Winter clothing for men

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  5. Criterias of choice

For modern men in the cold season, it is important to feel strong confidence and maximum comfort. And only warm winter clothes can give these similar feelings. And if she is also fashionable, stylish, then a man or a teenager will be doubly happy.

Species overview

One of the warmest winter clothing items for men is coat (coat, duffle coats, polo)... Insulated jackets (Alaska, parks, pilot) and down jackets of different shades and models are not inferior in this matter. They perfectly warm the body, give a feeling of confidence. In such outerwear, you can go on a trip, to a business meeting, a date or go to work. If you need to go on a winter hunting or fishing trip, representatives of the stronger sex choose other styles - overcoats, pea jackets, which are easily recognizable by their characteristic camouflage.

Fashion for winter clothes, like any other, naturally does not stand still. Every year, new models are developed that differ from previous collections primarily in style, trendy, newfangled solutions, increased practicality, the use of natural or artificial materials. Modern men appreciate the degree of comfort, practicality, the ability to keep warm for a long time in outerwear (coats, jackets, pea jackets).

It is impossible to determine exactly which winter jacket is the best. In this difficult issue, each representative of the stronger sex has its own view of the degree of practicality, convenience, and comfort. And all of these qualities, when wearing outerwear, form positive or negative feelings.

Therefore, many designers are trying to develop new collections based on previous decisions, namely, they take into account the factors: what attracts men in outerwear in the first place.


Despite the continuing trends in sewing men's winter clothing, which is characterized by conservatism, simple, laconic cut, in certain models of famous collections there are fresh and sometimes bold design solutions that elegantly dilute the established style. This is especially true of the coat. Stylish crombies, strict balmakaans with blind collars, original X-rays, redingots and other styles are madly in love with modern men.

Naturally, the fashion for outerwear is gradually changing. If 10 years ago dark-colored down jackets were popular, when the male population of the country looked like spies, today representatives of the stronger sex try on more aesthetic styles with an interesting cut. The main and emphasized trends in new styles are moderate severity, neatness, elegance under the dress code and corporate ethics.

Another prominent feature is versatility. It is this wonderful property of outerwear that modern men like most of all. They want to buy a jacket or coat of a certain style so that they will not be ashamed to go on a long business trip, visit a theater with their spouse, or meet business partners at the airport. For the autumn, spring season, it makes sense to order outerwear in the classic style, and to keep it warm in winter, pay attention to the proven option - to purchase an elongated down jacket. Such things are not discordant with a formal suit, a folder with business papers.


Stylish shirts - tapered, strongly tapered or classic cut, are an integral part of a men's wardrobe. Shirts are put on when going to work, to celebrate celebrations - corporate events, weddings - under a suit, coat, jacket or pea jacket. They are worn at home and outdoors in summer.In general, this is a versatile accessory for a modern man. Shirts are cut in different styles, sewn from natural, artificial materials. They also cost differently.

Over the past hundred years, men's shirts have practically not undergone dramatic changes. Most of the popular styles, which are considered fashionable in the current realities, were liked by men in the last century. In terms of stylish design, practicality, versatility, men's shirts have a certain "immunity".

That is, the most common shirts are still classic solutions.

Winter shirts have always enjoyed steady consumer demand. In modern realities, men's shirts have great advantages:

  • stylish cut;
  • many universal styles;
  • the option of buying a product with a soft, hard collar;
  • made from cotton, linen, synthetics;
  • varied price range;
  • the ability to wear with a tie, bow tie;
  • feeling of pleasant wearing comfort.

Warm men's shirts with a lining are great for warming the body. If the quality is high, the shirts will last a very long time. When a man doubts the choice, so as not to miscalculate, it is recommended to pay attention to the classic models.


A stylish element of clothing has always attracted the attention of the male half of the population. A beautiful sweater will not only warm the body in cold, frosty weather - it is a great addition to a fashionable look. However, in order to look perfect, such an accessory must be correctly matched to other clothes, especially trousers.

A warm sweater can elegantly complement a man's image for many seasons. If a much-needed wardrobe item is purchased for a long time, you should pay attention to design innovations, the presence of classic elements, the quality of the product, and also think over the question of where you can go in such a sweater. Discreet monochromatic cuts are perfect for everyday wear. Bright, colorful models can be worn for a walk.

Naturally, the sweater, due to the natural characteristics of the climate, must first of all warm the body. But modern men pay attention to other useful qualities of a wardrobe item, for example, versatility. A sweater with a zipper is liked by very many representatives of the stronger sex. A beautiful accessory has a pronounced style, practicality, and provides the necessary comfort. And thanks to a wide variety of styles (with embroidery, prints), it will be possible to buy a model for any clothes.


For many centuries of existence of trousers, designers have developed an abundance of various styles. The great variability of old, new models can be explained very simply - a man wears trousers in any weather. They are considered a classic piece of clothing and will never completely replace other design solutions - shorts, jeans.

Most trousers in dark shades fit perfectly with the look of a modern, business man.

Also, they, in addition to denim products, go well with street style. And here it is not necessary to take into account the classic solutions. There are a lot of styles that perfectly fit the widespread and very fashionable direction - casual. First of all, these are shaped products: slacks, cargo, and if you achieve a combinatorial image in clothes, then corduroy, chinos.

Corduroy trousers are great for winter clothes in the cold season. They differ from classical models and other options by the presence of dense fabric scars and the formation of characteristic gaps between the folds. Corduroy trousers go well with men's warm shirts, voluminous sweaters, jumpers with an original pattern. Shoes when creating an image with corduroy trousers should look smooth, without decorative accessories.


