Men's haircut under the pot: features, pros and cons, styling

  1. Origin
  2. Haircut types
  3. Peculiarities
  4. Styling

Fashion is very changeable. This applies to everything: lifestyle, home, family and, of course, appearance. Appearance is the apotheosis of the fashion industry, there are no frames and boundaries. There is also no limit to imagination in men's hairstyles. Men create crazy hairstyles and dye their hair unrealistic colors. But we will focus on a model haircut for a pot, which has historical roots, and it is quite decent, not pretending to be particularly extravagant.


The haircut appeared in the 17th century, but then it was of a household nature. In Russia, men wore long and thick beards and long hair. However, this was impractical, it was necessary to somehow solve the problem. So the idea came to put on the most ordinary pot on your head and cut off everything that stuck out below the edge of the pot itself. The result was a relatively straight and neat hairstyle. Later, the haircut became very popular, which it remains to this day.

Haircut types

To modern times, a haircut under a pot has undergone many changes. And, of course, no one has put a pot on their heads for a long time. Let's take a look at some of the variations of this hairstyle.

  • Smooth transition. The principle of this haircut is the visual absence of transitions. All transitions from one length to another are so smooth that they are difficult to see. Various methods of styling such a haircut are possible, and the elongated bangs can be laid both forward and backward, and to the side. Perfect for young people with soft features and good looks. The master tries to smooth out the transitions between the lengths as much as possible, creating perfect spherical shapes. This type of haircut is mainly performed on thin, without volume and straight hair - due to the graduation of the strands, the volume increases, which creates an image with a touch of romance.
  • Clear transition... The main part is cut clearly and evenly - at the same length - around the circumference of the head. The neck is shaved bald or very short hair is left. The silhouette is symmetrical. Men, whom nature has awarded with thick, coarse and straight hair, will look most advantageous with a haircut under a pot with a clear transition of lengths. The main condition is that the hair should be straight and have a natural volume. A haircut is very suitable for them, as it emphasizes not only the external features of the face, but also character traits.

Young people with a stubborn, strong-willed character who strive to stand out and look special can decide to do such a hairstyle.

  • Double transition. It is carried out in 3 stages. The main part is clipped to the length of the lower part of the ear, the second part (crown) - to the beginning of the ear. Then the neck area is shaved. The hairstyle turns out to be voluminous, but at the same time it looks airy. For men with thin and thin hair, such a haircut is a real find, as it gives more volume. It gives a touch of infantilism and youth, mystery and brutality.
  • Multilayer... This haircut is suitable for men with curly hair. It looks casual, but it always attracts attention. A haircut for medium and long hair can be multi-layered if a man has very curly curly curls. The multi-layer technique of cutting strands allows you to balance the volume of lush hair.

This allows you to achieve a soft, rounded hairstyle.

  • Asymmetry. The difference between this haircut is in oblique lines and uneven hair length. They are usually shorter at the back of the head, and longer towards the face. The bangs are pointed, falling down to the forehead.It is necessary to ensure that the hair is smooth, without curls, otherwise the hairstyle looks untidy. If there are any features of the shape of the head (square, elongated oval, diamond-shaped or heart-shaped), this option will hide all the shortcomings.


A haircut under a pot attracts with its simplicity and originality. However, it has its pros and cons.

Clear benefits:

  • suits women and men equally well;
  • ease of care, straight thick hair is enough to comb, and on naughty ones, apply a small amount of mousse or gel;
  • outwardly reduces age and rejuvenates;
  • suitable for any hair structure, thin hair will help to acquire volume, and thick hair to facilitate haircut;
  • looks attractive on curly and unruly hair, which not every haircut gives;
  • available for any age;
  • as it grows, you can change the haircut option.

The disadvantages include:

  • the need to constantly correct - when the hair grows back, the hairstyle loses its previous neatness;
  • emphasizing some of the shortcomings - a haircut highlights external features (the shape of the nose, chin, face oval);
  • difficulties in styling with curly hair - curls and vortices have to be constantly smoothed out with the help of cosmetics.


A haircut for a pot, in any of its variants, requires styling and maintenance to maintain perfect shape. In the classic version, there are no particular difficulties. You just need to wash your hair, dry it slightly with a towel. After that, use a hair dryer and a round comb to style the strands. You can also use a hair tong and pull out the curls, twisting them inward a little.

For the rest of the options for this haircut, you will need various styling products. Curly hair can be styled with a "wet effect". A special wax or gel is applied to the dried hair. The hairstyle is disassembled into strands and fixed until the product is completely dry. In this case, it is possible to use a hair straightener, only the strands are wound in different directions.

An extended haircut fits both perfectly evenly and chaotically. After washing the head, foam or mousse is immediately applied. Dry with a hairdryer if desired. For the best effect, a retainer is additionally used so that the hairstyle remains in perfect condition and does not crumble.

The range of styling products for men is huge and varied. It is worth paying close attention to the selection of hair cosmetics. Indeed, in the case of the wrong choice, there is a risk of severely damaging the hair, or even losing it altogether. It is worth paying attention to the stiffness, structure and even color of the hair. And also decide what effect you need to achieve... Different degrees of fixation of hair products will give your hair the look you want.

A men's haircut under a pot is a volume in the area of ​​the crown and crown with a sharp or smooth transition to the neck and sides. Speaking about this haircut, it is worth noting that in this case there is an emphasis on the character of the man. If this is a kind, original person with a rich inner world, then a haircut will become his highlight, as it emphasizes individuality. On the contrary, for a man who wants to stand out, but does not understand why he is doing it, the hairstyle will look inharmonious.

Therefore, it is better to approach the choice of a courageous and bright image carefully, assessing the advantages and disadvantages of appearance, and then make the right choice.

For information on how to trim a child under the pot, see the next video.

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