DSQUARED2 men's perfumery

DSQUARED2 men's perfumery
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DSQUARED2 men's perfume embodies the freedom-loving spirit of Canada. The legendary Wood line and other eau de toilette, cologne, and perfume for men produced by the brand have a recognizable composition, and fragrances are often based on woody notes. It is not surprising that respectable men and young people who are looking for fresh and not too commonplace smells for everyday use show interest in them.


DSQUARED2 is a Canadian brand specializing in the production of luxury and premium perfumes. The company, founded by Canadians Dean and Dan Caten, presented its first product for men in 2006. Up to this point, the brand was known for the production of fashionable clothes. DSQUARED2 perfumes are distinguished by their laconic packaging, lush advertising campaigns, and a simple and brutal aromatic composition.

Over the years of its work on the market, the company managed to consolidate its reputation as the keeper of the best traditions in men's fashion. Such eminent perfumers as Daphne Buge, Christine Nagel, Matilda Bizho, Marie Salamagne, Alberto Morillas, Annick Menardo worked on the creation of DSQUARED2 fragrances.

The brand relies not on quantity, but on the quality of perfumes, the basic line of He Wood, created in conjunction with the ICR-ITF Group, has been successfully sold since 2007, gradually adding new products.

DSQUARED2 releases its fragrances for men in the form of cologne, eau de parfum or eau de toilette. Maintaining current trends, the Canadian company creates paired products, attracts famous people to participate in advertising. Special attention is paid to packaging design. Today, the brand's collection includes more than 10 fragrances for men, each of which has a whole army of fans around the world.

Description of the Wood line

DSQUARED2 perfumery began with the Wood line in bottles with wooden lids and rims. It is this fragrance of eau de toilette for men that many today call the reference among woody compositions. It is saturated with calmness and confidence, it is distinguished by a recognizable range of shades with a predominance of natural ingredients.

The classic He Wood by DSQUARED2 is no longer in production. However, it is this brand's product that deserves special attention as the founder of a whole direction in the creativity of the Keiten brothers. The fragrance created by Daphne Buge is usually referred to the woody-fougere group. It's not too complicated, but fresh and concise. On the base of spruce, amber and musk, the top notes of violet flower and leaf, vetiver and cedar are revealed in an original way.

And also other products were included in the Wood line during its existence.

  • He Wood Cologne. The 2017 cologne retains its traditional adherence to the aromatic woody-fougere range. The author of the entire line, Daphne Buge, worked on the new product. Her proposed formula includes a solid base of cedar and vetiver, complemented by an aquatic accord, flower and violet leaf in the heart. Top notes of mandarin, musk, amber and blue spruce add a fresh stream.

  • He Wood Special Edition. Limited edition of eau de toilette sample 2014. The original aromatic composition is completely preserved here, but the concept of the bottle has been changed. It has the shape of a parallelepiped with a massive natural wood lid. The laconic design only emphasizes the value of the contents of the bottle.
  • He Wood Intense. Eau de toilette has been produced since 2014, is currently sold only among collectors, production has been discontinued. New in the usual range of aroma of the series was introduced by adding sandalwood, incense, guaiac wood. The result is a bright, persistent, memorable scent for an evening out.
  • He Wood Silver Wind Wood. A light and fresh fragrance in the form of an eau de toilette has been produced since 2011. The silver body of the bottle contains a complex range of shades - from sweet vanilla, amber, cedar and vetiver to nutmeg, sage and lavender. This is a pure fougere scent capable of captivating a strong man who knows a lot about delights.
  • He Wood Ocean Wet Wood. Eau de toilette released in 2010 in a white frame with a black cap. Justifying its name, this product of the line has pronounced aquatic shades that complement the usual woody-aromatic range. In the composition there is a marine accord and wormwood, amber and musk, and tonka beans are added to the base.
  • He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood. Eau de toilette from 2009 belongs to the woody-aromatic group. A complex composition with woody notes of cedar and vetiver, complemented by the sweetness of violet and lily, recognizable shades of musk, amber, incense and black pepper. This is the choice of brutal men who know a lot about quality perfumery.

Despite its popularity, the Wood line is no longer available in its classic format and recognizable bottle. It was replaced by new products that inherit the characteristic woody notes, but in a more modern form. They can be found today on store shelves.

Another perfume

The men's line DSQUARED2 in 2011 was replenished with a new flagship fragrance - Potion. It was he, released in the eau de parfum format, that became the source of the influx of new interest in the brand's perfumery. The fougere-woody composition is based on bright notes of patchouli, musk and amber, complemented by cashmeran, with a complex green-grassy top.

Besides the classic version, in 2013, the Royal Black and Blue Cadet fragrances were released. They are no longer produced, but the products can still be found on the market.

Potion Royal Black is a spicy-woody scent with a complex base of musk, cashmeran and guaiac wood. The heart notes are a blend of leather, rose and tobacco, while the top notes are bergamot, incense and chili. The luxurious composition is housed in a laconic anthracite-colored bottle.

Potion Blue Cadet - eau de parfum in a stylish blue-icy bottle refers to aquatic and floral aromas. The dense woody-amber base is complemented here by the purity of the water and violet notes. The upper part of the olfactory pyramid is floral, with bright jasmine and hawthorn as dominants.

Wild is another lost fragrance that many fans of the brand will remember. The complex composition of herbaceous hues of St. John's wort and cypress, earth and resin, amber and labdanum harmonized well with the name. Collectors still consider this DSQUARED2 product to be a true masterpiece that is hard to forget.

DSQUARED2 cologne is only available in the classic Wood line. But in 2019, the brand launched 2 products on the market at once in the format of perfumery and eau de toilette, outside the main collection.

  • Green Wood. A complex and deep fragrance with woody and balsamic notes, designed for men who want something really worthy of attention. The complex opening accord of eau de parfum from lemon and black pepper is set off by heart notes of vetiver, white cedar, resin. The shades of musk and ambroxan in the base are complemented by nargamot, a complex combination of natural and chemical substances. It is undeniably a woody scent with a bright and bold character.

  • Wood for Him. Created by the legendary team of perfumers, the woody-spicy scent is housed in a laconic brown glass bottle with a wood insert on the lid. The luxurious outer shell is complemented by a harmonious composition. On the base of ambroxan, wood and violet leaf, spicy cardamom and ginger are combined with fresh notes of citrus and bergamot. The scent is well suited for the autumn-winter period, it is warm and bright.

DSQUARED2 men's perfumery demonstrates the desire for a bright individuality.

By focusing on woody fragrances, the Canadian company, headed by twin brothers, emphasizes its commitment to its historical homeland, while remaining at the peak of current trends.

Review overview

DSQUARED2 men's perfumery has won the hearts of millions of fans. Buyers appreciate it for its depth and firmness, sweetness without sugary. The originality of the packaging is also noted. It leaves a special tactile sensation, gives a feeling of belonging to something exclusive. The brand's fragrances are especially loved by connoisseurs of pure woody accents - here they are presented in their entirety, from fresh shavings to rotten stumps, and everyone finds their merits in eau de toilette or cologne.

For some, DSQUARED2 fragrances seem too simple, not saturated with fashionable notes. It is this flaw that is most often mentioned in critical reviews.

In addition, woody and fougere shades are considered "costume", requiring a solid image. Therefore, the brand's fragrances are rarely chosen by freedom-loving natures - here they simply lack rebellion.

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