They are suitable for every man, regardless of appearance, figure and age. For a suit to look great, you need to choose the right model, size, color shade. As in any other clothing, the fashion for costumes does not stand still, and each season brings something new, original, sends hopelessly outdated to the tablets of history. The only thing that will always be relevant and popular are classic solutions.

Such a suit consists of several accessories - trousers, a jacket, a vest. The classic look, as a rule, is completed by a beautiful tie, stylish hairstyle, fashionable shoes. Men's classic suit (two-piece, three-piece, no frills) has many advantages:

  • iconic brevity, severity;
  • elegant appearance of a man;
  • great combination with shirts;
  • the opportunity to wear to a gala event, a business meeting, to work;
  • a large selection of styles, colors.

    Classic men's suits have always been relevant and in great demand.

    Modern men in everyday life prefer to wear a classic two-piece suit in dark tones. Such an element of the wardrobe is liked by businessmen, politicians, representatives of the world of show business. It is often worn for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations, memorable dates.

    But if you need to create an impeccable image of a business person or emphasize the seriousness of intentions, you should choose a three-piece suit with straight-cut trousers.


    From other models of clothing designed for cold, frosty weather, jumpers can be distinguished. They are a topical item of men's wardrobe and, when creating a certain style, they will brightly emphasize the complete image. Modern designers have developed many styles of jerseys. There are jumpers that are worn over the head, fastened with a zipper, buttons or other fasteners. Despite the historical fact when the jumper was created for sports training, in the current realities it can be worn as casual wear.

    There are quite a lot of fashionable styles of modern jumpers. First of all, these are:

    • sports;
    • with a hood;
    • polo;
    • with a V-neck;
    • classic.

    Solid color jumpers with pictures go well with dark classic-style trousers, popular jeans cuts. Such a wardrobe item can be worn over a shirt and worn under a jacket. But the main condition for the jumper to look great is that it should sit slightly tightly on the body, not quite tight.

    Materials and fillers

    Men's winter clothing is made from different materials. Also used fillers for lining, made on the basis of natural, synthetic raw materials. The main requirements for sewing clothes:

    • achieving a sense of comfort;
    • practicality;
    • water-repellent properties;
    • the ability to pass air;
    • hypoallergenic;
    • pleasant tactile sensations;
    • the ability to wear the product for a long time.

    Materials should not become unusable after several washes, fade in the sun, and delaminate.

      It makes sense to talk about the most popular materials used in sewing winter clothing for men:

      • jackets are made from woolen fabrics, corduroy, tanned leather and use down and feather fillers;
      • shirts are sewn from cotton, jacquard, flannel, silk;
      • sweaters are knitted from wool, cashmere, cotton;
      • trousers are sewn from woolen, half-woolen fabric with the addition of synthetics;
      • costumes are sewn from mixed fabrics, wool;
      • jumpers are knitted from wool, knitwear.

      Most fabric materials are successfully used to create men's clothing in any style - street, office, sports.


      Men's winter clothing is very versatile. In order for a young man to look elegant and beautiful, a certain style should be adhered to. For example, a down jacket worn on a jacket looks modern, democratic... The only rule for wearing such a two-piece is that the jacket should not peek out from under the jacket.

      Another option for modern fashionistas is a double-breasted winter coat worn over a jumper or sweater. If a man is tall, such a person can purchase a coat of any length. Dark jeans and straight trousers are good for the lower part of the body.

      A warm parka will reliably protect from severe frosts and harmoniously complement the image of a business man. Practical outerwear can be worn at any age. It goes well with most modern styles - office, casual, formal, as well as beige Timberlands and blue jeans.

        Brand Models

        There are a lot of styles that emphasize a handsome male figure, a person's business status. From the collections of winter jackets, several popular models can be distinguished.

        • Stylish winter jacket Kanzler. Ideally hide flaws, lack of a sports figure. The style takes into account the characteristics of a different male physique. The modern model will give a man a feeling of maximum comfort.
        • Datsi jacket. Perfectly sits on a male figure. It is made with a fur hood and is great for wearing in frosty weather. It goes well with light-colored trousers. A wardrobe attribute can be worn every day - going to work, walking the dog, romantic date.
        • Igor Plaxa. Straight fit jacket with combined faux fur lining. There is a snap-on windbreak and a long zip fastener. Sleeves are sewn from jersey - straight with an inner cuff. The model is suitable for everyday wear in cold weather.
        • Finnish jacket Scanndi Finland. Model with a fur hood, pockets on both sides, zipped, perfectly matches denim trousers. The jacket can be worn daily along with a jumper, sweater. It is warm, comfortable, lightweight.

        The choice of jackets for men is very large. The main thing is not to miscalculate with the size and stylish performance.

        Criterias of choice

        To look decent, a man just needs to choose the right 5 wardrobe items - shoes, trousers, belt, jacket, shirt, jacket or coat. It is not difficult to choose winter clothing items for yourself. You don't need to have in-depth knowledge of modern fashion here. It is enough to know a few basic rules:

        • select a jacket, trousers, shirt according to size, slim figure, facial features;
        • take into account how combinatorial each element of outerwear with a sweater, trousers will look;
        • try to choose shaped models separately for work, celebrations, business meetings;
        • if there is knowledge in the world of fashion, it makes sense to focus on common styles - safari, military, casual, official, sports.

          A quality men's thing can be determined by several criteria. - smooth lines, no persistent, specific smell, stylish cut, perfect design of the collar, hood, sleeves.

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