Men's polka haircut: who suits, how to create and style?

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Who is it for?
  3. The hairstyle process
  4. Styling options

Men's polka hairstyle has been popular for many years, has not lost its relevance today. Its modern interpretation is a well-groomed image that looks original and effective both in everyday and in a festive, business setting.


Due to the fact that the cutting technology is extremely simple, it is often used by young people who find it difficult to part with long hair. The hairstyle features long strands of bangs and tops, which create a certain style in combination with cropped hair at the back of the head.

It should be admitted that most of all, this style is suitable for lush and thick hair. Also, the classic version looks good in combination with the hair left on the temporal region, while the sideburns and curls on the crown of the head can be of the same length, which is important for a stylish look.

The traditional hairstyle provides for the alignment of the temporal hair along the length of the bangs - it depends on whether the ears are closed or half open. When creating a classic polka, the triangular edging of the bangs is also important, or as the masters call it “in the form of a cape”. And this is just one of the types of this haircut.

There are other forms as well.

  • Ultra short hairstyle - andekart, combining a long tip and a shaved nape. It should be noted right away that this style is not always amenable to styling, especially if the hair is not soft.
  • The English version is the most common. The haircut is carried out by means of a typewriter, while the hair of the temples and the occipital sector is removed to zero. Long strands are characteristic only for bangs, it can be "put" with a special foam or combed on the side, possibly back.
  • Interesting and Canadian - This is a model with elongated strands on the top of the head, shortened temples and the back of the head. It requires styling, but it assumes different options for it. In general, successful men choose this hairstyle, to whom it gives a special gloss and chic.

Men's polka haircut is suitable for most men, moreover, even with minimal hairdresser's skills, you can do it yourself at home.

Who is it for?

The popular hairstyle is considered universal, but it looks especially impressive in men with a rounded face. It should be understood that a shortened nape and temples will make perfect even a face with irregular geometry, for example, a heavy square jaw. In general, a haircut has the ability to brighten up, soften any sharp features, rough shapes and contours - chin, cheekbones, nose.

With a narrow, elongated chin, you should also pay attention to this style - a carelessly hanging bang will visually reduce its size and look stylish.

A relative disadvantage of the hairstyle can be considered the fact that the owners of round faces can look boyish with it.

But on the other hand, a haircut has many advantages if there are problems such as gray hair, areas with sparse vegetation, as well as an irregular skull shape.

An additional plus is a certain neatness and severity inherent in a business style, which makes a haircut relevant for men whose professional activities are related to visiting the office... The fact that polka is equally well suited to both young men and more mature age.

The hairstyle process

For work, the master will need a metal comb, a machine and thinning scissors.

A haircut is created in several stages.

  • With the help of shading, strands are cut from the back of the head - so the transition from long hair to short hair will be smooth and invisible.
  • Gradually increasing the length, you should cut the hair on the temporal part in the same way.
  • On the crown of the head, the curls are separated by horizontal parting, a perpendicular guy is made, after which a haircut is performed using the "on the fingers" method. After this procedure, a length of 3-4 cm should remain.
  • The back of the head and temples need to be processed with a typewriter - the edging is aimed at obtaining a shorter border of hair along the contour of the hairstyle.
  • After that, the master usually trims, removes the hairs that are knocked out of the total trimmed mass of hair; for this, a machine is used without the use of attachments.

You will have to maintain this shape constantly, in addition, some polka models involve styling your hair after shampooing.

Styling options

An important requirement on the fulfillment of which the effectiveness of the hairstyle depends is clean hair.... Also, some haircuts require styling. The procedure is carried out with a hairdryer, but the hair must first be treated with a special gel, mousse or foam, which will help maintain the ideal shape of the haircut for a long time.

If a man has an oval face with a beautiful forehead, he can simply comb his hair back - that's enough to create a perfect and vibrant look.

      In other cases, you can choose from different styling variations.

      • Young people can use a sporty style - for this, the bangs are raised, fixing with gel, and, if necessary, with an additional layer of hairspray, if they are soft.
      • A modern option for a brutal masculine look is casual creative randomness using a special spray.
      • You can also style your hair depending on the parting, which is done in the center, left and right.

      Usually, a well-done haircut does not cause hassle with styling, and a minimum of effort is needed to give the hair the desired direction and shape.

      See below for a master class on the "Polka" haircut.

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