Evaflor perfumery

Evaflor perfumery
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Evaflor has been successfully operating in the cosmetics and perfumery market for over three decades. Having discovered the aromas of exquisite perfumes, you can feel the spirit of luxury of real Paris. Thanks to its creativity, product quality and constant search for new fragrances, the French brand has won the trust of many men and women, along with other prestigious brands on the international market.


The trade mark began its existence in 1987 in France. Since the beginning of production, about 30 unique perfume lines have been developed. Each perfume scent had a sense of true French style.

The Whiskey line has become very popular, climbing to the top positions in the men's perfumery for the mass consumer.

Perfume review

The Evaflor range includes a variety of perfumes for any sophisticated taste... Customers can find both classic and avant-garde perfumes in the line.


Whiskey Double is rich, austere and elegant. First, the notes of bergamot are revealed, then the heart of the fragrance is enriched by lily of the valley and carnation. The bottom accords contain the scent of musk, patchouli and amber. This fragrance is truly attractive, it emphasizes the noble style of its owner.

It is characterized by special persistence and resembles the aroma of tobacco. Also available in the form of a deodorant.

Origin reveals an overflow of spices and fresh notes. The composition of the perfume includes woody, citrus and spicy accords. Such eau de toilette is preferred by successful, self-sufficient individuals. Men who choose the Origin series are obsessed with their thirst for adventure and the spirit of adventurism.

This multifaceted scent is remembered for a long time, because it combines semitones of woody leather notes and sensual amber. The bottle is green.

Silver perfume is filled with the freshness of sea waves. Its delicate shades will appeal to courageous men looking for harmony in fragrances. The owners of such spirits are accustomed to achieving their goals and are able to subordinate others to their will. The cool smell allows you to experience the energy of a big city. Refers to woody-citrus compositions, combining the fragrant smell of thyme and the astringency of verbena, softly tinged with tangerine.

The nobleness of the perfume is given by the middle accord, consisting of exquisite flowers.

Eau de Toilette from the Black family is a citrus fragrance for men. Differs in the lightness and balance of the sound of the perfume composition. Suitable for freedom-loving and stylish personalities. The mix perfectly opens up from the aromas of citrus: slightly tart lemon, grapefruit with a slight bitterness and fresh bergamot.

Whiskey Red Eau de Toilette is made for passionate and strong men who can find a balance between love and ambition. The aroma belongs to the aromatic-spicy family. Top notes combine hints of bergamot, apple and coriander. The middle notes have strong floral motifs including rose and lavender, as well as woody notes of cedar and vetiver. The base notes reveal a scent of tonka bean and musk. The branded bottle attracts with a bright red color scheme.

Whiskey Sport is a brutal men's cologne with a pronounced trail of scent related to a woody direction. Designed for sensual, fast-paced and dynamic natures. An invigorating scent allows you to enjoy energy and strength. The top tones reveal the citrus freshness of lemon and tangerine. In the middle notes there is a harmonious combination of ginger and sage with watery notes.Base notes will fill with tart amber and musk.

Whiskey Vintage has a special vintage aura of scent, delighting connoisseurs of men's eau de toilette of the aromatic and spicy family. This composition is part of a wide range of Whiskey of the legendary brand Evaflor. The aroma pyramid includes citruses and mint first, while the core contains cloves and white freesia. The base notes will give the scent of sandalwood, musk and white cedar.

Whiskey by whiskey

Issued under numbers 26 and 80, named after the quarters of romantic Paris. Fragrance No. 26 can be attributed to the woody-citrus family... The perfume pyramid consists of top notes of bergamot, cardamom and grapefruit. At the heart of the fragrance are notes of rum, iris and sea breeze. Further, the perfume is filled with shades of sandalwood, musk and amber.

The perfumery product attracts with its sophistication, attractiveness and sense of image.

Evaflor at number 80 is a masculine fragrance classified as woody oriental. The philosophy of the fragrance invites you to feel the seething rhythm of the city at night. The composition of the perfume composition contains initial accords with shades of scalding cinnamon, vanilla and almond, in the middle of the pyramid - notes of styrax, cashmeran and tonka beans. Rosewood, musk and amber complete the scent.


Original fragrances for men that belong to the aromatic and woody families. The opening accord opens with a bouquet of lavender, sage, tarragon, bergamot and nutmeg. The heart of the perfume composition is filled with geranium and patchouli notes, completing the pyramid with musk, oak moss and leather notes. A perfume manufacturer from Italy, producing men's fragrances under this name, actively cooperates with the famous brand Evaflor. Launched in 1984, this timeless classic has won the attention of millions of fans with its elegant eau de parfum formula.

Ideal for distinctive, charismatic and mysterious personalities with a deep inner world. The elegant perfume is characterized by a combination of freshness and consistency.


Eau de Parfum has fresh green notes of musk and sandalwood at the heart of the fragrance. Harmoniously composed of citrus, fruity and woody notes. The freshness of the ice water reflects the concept of the scent. The composition is ideal for young people.

The choice in favor of this perfume can be made by purposeful and independent men. There is also a version for women.

How to choose a scent?

The choice of a perfume is a matter of the delicate taste of its owner. Someone prefers a subtle scent of perfume, others are accustomed to leaving behind an unforgettable trail. However, eau de toilette must be appropriate for the specific situation. For parties, dating and special occasions, the rich aromas of the sillage, oriental, woody and spicy directions are more suitable. For everyday use and office work, you will need a more modest, understated scent. Perfume for everyday occasions should not be intrusive and focus on the attention of others.

It should be borne in mind that one and the same scent can open up and “sound” in different ways on different people. It depends on the skin type of the wearer and his individual characteristics. Since the scent of perfume is considered a bright part of the image, it is worth taking seriously the selection of your own scent.

The smell should be harmonious, comfortable to use and bring positive emotions to others.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

Picking up perfume in the store, you should be vigilant about buying a bottle of perfume. Indeed, in addition to licensed fragrances, there is a possibility of acquiring a fake. In the original products, technological processes are strictly observed, the quality of the ingredients used and their exact proportions are controlled. Licensed perfume has a certificate of conformity. Cheap synthetic counterparts of quality aromatic oils are used in fakes.

To calculate fake eau de parfum, you need to pay attention to the cost of the product. If there is too much discount on the product, this is a reason to think about the originality of perfumes and their cost price. You can find out the approximate price of a product by visiting the manufacturer's official website and finding a specific product in the online catalog. When shopping online, it is worth looking into customer reviews.

You should pay close attention to the containers in which the brand produces perfumes. The bottle in the package should not dangle much. The details and contact information on the box should be completely coincide with the data presented on the manufacturer's website.

Counterfeits may slightly differ from the original in appearance, therefore, before making a purchase, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the shape and design of the original perfume packaging.

Examine the wrapping polyethylene for deformations and wrinkles. The seam of the film should be even, and the edges should be sealed neatly and symmetrically. At the bottom of the perfume box, there should be a sticker stamp confirming the authenticity of the perfume. The paint on the packaging must not be erased, the labels must be clearly legible. The serial number of the batch, called the batch code, must be written on the box. The same number must be indicated on the bottom of the bottle.

The glass bottle should not have irregularities and smudges on the surface. If the bubble is metal or plastic, then there should be no chips, scratches or other defects. The lid should seal the perfume tightly and be pleasant to the touch. The cap must not have any damage and poorly painted elements. In addition, you need to check the bottom - no sediment should collect on it. Elite perfume liquid cannot be brightly colored. Fake fragrances cannot boast of persistence, they quickly fade away and do not provide a three-ton fragrance development.

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