Men's hairstyles for an oval face: types and tips for choosing

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The life of a modern person is a daily maelstrom of events and constant contact with a large number of people who appreciate not only the intellectual abilities of the interlocutor, but also his appearance. In order to be successful and in demand in various fields of activity today, not only women, but also men should visit beauty salons and fashion boutiques. The male arsenal of style tricks consists of a much smaller number of tools than the female one, so young people pay special attention to the choice of clothes and hairstyles, the shape of which directly depends on the type of face.

Stylists consider the most successful male face shape to be oval, for which a large number of stylish and modern hairstyles are suitable. This feature applies only to persons who have an ideal oval, but most people have their own individual characteristics, which must be paid attention to.


The oval face shape is the most successful type of appearance, for which it is easiest to choose a haircut. In life, there are a very small number of people who have ideal facial features. Almost every man has his own individual characteristics, which must be emphasized or hidden with the help of hairstyles. The most common disadvantages of this type of face are the following:

  • low forehead;
  • heavy chin area;
  • elongated nose;
  • bulging cheekbones;
  • oblong facial features.

Ways to correct them:

  • massive cheekbones require temples of medium length;
  • volumetric cheekbones of the correct shape can be emphasized with a volumetric haircut;
  • elongated facial features look spectacular with short hairstyles that do not have edging and straight lines, you also need to avoid a sharp drop in the length of the curls;
  • the lowered forehead area can be hidden behind elongated bangs and a fluffy haircut;
  • an asymmetrical elongated nose can be harmoniously complemented with voluminous strands and massive bangs;
  • in the presence of a massive and weighted chin, it is better to leave an average length of hair, the lower line of which should run above or below it;
  • protruding auricles and chubby cheeks can be hidden behind curls of medium length, which must be healthy and free from signs of alopecia and seborrhea.


To create the perfect look, taking into account all the features of the face, stylists can use a huge number of men's hairstyles. Experts recommend paying attention to the following list of haircuts.

  • Creative. The presence of lateral ragged forms, elongated occiput, asymmetry all over the head. Scope - creating youth images and correcting faces with rough features.
  • Bob Kare. The presence of medium curls running all over the head. This haircut has a universal purpose and can be used for both a classic look and a sporty one.
  • Asymmetrical square. The presence of bangs of an irregular shape. The combination with a beautiful beard makes the image more brutal and masculine.

Short hairstyles are especially popular with the stronger sex, which have a number of advantages:

  • the need for a minimum amount of time for leaving;
  • ease of installation;
  • effective and stylish appearance;
  • harmonious combination with any image;
  • lack of discomfort in the summer.

The main models of men's short haircuts for an oval face.

  • Boxing. A universal model that implies several stylistic directions.The main difference between these options is the shape of the edging, which can have regular bends or be asymmetrical. To create an image, experts use not only scissors, but also a typewriter. This haircut may have bangs, but it is categorically not suitable for owners of curly hairstyles.
  • Half box. Stylish haircut, which has common features with boxing, but implies the presence of hair up to 10 cm long on the crown. A voluminous crown implies the possibility of creating different styling.

The disadvantage is the need for daily styling and frequent shampooing, frequent adjustments.

  • Area. A haircut, which consists of a short area of ​​the temples and a platform at the crown. This image can only be afforded by owners of thick and coarse hair. This haircut should not be used by owners of curly and soft curls.
  • Tomboy. A hairstyle that has asymmetrical or straight ends. Both short and long bangs are acceptable in it.
  • Bean. A youthful hairstyle, a feature of which are long strands falling in the forehead and temples, and the lack of volume at the crown.
  • Undercut - a complex, but very effective model, which implies the presence of short hair in the area of ​​the temples and long curls at the crown. A distinctive feature is the lack of a smooth transition. Disadvantages - the impossibility of creating on curly hair, the need for daily care and styling. Advantages - harmonious combination with any image, the ability to create various styling options.
  • Hedgehog. A hairstyle with a very short nape and longer hair at the crown, which is chosen by young and active men. A distinctive feature is the presence of soft, even and smooth transitions. This model draws out oval shapes and favorably emphasizes their relief. When creating an image, you can not only mill the strands, but also highlight them.
  • Iroquois. A haircut that best suits an informal look. A distinctive feature is the shaved temples and the presence of a strip of long hair extending from the forehead to the back of the head. To create a spectacular look, the hair comb must be styled with fixing agents or dyed in different tones.

Owners of curly hair and an oval face should use a special type of haircut - a cascade, as well as thinning strands.

How to choose?

A change of style is a responsible event that shapes not only a person's mood, but also the opinion of others about him. The choice of a new image depends on the following parameters:

  • type of professional activity;
  • hair density;
  • the presence of problem hair areas;
  • individual features of the structure of the face.

Before you go to the hairdresser for a new look, you need to focus on the following parameters of the chosen hairstyle.

  • The presence and absence of bangs. Models with long curls in the forehead area require more attention and regular length adjustments.
  • Planned hair length. Long strands are more demanding to care for.
  • The presence of straight or asymmetrical lines that will have a direct impact on a man's style.

For owners of an elongated face, experts recommend using bangs in the image, which will help create proportional balance and visually reduce the length of the face. Despite the initial simplicity and carelessness of the lines, this option will take time and effort to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the haircut.

Business people with a busy schedule should give preference to classic models that remain always relevant and do not require a lot of time to leave. This image will suit both young guys and respectable businessmen.

Owners of the correct facial features and average fullness of cheeks can opt for elongated models that are especially suitable for young romantic people.Choosing this model, you need to understand that long hair requires constant care and washing. It is unacceptable to go out with greasy and dirty strands.

Subtleties of wearing long hair for men:

  • the obligatory combination of long hair with bangs, which can be of various lengths and shapes;
  • hair styling in light wavy curls;
  • applying light curling to create volume on straight hair;
  • creating a spectacular image using highlighting and coloring;
  • to give the correct and neat shape to tough and unruly strands, it is imperative to cut the ends.

In recent years, elongated haircuts, which have a small volume, have been in particular demand. To achieve this effect, hairdressers thin out all long strands.

In order to hide a high forehead, many hairdressers recommend using graduated bangs that can hide the frontal bone as much as possible. This technique can be used not only on straight hair, but also on curly hair.

If you have a high forehead, you should avoid long tails and braids, which will create additional unnecessary height.

Almost all men's haircuts for an oval face look harmoniously not only on adult men, but also on babies and adolescents who want to be like their fathers.

Almost all hairstyles can be complemented with an interesting and unusual geometric pattern that will make the image unique and individual. Owners of short hairstyles can afford graphic images of various shapes and sizes, but with long curls they will have to limit themselves to only small patterns near the temples. Specialists use special scissors and razors to create images.

The main disadvantage of shaved designs is the rapid disappearance of the pattern and the need for frequent repetition of the procedure.

The world of modern fashion is very multifaceted and diverse. Stylists and designers are constantly working on finding new ideas and creating unique looks. A few years ago, visitors to beauty salons were the fairer sex, but in recent years this trend has changed a lot. Modern guys pay no less attention to their appearance than girls. To create a stylish image that would become a reflection of a man's inner world, it is not enough to choose the right clothes, you must also choose the type of hairstyle correctly. The shape of the haircut should correspond not only to the lifestyle, but also to the shape of the face. The largest selection of haircuts is for those with an oval face shape. Despite this trend, the individual characteristics of each personality have a direct impact on the hairstyle model.

For information on how to choose a hairstyle for an oval face, see the next video.

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