Warm men's clothing: the basics of a spectacular look

Warm men's clothing: the basics of a spectacular look
  1. Varieties
  2. Materials and colors
  3. How to dress beautifully?
  4. Stylish examples

Modern men undoubtedly dream of looking stylish and elegant. Especially when it comes to outerwear. Today on the market there is a huge selection of different jackets and sweaters for the cold season. The tips of stylists will help a man to choose a stylish look in the offseason.


Each representative of the strong half of humanity has outerwear for different seasons in the wardrobe. In addition to protection from adverse weather conditions, it creates a certain image. It is also a mandatory attribute for men whose activities are related to business meetings and negotiations. There are the most popular warm clothing items for men.

  • Sweater. A classic option for handsome men of various builds and heights. It is a knitted garment with a high collar. Products made of wool are especially popular.
  • Jumper. Much like a sweater. However, this model lacks a high collar. It usually has a round neckline or clasp. Suitable for the off-season.
  • Pullover. A stylish option for cool weather. As a rule, the pullover has a V-neck. Relevant in warm spring, it is also used as a "bottom layer".
  • Hoody. This outerwear item can be described as a blouse made of dense fabric with side pockets and a hood. The knitted item retains heat perfectly.
  • Sweatshirt. It is somewhere between a sweatshirt and a sweater. Relevant for men who prefer a sporty style of clothing. The sweatshirt does not have a hood, pockets and fasteners. Made in most cases from lightweight material.
  • Cardigan. An elegant option for tall and slender handsome men. Great for business style. As a rule, men's cardigans are designed in cold colors.

As for the autumn-winter period, there are popular options for outerwear here.

  • Coat. This option looks strict and elegant. Men tend to prefer things in dark colors. Classic coats of a free cut are distinguished by a special refinement. This piece of outerwear is great for autumn and warm winter. However, it is better not to wear it in rainy weather.
  • Down jacket. Initially, this item was intended exclusively for climbers. However, over time, the down jacket entered the ranks of casual wear for men and women. This is an affordable and practical option for modern representatives of the strong half of humanity. Winter down jackets often have a hood with a fur trim. This outerwear item is suitable for everyday wear in winter and autumn.
  • Parka. Practical long jacket (up to mid-thigh). The men's park is relevant for residents of regions that are characterized by abundant rainfall. The thing perfectly protects from snow, rain and gusty winds. Also the park is equipped with a lot of pockets.
  • Bomber. Cropped men's jacket for autumn with a belt and cuffs. Some models have a hood and a stand-up collar. Such clothes are relevant for male motorists. The bomber does not restrict movement and has a presentable appearance.
  • Cloak. A great option for business men. The fitted model looks especially stylish and original. A men's raincoat goes well with a hat and expensive leather shoes.

Also, jackets, leather jackets and pea jackets are very popular among representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Materials and colors

The choice of the material from which this or that thing is made plays a huge role in creating an image.For example, coats made of cashmere, tweed and gabardine have a special charm. For down jackets, such types of fabric as bolognese and raincoat fabric are relevant. As for a parka or a bomber jacket, they use polyester or nylon to create them. Coats and jackets are sewn from genuine leather or denim.

Speaking about the color palette, stylists say that most men prefer restrained cool tones.

These are black, brown, gray and blue colors. However, with the onset of spring, some men prefer to dilute their wardrobe with yellow, red and green warm clothes.

How to dress beautifully?

Men's modern fashion dictates its own rules. One of them is the desire for layering. Most often, warm men's clothes are in perfect harmony with shirts, T-shirts or vests. However, many men prefer “minimalism”. Sometimes, to create a stylish and original image, it is enough to correctly choose the shades and styles of products.

Stylish examples

The most popular bows include the following combinations:

  • a tight-fitting sweater with an original pattern, dark denim trousers and plain leather shoes;
  • a brown jacket (bomber) made of genuine leather, a stylish shirt, beige chinos and sunglasses;
  • a brown coat, skinny jeans, a vest and a dark leather bag with an elongated belt;
  • a plain down jacket (blue, brown or gray), jersey sweatpants and light-colored sneakers.
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