All about men's crop "crop"

  1. A bit of history
  2. Distinctive features
  4. Who is it suitable for?
  5. Haircut scheme
  6. Stylists' secrets
  7. Self styling
  8. Advice
  9. Celebrity Hairstyles

Modernity is characterized by a rapid change in fashion trends. Haircuts that have recently been at the peak of popularity are becoming irrelevant. New fashion trends are replacing, but the stylish trend does not always correspond to individual needs and tastes. Choosing a modern haircut, men prefer comfortable and easy-care. The restrained and stylish crop haircut is considered one of the most popular today.

A bit of history

The Caesar haircut, which became famous thanks to the Roman emperor Julius, is considered to be similar to the crop. The commander had not only a high, but also a balding forehead. He combed the longer upper hairs forward, thus hiding their absence on the forehead.

It is believed that such a haircut appeared in France. More modern variations were recorded at the beginning of the twentieth century in Normandy. The haircut was a success among soldiers and officers in the First World War. In the postwar years, it began to gain mass distribution.

A haircut is considered one of the options. "Pompadour". The peak of popularity was gained among dudes in the United States in the 50s of the twentieth century. The hairstyle has become the hallmark of Elvis Presley - one of the most famous and successful performers of rock and roll.

The modern crop is rooted in British urban culture, it is considered a democratic option that is suitable for any style and appearance.

It was there that the haircut was named "French crop", which indicates the place of its appearance.

Distinctive features

From the original language, "crop" means "cut short", and in fact, in a haircut, most of the hair is cut off. Hair is left only on top, short bangs are combed forward, temples and the back of the head are cut short or shaved. An important difference is considered specific design of the bangs in combination with a voluminous crown.

Haircut length from 3 to 6 cm. She is a prime example of minimalism among modern men's hairstyles. For those with sparse hair, baldness appears in the forehead area, she can hide these imperfections by combing them to the side or forward.

Attracts a haircut by the fact that it is easy to care for it: wash, dry, style. Sports options "boxing" and "half-boxing" are similar to the "crop": both have trimmed sections of the back of the head and temples and relatively long upper hair, bangs. Crop is distinguished from them by softer lines, lack of aggressiveness and refined negligence. Undoubtedly the model attracts the attention of others, and looks extravagant with creative styling.


A hairdresser-stylist can choose a cropped hairstyle suitable for face type and age, hair structure and individual style.

Types of "crop".

  • Smooth. Smoothly trimmed bangs go into the edges of the crown in smooth lines. A discreet classic shape for men with straight and smooth hair. Straight bangs are suitable for an oval or square type of face, asymmetrical bangs will help smooth out the imperfections of an elongated face.
  • Textured (torn). Differs in torn thinning of the bangs and multi-layer strands, cascading overhanging each other. Light randomness and carelessness gives the impression of a natural hairstyle. Bangs can be ragged or straight, they are always wavy and uneven in texture.
  • Mixed... Combines and combines in different ways the two previous varieties.

The execution technique for each type is also different.To create the effect of heterogeneity, the hair is cut at the crown of the head with a ladder, cutting the strands in one or two. As a result, the hair will resemble saw teeth or laid feathers.

For a smooth crown and bangs, carefully cut the edges, shave the hair at the temples and the back of the head. You gotta watch so that the contrast between short hair on the bottom and longer hair does not become harsh.

Decorate bangs in such haircuts in a variety of ways:

  • short straight;
  • asymmetrical;
  • up to the middle of the forehead or longer;
  • torn.

In some versions, a haircut is made with almost no bangs, cutting it very short, so that it becomes invisible.

Who is it suitable for?

It is believed that the haircut is versatile and suitable for people with a square or round face, as well as an oval face. But it will not work at all if the face is elongated or very thin.

Professional stylists are convinced - "French crop" can be adjusted to the oval of the face of any shape, the haircut is harmoniously combined with different male types and perfectly suits any style.

An experienced stylist will correct individual flaws in appearance with a haircut. A very long forehead can be covered with voluminous bangs, and a small one can be opened, making the hair length to a minimum.

Stylists choose the best haircut option, taking into account the features of appearance, according to the following criteria:

  • with a round face it is recommended to make the area between the crown and the cropped back of the head wider, do not shave the hair from the sides;
  • for a square face a standard uniform haircut with a slight transition from the temples and nape of the head is ideal;
  • for a triangular face shave off the whiskey and part of the hair from the crown, leaving very little on top.

    The haircut will be ideal for slender men with symmetrical and regular features.

    A haircut can be done on any type of hair - thin and thick, smooth and curly... Sparse hair in this type of haircut becomes invisible, and very thick hair can be cut so that it lies smoothly.

    "Crop" will do:

    • for aged men;
    • young guys;
    • teenagers;
    • children.

    The advantage of the "crop" is that it can be performed with restraint strictly or defiantly in a rebellious manner. Choose the right way to style your hair for different styles of clothing. The haircut will organically fit into a youth bow, will be combined with classic and democratic suits. It is also suitable for business style and special occasions. Combines with tattoos, piercings, beards, glasses.

    Haircut scheme

    You can get a haircut in the salon with a professional stylist or try to cut your own hair if you have the skills to work with a hair clipper.

    The following tools are required:

    • hair clipper;
    • special hairdressing scissors;
    • comb with a long handle and frequent teeth.

