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The modern clothing market offers products from numerous brands. Some of them gained fame and retained a special status in the fashion world. One of these brands is Bugatti, which we will tell you about in more detail.

About company

The Bugatti brand was founded in Germany in the first half of the 20th century. At first, the company's representatives planned to be engaged only in sewing trousers and men's coats, but over time it was decided to expand the model range and assortment. In addition to men's clothing, the company began to sew home textiles, women's wardrobe items, shoes and other products.

Bugatti men's clothing is the choice of buyers who value temperament, expressiveness and at the same time conservatism. Professional designers have taken a new look at the classic look, adding leather elements and other inserts to it.

The products of the popular brand were noticed not only by the owners of high status, but also by ordinary customers who want to look stylish and attractive.

The collection of menswear is in line with current trends and will be appreciated in any environment.

The team of specialists working in a popular German company pays special attention not only to presentable appearance, but also a practical side. The Bugatti brand produces products for active buyers that retain their presentation even with prolonged and intense wear. As a traditional decor, experts use cage and stripes... This pattern can be found on shirts and other clothing.

Advantages and disadvantages

To begin with, consider the advantages of clothing from the above manufacturer.

  • Modern technologies. To meet the needs of modern consumers, it is not enough to produce fashionable and practical products. The company uses innovative technologies and materials to lead the apparel industry. Some models are resistant to stains, dirt, dust and oils. The company also offers ventilated outerwear.

In 2006, the company launched a jacket with a special heating component. This product has caught the attention of most buyers.

To achieve maximum comfort while wearing, manufacturers use a special fiber. It not only "remembers" the figure, but also returns the clothes to their original state, even after prolonged use.

  • Original appearance and variety. Refinement, expressiveness and originality are those external characteristics that attract the attention of buyers around the world. After evaluating the rich assortment of the company, you can choose a model in dark, light or bright colors. Clothes from the German brand will appeal to both classics and modern style fans.
  • Quality. The materials used in the tailoring are made from carefully selected raw materials. Many fashion experts note the impeccable cut, as well as the neat and precise cut. Original products will retain their attractive appearance for several years if the operating conditions are adhered to.
  • International recognition. Clothing from a well-known manufacturer is in great demand not only in Europe, but also far beyond its borders. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find a company store. Russian buyers can order clothes from a well-known brand through an online store or by visiting a branded store in a large shopping center.

Having told about the benefits, it is necessary to indicate limitations.

As the main disadvantage, many note a large number of fakes... Given the popularity of this manufacturer, cheap products are often issued under the German brand.

The second disadvantage is price... The cost of jeans is about 7 thousand rubles, while in modern stores you can buy this wardrobe item for only 2-3 thousand. At the same time, the company does not belong to the luxury segment, but to the middle price segment.


The range of men's clothing from a well-known European manufacturer is represented by the following products:

  • outerwear: jackets, coats, windbreakers (the range includes winter clothes and models for other seasons);
  • classics: business suits, trousers, shirts;
  • jeans of various colors;
  • underwear;
  • polo, blazers;
  • comfortable home textiles;
  • cardigans and pullovers.

The company is also engaged in the production of men's shoes for every taste and wallet.

You can consider some of the current models.

  • Classic black jeans must be in the wardrobe of every man. This is a versatile garment that can be worn for work, walking, business meeting or social event. This model will look great in combination with a polo, shirt or shirt. Customers can choose from a wide model grid. The cost is 7345 rubles.

Another model of men's jeans in standard navy blue... Such a product will never go out of fashion. Universal clothing is suitable for both adults and young men.

  • Polo shirts. Such clothes in the catalog of the European brand are presented in a wide variety of colors. The model in red diversifies the image, makes it brighter, more expressive and attractive. A wide range of sizes allows you to choose the ideal option for everyone. If you want to add freshness and lightness to your style, choose a polo shirt in aqua color. This color will suit a man of any size and age. The cost of such models is from 4260 rubles.
  • Warm, comfortable and stylish pullover will definitely come in handy with the onset of the cold season. It will look great with jeans or trousers. The model in a delicate blue color harmoniously combines with bright, dark or light colors in the image. The cost is 6615 rubles.
  • Stylish and practical jacket in classic black will never lose its relevance. Manufacturers offer this model in a wide variety of sizes (from 46 to 60). The model with the insulated hood will protect you from bad weather and keep you warm. The cost is 17 thousand 225 rubles.

How to choose?

        Consider some guidelines when choosing clothes.

        1. If you want the model to be combined with a large number of items in your wardrobe, opt for the classic colors - black and shades of gray. Also, the universal colors include dark blue, beige, shades of brown, white, dark green.
        2. To avoid wasting money on dry cleaning services, choose clothes that can be cleaned or washed at home.
        3. The straight cut is suitable for men with different builds. This is the most common option.
        4. If you order clothes over the Internet, and you do not have the opportunity to try them on, you need to take measurements of the figure and, based on the obtained parameters, determine the exact size.
        5. Pay attention to the composition of the fabric used for sewing. It is recommended to choose products made from natural materials.
        6. In order not to spend money on a fake, you should make a purchase in a reliable and trusted store. Avoid the markets. It is better to visit a shopping center and, in case of doubt, ask for a certificate of quality.

        For a video review of the Bugatti brand store, see the next video.

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