform a men's half-box haircut with bangs, see the next video.

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