    Before starting the haircut process, it must be borne in mind that this hairstyle requires accurate and careful execution. If you shave asymmetrically at the temples or the back of the head, you will have to shorten the area where the hair is longer. As a result, it may turn out not quite what was planned at the beginning.

    A professional hairdresser is guaranteed to complete all stages of the haircut and get the desired result.

    All stylists work according to the following scheme.

    1. Separate the part to be cut with virtual lines. The horizontal one separates the crown from the back of the head, and the vertical separates the whiskey from the crown. You can use a hair spray and fix the visually separated areas.
    2. Cut with a machine with a short length attachment. The occipital region and temples are trimmed. They start from the right temporal zone, then go to the back of the head and to the other temple.
    3. Using a clipper with extended knives create a gentle transition from the edges of long hair to the trimmed areas at the temples and back of the head.
    4. Uncut hair is combed forward, cut with scissors using the strand-by-strand method, separating from each other with vertical parting, moving from the crown of the head to the face.The crown is trimmed, separating the strands with radial parting. The length of the hair at the crown is taken as a basis.
    5. In the region of the crown, the angle formed from the hair is removed, moving towards the bangs. The strands are separated horizontally.
    6. Decorate the bangs, making it straight or torn (thinning).
    7. The lower part of the nape and neck cover is completely shaved off.

    See the following video for a master class on crop haircuts.

      Whiskey can be shaved in lines or patterns. The bangs are of different lengths and shapes: very short, to the middle of the forehead or to the eyebrows. Sometimes the "crop" is made out almost without bangs, in this case the bangs are left, but they are cut very shortly.

      Stylists' secrets

      The haircut looks neat and careless at the same time - this is a distinctive feature of the crop. The hairstyle can be smooth or torn in texture, of different lengths, and have a different ratio of trimmed and shaved sections. The crown of the head with bangs is sometimes laid in different directions.

      Each crop haircut has the following features.

      1. clean-cut temples and nape;
      2. lush crown;
      3. bangs (any size and texture).

      The classic version is hair cut or shaved on the sides and on the back of the head with a neatly trimmed upper part of the head.... There is a slight borderline contrast between the longer hair at the top and the shorter at the bottom. It is important to maintain the proportions and not make the transition too abrupt. The haircut is characterized by a smooth transition, without stripes, spots and irregularities. From bottom to top, the section with shorter hair goes smoothly, then the border of an even transition. At the top of the head, a voluminous soft silhouette is made from longer strands.

      The crown is designed using a variety of techniques. The master can easily make it smooth, with evenly lying hair, or he can cut and give the appearance of a rough brush. Bangs are often cut short, but long options are quite popular.

      They decorate it in an even or torn technique, but the main difference is that it must be neat and evenly edged.

      Long crop means the hair at the crown is longer than in the classic haircut. From the resulting hairstyle, you can create interesting variations: for a business meeting - an elegant "quiff" with a side parting, for an informal setting - textured tousled styling.

      Modern "crop" - a modern variety, which differs from the classic in clean-shaven temples and the back of the head, the area with long hair stands out in contrast against the general background. This creates a sharp transition between the back of the head and the crown.

      Self styling

      Many people like the crop "haircut" because it does not require styling on a daily basis. This suits many men: they just wash and comb their hair.

      The advantage of a haircut is manageable hair that can be styled in a wide variety of styles.

      Elegant image can be created by highlighting the parting. The hair is combed to the side if there is only one parting. With the help of styling products, two partings and long strands are made. Having lifted them, they are combed back.

      Rebellious look give a haircut using gel or wax on wet or dry strands. Modeling the hairstyle with your fingers, gently gathering it together and tousling it, if the goal is to create the effect of blown hair on the head.

      Longer hair on the crown is easy to style in the style of "pompadour". A fixing agent is applied to the strands, lifted and combed back. You should get a tall and voluminous hairstyle.


      Choosing a crop cut as a new hairstyle, it is better to turn to the services of an experienced hairdresser, listen to the advice of a professional and not do exactly the option that you liked. The stylist will carefully listen to wishes and ideas, but will choose a haircut according to the shape of the head and face. The best hairstyle is the one that will smooth out imperfections and highlight the dignity of your appearance.

      There are few ideal face types, and very often, even with the right features, certain types of hairstyles may not suit you.Therefore, if instead of straight bangs and short haircuts, the master offers long strands and asymmetrical bangs, it may be worth trying this option.

      The master can quite accurately predict the result of his work and adapts the hairstyle to your appearance.

      There are different ways to lay the crop:

      • smooth - suitable for business meetings and evening dress;
      • textural - for travel and informal meetings.

      The stylist will recommend the most suitable look and how to style your new hairstyle.

      Celebrity Hairstyles

      Many famous people choose a crop haircut. It is believed that she adds brutality to the male image.

      Brad Pitt, George Clooney made a choice in favor of such a haircut.

      Ryan Gosling on the cover of the men's glossy magazine GQ appeared in front of fans with a crop hairstyle.

      David Beckham on the football field, he preferred this very popular haircut.

      Zane Malik performed at concerts with an elongated version.

        For several years now, the crop hairstyle has been considered one of the most trendy and does not give up positions under the influence of new fashion trends.
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