Review of cool men's haircuts and recommendations for their choice

  1. Fashion trends
  2. Style selection
  3. How to choose a haircut?
  4. Short hair models
  5. Actual hairstyles for medium and long strands

Hairstyles for men, although they do not differ in the same variety as women, nevertheless give enough scope for imagination and choice for every taste, age and social status.

Modern fashion trends are not limited to grooming and tradition. The coolest men's haircuts of the current season combine masculinity, elegance, brevity and naturalness.

Length doesn't really matter. A spectacular haircut can be done on any hair: short, long, medium.

Choosing a hairstyle, even for conservative men who are not prone to frequent image changes, is not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account various factors: style, age, face shape, type of strands. Optimally, a hairstyle should not contradict the image, its purpose is to hide flaws and emphasize advantages.

Fashion trends

There have been no dramatic changes in trends this season. For mature men, stylists recommend wearing classic variations of short haircuts, for young men - not to be creative. In any case, you must first determine the style direction of the image, then make a choice, taking into account the features of the face.

The promising cool hairstyles of this season are conventionally divided into the following types:

  • ultrashort;
  • naturally careless;
  • English classic look;
  • average length.

    Today it is recommended to choose haircuts with an interesting texture, non-trivial, boring variations. In favor of the strands of the falling type, loose styling, comb back.

    There are many ultra-short options - this is a great way to emphasize the expressiveness of the face. Natural styling is the trend of the season, the length can be of any length, but the parting is relevant to the side type.

    If you have curly strands, this is a great way to showcase their effect. If you like stylish haircuts in a traditional style, you should take a closer look at the English varieties, British hairstyles with voluminous tops and shaved temples are a hit of the current year.

    Style selection

    Depending on the lifestyle, status and personal preferences, it is necessary to determine the style direction of the haircut. It is important to take into account your individuality, features of appearance.

    Let's take a look at the most popular styles of the current season.

    • Classic - assumes straight lines, clarity of the silhouette, the length of the strands is not more than 5 cm and not shorter than 3 cm. Such haircuts are laid with parting on the side or back, there are a lot of variations - from boxing and semi-boxing to British, Canadian and others. Fits perfectly into any look.
    • Sports - implies laconic, simple shapes, ultra-short length or leaving the length on the occipital area with full shaving of the bottom and temples. Haircuts are great for an active lifestyle and men of any age.
    • Romantic - here the average length of the strands is optimal, which makes it possible for different styling options; straight or diagonal bangs are also needed. Such hairstyles look better on young men with thick or wavy hair.
    • Military - here the length is usually either short or very short. This style is sloppy, minimal maintenance. Looks great on not too old men.
    • Creative - includes many options with shaving, braids, chaotic styling, mohawks, coloring, asymmetry, uneven bangs. Suitable for people under 30 years old, creative warehouse, not constrained by the framework of an office or business dress code.

    The choice of hairstyle should primarily be based on lifestyle, practicality, age and status of the man.

    The main thing is that all the details, including the haircut, do not cause visual dissonance and are organic. Relying only on fashion and modern trends is fundamentally wrong. In addition, the haircut should be tailored to the face.

    How to choose a haircut?

    The shape of a man's face in harmony is different from that of a woman's. The ideal face type of any man is not an oval, but a square.

    What you need to consider when choosing a fashionable haircut, in addition to the type:

    • strand color - expressionless shades are unlikely to look good on long hairstyles;
    • structure - clear shapes are not suitable for wavy strands, thin ones - they need additional volume, thick ones - in visual thinning;
    • practicality - if you are not ready to style the strands every day, it is better to prefer options that do not need this kind of care;
    • facial hair - if you have a mustache, beard, or both, the hairstyle must be chosen so that it is combined with them.

    Short hair models

    First of all, these are all variations of traditional hairstyles. Classics are always in fashion, they are appropriate in any look, great for different ages... This demanded type of haircuts is versatile, therefore popular.

    And also this season it is worth paying attention to ultra-short variations of haircuts "for a typewriter", however, here it is necessary to more carefully evaluate the type and features of the face. This haircut flaunts all the flaws.

    Stylists recommend considering several current hairstyle models this season.

    • Tennis - a neat, versatile haircut that demonstrates the style and sophistication of the wearer. Well suited for any age, type of strand, style.
    • Boxing - another classic version of a short haircut. The temples are removed as short as possible, and the top in the occipital zone is lengthened. A brutal, masculine option for independent men.
    • Semi-box - a more versatile look of the previous model, at the same time stylish, status. It looks the same, but in a longer interpretation, a very popular haircut among stars, athletes.
    • Canadian - an original hairstyle that allows you to experiment with styling. Looks good in a romantic, festive or business look. Versatile, looks as stylish as possible, easily done by any master.
    • Hedgehog - belongs to the classics of sports style. The transitions from the temples and the back of the head to the crown are smooth, the haircut is very simple, the care for it is minimal. It exists in different variations - with a small elongation, ultra-short.

    Fits best into the image of a young man.

    • Bobrik - very practical model of ultra-short type, refers to the sporty style. Cut at an angle from the temples to the crown, the bangs are slightly longer than the parietal strands. Looks best on those men who need to visually emphasize masculinity.
    • Sagittarius - very comfortable haircut with straight parting and long bangs, simple but elegant. Suitable for all ages and face types.
    • Military - military-style hairstyles suggest the minimum length of the strands. Such a haircut is clear, strict, comfortable, practical, looks best on men of athletic build.

    Another trend of the season is short haircuts with shaved temples:

    • suitable for lovers of experiments, bold, eccentric men;
    • require frequent correction;
    • emphasize individuality;
    • can be combined with different hairstyles.

      British Is a mega hit of the current year, and in the future it promises to become even more popular. Specific traits:

      • fits into the classic image, versatile, practical;
      • the back of the head is cut short;
      • the upper part remains elongated;
      • makes it possible for different styling options;
      • unlike Canadian, it is performed with scissors;
      • visually stretches the face.

      Actual hairstyles for medium and long strands

      Medium length and longer strands are not as popular as classic haircuts, as the traditional men's haircut in society is considered to be short.

      However, these hairstyles are becoming more and more popular.

      Fashion trends of the season make it possible to choose many hairstyles of different lengths and style them in different ways.


      • performed on both medium and long strands;
      • the back of the head is voluminous due to the cap;
      • bangs, whiskey are made out randomly;
      • strands in front are cut diagonally;
      • gives negligence and sophistication to the image;
      • you need to wash your hair often to look well-groomed;
      • requires styling.


        • suitable for rebels and extravagant men;
        • looks chaotic, disheveled;
        • optimal at a young age;
        • fits perfectly into the styles of casual, rock;
        • with proper installation, it does not contradict the office style;
        • very expressive, noticeable, therefore it is optimal for creative, creative people.


          • side strands are shortened to the maximum, the crown remains elongated;
          • performed on medium strands;
          • fits back combed;
          • the use of styling products is mandatory;
          • suitable only for a certain style, it is necessary to choose the right clothes and accessories.


            • performed on long or medium strands;
            • has a rounded shape;
            • suitable for any structure of strands, but best of all for thin, sparse;
            • very neat, has many modifications from classic to creative.


              • male square is performed on long strands;
              • length varies, but optimally correlates with the line of the cheekbones;
              • it can be with or without bangs;
              • requires careful care and daily styling;
              • ideal for those who want to add softness, romance to the image;
              • can be laid both casually and smoothly.
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