Men's haircuts for thin hair

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Choosing a haircut for men is not an easy task. There are many nuances to consider: style, lifestyle, face shape, hair type. The structure of the strands largely determines the features of the implementation of a particular hairstyle. Most of the problems for a hairdresser are delivered by men's haircuts for thin, thin hair. If thick hair allows you to experiment with different types of haircuts, then for soft, wavy and straight thin strands there are much fewer options.

The main purpose of any haircut in this case is to increase the volume. There are a lot of ways for this: layering, graduation, asymmetry, torn strands. What men's haircuts for thin hair are popular this season?

Haircut features

Rare thin strands can have different reasons - features of genetics, malfunctions in the body, bad habits. Regardless of the reasons, the selection of hairstyles should take into account the peculiarities of the structure. A professional may suggest several variations, but it is worthwhile to sort out the options in advance in order to make the right choice. An incorrectly chosen option will highlight all the shortcomings of rare hair. Most often, hairdressers offer owners of this type of hair to add volume to the strands:

  • graduated techniques;
  • cascading haircuts;
  • different length of strands, asymmetry;
  • torn or asymmetrical bangs;
  • side parting;
  • laying on one side;
  • negligence, disheveledness, vortex in styling.

Stylish haircut options

Liquid hair needs to be given volume artificially, so when choosing, you need to focus not only on fashion trends, but also on the possibility of creating volume, a suitable texture. Modern fashion is quite loyal and offers a large selection of hairstyles that mask bald patches, sparse strands, and small volume.

  • Semi-boxing. This option is one of the most practical and versatile in terms of style. The hairstyle is appropriate both in a classic business look and in a sporty one. On the sides and back of the head, the strands are shortened; in the region of the crown, the length remains medium.
  • Graduated square. The optimal length in this case is formed along the chin line. Cut the strands with straight-type scissors. This option is optimal for owners of wavy, soft strands.

Styling with an asymmetric parting and combed back strands is well suited. You can also skip styling your hair, leaving it flowing freely.

  • Polka. In the classic version, this haircut is in great demand, especially among mature men. The characteristic features of the haircut are the lengthening of the strands in the region of the crown, a shorter temporal part, styling upwards. Ideal for men with sparse hair on the temples.
  • Cascade. A multi-level cascade, a ladder can add volume to any type of strand. Can be done on any length, straight, curly hair. Shearing of the layers starts from the crown, gradually going down to the tips.
  • Boxing. Adherents of brutal, masculine hairstyles are most often offered this option. Such a haircut will fit well into a sporty style, a military look. Characteristic features are shortened strands in the crown area, shaved whiskey and the back of the head.
  • Canadian. Distinctive features of this hairstyle are the average length in the forehead area, the gradual shortening of the crown and temples. It is recommended to perform a bouffant of the root type "side parting", combing from the forehead to the occipital zone.
  • Short bob. The strands in this version are cut along the level of the ear line with the strands directed towards the face.A characteristic feature is the formation of volume at the apex of the crown, rounded shape, elongated bangs of an asymmetric type.
  • Sagittarius. This haircut will fit well on soft, sparse strands. The crown remains medium in length, the bangs are cut asymmetrically, with lengthening, the temples and the back of the head are smoothly shortened.

The bangs are cut in a ragged way and laid to one side, the temples are edged in corners.

  • Elvis. Ideal for an extravagant, rocker look, hides rare strands, adds volume. The main feature is the formation of a cocoon-bangs, the lower part is shortened.


In addition to focusing on the type of strands, the following criteria must be considered.

  • Age... Young people can safely choose creative variations: "Elvis", short bob, Sagittarius, cascade. For mature men, it is better to dwell on the classic variations of the polka, Canadian, square with graduation.
  • Coloring. Coloring, highlighting, toning do an excellent job of adding visual volume.
  • Life style. Be sure to consider the general style of your image and lifestyle. The hairstyle should not bring dissonance to your outfit, on the contrary, it should harmoniously correspond to it.
  • Time... If you are not ready to waste time on styling, frequent visits to the salon, it is better to opt for democratic, classic haircuts that do not require creating a hairstyle.
  • Styling products. It should be remembered that styling products in excess only emphasize the liquid of the strands. Moderation must be observed.

Beautiful examples

  • Elongated semi-box - a great way to hide the lack of density of hair.
  • Graduation allows you to create a chaotic, relaxed styling on the head.
  • Cascading variations add great volume. A great solution for bohemian and romantic styles.
  • Luxurious option - volumetric elongated "polka". It will fit perfectly into any look.
  • A haircut "Sagittarius»Looks very original and impressive, brings expressiveness to the image.
  • One-stop solution for any style and occasion - classic canadian. Suitable for men of all ages.
  • Creative lovers should try a haircut Elvis. However, styling such a hairstyle will take quite a long time.

In the next video, you will find the rules for cutting thin hair.

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