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Among the wide variety of popular French brands, the Kenzo brand deserves special attention, which produces luxury products for men and women. Original and unlike any other clothing collections are to the taste of many men from different countries. What is the current assortment of things, as well as what design from the brand is relevant today, we will find out in this article.


Few people know that the French fashion house Kenzo is actually of Asian origin, because its founder is the famous Japanese designer and couturier Kenzo Takada.

The popular brand has been in wide demand for half a century. but The brand began to produce luxury clothes for men much later - 13 years after its foundation, namely in 1983. Since then, Kenzo menswear has constantly appeared in the new collections of the French fashion house.

The brand's products, including accessories, clothing and perfumery, are chosen by many celebrities and influencers from a wide variety of industries around the globe.

For the manufacture of things, the brand uses only proven and safe materials that do not require special and scrupulous care. A wide range of goods for men allows you to create an excellent wardrobe not only for one season, but also for several years at once.

Critics say that the clothes of this brand for men and women are extraordinary in their own way... Kenzo clothes combine seemingly incongruous: amazing prints, textures and various color mixes.

It is believed that it was Kenzo who created the first striped trousers for men, as well as the classic blazer with a floral print.

Kenzo clothing is a way of expressing yourself. With the help of things from the fashion house, you can emphasize your special taste, as well as express your own "I" through the choice of original things.

Assortment overview

Kenzo men's clothing belongs to the premium class. Its cost largely depends on the item of clothing, as well as on how long ago the collection came out. Kenzo items can be easily purchased at very favorable discounts. For example, a men's shirt from the previous collection will cost you 5-6 thousand rubles, although its initial price can reach 20-25 thousand. Outerwear, of course, is more expensive. For example, you will have to pay about 50 thousand rubles for a down jacket from the new collection.

Among the basic lines of the brand, you can find items from knitwear and denim, as well as outerwear and a lot of accessories.

Let's take a look at some of the men's wardrobe items from the current collection.

  • T-shirts and T-shirts. The brand's assortment includes excellent basic T-shirts that are best suited for everyday wear. Many of the models presented are monochromatic, decorated with a tiger image or brand logo. We recommend that you pay attention to black and white pure cotton T-shirts.
  • Wide selection of polo shirts will not leave men indifferent, because among the available options there are excellent models in which you can go to work, or go on vacation. Polo shirts with stripes and a tiger in bright colors will surely appeal to many young people. Polos are available in both short and long sleeves.
  • A wide range of sweatshirts for men, sweatshirts and sweatshirts are presented. A sweatshirt from the brand is a great solution for every day. We recommend you pay attention to the Kenzo Paris sweatshirt with a round neck in gray cotton. This model is perfect for warm spring and summer.
  • Available in the current Kenzo collection shorts with unique prints, as well as slim jeans, classic pants and trousers. We recommend taking a closer look at sweatpants with embossed logo and chinos in blue.
  • Men will also be pleased with a huge selection of outerwear for any season., including jackets, down parkas, raincoats, down jackets, windbreakers and a variety of bombers, including leather and reversible. We recommend paying attention to the black bomber jacket from the 2019 collection with a yellow embroidered tiger. It is perfect for spring and warm autumn.
  • From the available assortment hoodies, sweatshirts and pants you can put together a great tracksuit that is not only suitable for sports, but also fits perfectly into everyday life.
  • Men's jacquard things are in great demand. A jacquard jumper and Ama Diver shorts in a nautical theme are the perfect solution for your planned getaway.


In the latest collection of Kenzo items, you can see a palette of shades, including lilac, pale green, gray, noir, achromatic and other colors.

Kenzo's signature design is recognized by many for its intricate sculptural cut, as well as for the presence of traditional Japanese details and prints.

The most famous pattern the brand uses to decorate their pieces is Kenzo's signature tiger pattern. For the first time, it was used to decorate the so-called predatory sweaters. Very often, the tiger is embroidered with the logo on various garments and accessories. Embroidered items are in great demand, especially Cloud Tigers jumpers.

The signature print of the Kenzo brand is also a stylized eye, which is very often seen on various men's T-shirts. A kind of surreal pattern reminds many of the paintings of Salvador Dali.

In the new collection of the brand, you can find original and modern items with an ikat print. It is a pattern with intertwining lines and flowers.

Selection Tips

It is recommended to choose original products from the Kenzo brand to replenish your wardrobe only in boutiques or on the official website of the brand. This is the only way to minimize the possibility of acquiring a fake. Kenzo clothes are often counterfeited, especially copies of sweaters and shirts with a branded tiger and logo are being sold.

In order not to be mistaken with the size, take measurements of your body parameters, after which they can be correlated with the size chart offered by the brand. In order not to miscalculate for sure, it is best to try on the thing you like before buying.

You should not always rely on the latest fashion trends when choosing clothes, the main thing is that it is comfortable in it.

From a wide range of Kenzo brand items, you can create a very successful basic wardrobe, which will contain the necessary things for work, for sports, as well as for walking with friends. For a successful selection of clothes, we recommend choosing a few solid colors for every day, including a few shirts and dress pants. Shoes are also available from the French fashion house.

Don't be afraid to combine things from several brands at once. The wardrobe does not have to consist only of luxury items of one brand, many stars very successfully combine premium items with the mass market. This is why many Kenzo sweaters, as well as a variety of shirts and T-shirts, can perfectly match pants, for example from Zara. The main thing is that the image looks solid and attractive.

Kenzo has a large selection of high quality outerwear that will last for years with proper care. Parks, down jackets and leather jackets can be successfully combined with your ready-made basic wardrobe.

An overview of the original sweatshirt from Kenzo in the video below.

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