Tom Ford men's glasses review

Tom Ford men's glasses review
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  2. Top Models
  3. Secrets of choice

Tom Ford is a name that is known to many. In the 90s of the last century, he headed the fashion houses of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. And in 2005 he created his own trade mark. Tom Ford men's glasses are accessories that have nothing superfluous. We offer an overview of these stylish accessories.


Tom Ford's design idea is that the combination of elegance and simplicity always looks luxurious. In his opinion, in order to look perfect, you should not hang yourself with sequins and rhinestones.

Tom Ford men's glasses are a combination of colors and types of materials, classic and modern designs. Among the models of the brand, you can most often see the combination black and blue colors that look amazing.

Sunglasses from this brand are distinguished by their sophistication thanks to their elegant shape and innovative approach. This thing will make any, even everyday look bright.

The task of the accessories is to create a solid look. The products combine established customs, brevity and brand design. All this makes glasses an indispensable product for everyday use, and, moreover, well protecting from the sun.

Since the brand is famous high quality accessories, this makes it possible to use the glasses for a long time.

Shouldn't be ignored frame glasses of this brand. For its manufacture, the company uses various metal alloys, as well as high quality plastics. Such materials make it possible to experiment with the colors, type and texture of the frame. For people who are actively involved in sports, there are separate proposals, for them glasses from thick nylon.

Top Models

The range of Tom Ford men's glasses is quite extensive. Let's consider several popular models.

  • Tom Ford FT0237 Snowdon. This version is made of plastic and is suitable as glasses for correcting vision. Protects from sunlight, includes case and cleaning cloth.
  • Tom Ford ELISE-02 TF0569 48EA. Model with a gold-colored metal frame. Lenses are made of brown polycarbonate. Includes shipping box, storage case and cleaning cloth.
  • Tom Ford Eugenio 676 01E. Model with rim-type frames, square shape, made of plastic. Polycarbonate lenses in brown color. No polarization. Maximum sun protection.
  • Tom Ford 636-K 16C. This version has a silver-colored rim, metal frame. Lenses are made of gray polycarbonate. No polarization, maximum sun protection.
  • Tom Ford 636-K 01D. This model with a drop-shaped rim is made of black metal. Polycarbonate lenses in violet-gray color. Polarization is present. The product is characterized by maximum sun protection.
  • Tom Ford 638-K 52E. Variation with a rim frame, square shape. Made of plastic. Brown polycarbonate lenses. Without polarization, the product is characterized by high UV protection.
  • Tom Ford 638-K 01A. The model has a square rim frame, made of plastic. The color of the frame is black. Lenses are made of violet-gray polycarbonate. No polarization. It is characterized by maximum protection against UV radiation.
  • Tom Ford 639-K 05J. Square rim frame made of plastic. The color of the frame is black. Brown polycarbonate lenses. No polarization. The product is characterized by high sun protection.
  • Tom Ford 666 01B. Option with drop-shaped rims made of plastic. The colors are black. Lenses are made of blue polycarbonate. Polarization is not provided, the product is characterized by a high degree of protection from the sun.
  • Tom Ford 680 28C. Model with a rim frame, square shape, made of metal. The color is silver. Lenses are made of polycarbonate, blue color. No polarization. Provides a high level of sun protection.

Secrets of choice

To choose the right glasses for men, you need to know their main properties. You should be aware of types accessory, types of lensesused materials for manufacturing, correctly determine face shape. When choosing men's glasses there are several factors to consider.

Lens colors

The functions of such an accessory depend on lens coatings... It depends on it how the glasses will cope with their main task - to protect against UV rays. The main colors that do not have a negative effect on vision are:

  • gray or gray-green, due to which the least strain on the eyes is created, and the colors are distorted to a minimum;
  • brown or green, which increase contrast;
  • yellow ones do not allow the eyes to strain, are popular among drivers;
  • orange is good to use at night, as they smooth out bright light;
  • chameleons, which change color according to the light, are used as glasses for correcting vision.

Lenses made of polymers provide good protection against UV radiation.

Glasses shape

Men's glasses are presented in a variety of shapes. In most cases, there are several traditional frames:

  • aviators - with a drop-shaped lens and a thin metal frame;
  • wayfarers - with trapezoidal lenses and light plastic frames;
  • Lennons - the shape of the lenses is a circle;
  • cat's eye - once this form was considered female, but now there are male models with this form;
  • panto - in which the lower part is rounded, and the upper part is straight.


The colors and materials of the frames are selected based on individual preferences. Many options are made from metal and plastic... The material of the glasses should not cause negative reactions on the skin. Coloring match the color of the clothes with which the glasses will be worn. A universal color is considered black.


Sunglasses should fulfill the following functions: protect from UV rays and smooth out the brightness of the light.

Having an idea of ​​the principles of selection and types of accessories, among the variety of Tom Ford glasses models, every man will be able to choose a suitable item.

How to distinguish original Tom Ford glasses from a fake, see the video.

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