Porsche Design Men's Sunglasses Review

  1. Brand history
  2. Peculiarities
  3. Popular models
  4. Selection Tips

The main function of sunglasses is to protect the eyes of a person from the ultraviolet spectrum of the sun's rays, as well as from too bright light. But, of course, they are also a stylish accessory for modern men. Correctly selected sunglasses from the sun can transform any representative of the stronger sex, make his image unique and attractive. And this is where Porsche Design products can help.

Brand history

Porsche Design was founded in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche... The grandson and heir to the creator of the world-renowned automobile company Porsche has chosen his own way of expressing himself with the creation of the Porsche Design bureau. Over the years, a huge number of all kinds of accessories have been created in it: pens, sunglasses, mobile phones, watches, souvenirs.

Every exclusive piece from this brand combines the outstanding quality of the Porsche brand with revolutionary design and classic elegance. All of this certainly applies to the Porsche Design men's sunglasses.


The unique look of Porsche Design sunglasses is the product of the professional work of the designers and the detailed knowledge of optics and physiognomy. The products are aimed at mature men who know their own worth, who love sports style and expensive quality items.

    Sunglasses for men from the Porsche Design brand have the following indicators of quality and style:

    • provide reliable eye protection from ultraviolet rays;
    • made only from high quality materials;
    • lenses are resistant to mechanical damage;
    • executed in the style of minimalism;
    • have a lightweight and flexible high-quality frame that is resistant to damage and shock;
    • unique design based on a contrasting combination of soft lines and sporty functionality;
    • have a similarity in their style to the design of Porsche cars;
    • all glasses of this brand are equipped with branded original cases.

    Popular models

    The range of sunglasses for men from Porsche Design is currently represented by several well-known models.

    • Porsche Design Р8566. Rectangular glasses with metal frames in titanium, brown, black or gray. The tone of the lenses can be gray-blue mirrored, brown, gray mirrored, as well as gray-blue. Like all sunglasses from this brand, the model comes with a stylish case and cleaning cloth.
    • Porsche Design Р8592. The frame is made of titanium metal, painted black. Lenses can be gray or blue. These are spectacular rim-type glasses with a darkening degree of 3. The glasses have a round shape - these are the so-called tishades.
    • Porsche Design Р8639. This classic model is in the form of a drop (aviators) and is also made of titanium. The lens color is gray, blue or brown. Rim-type frames can be black, gray, brown. Please note that these glasses are also available with polarized lenses.
    • Porsche Design Р8648. This elegant model is also suitable as a spectacle for correcting vision. The lenses are green, gray or brown. The rim-type frames are made of plastic and painted in black, dark red or brown. The model has the shape of a wayfarer.

    Selection Tips

    In order for sunglasses to harmoniously complement the image of their wearer, it is necessary to take into account factors such as face shape, hair color and specific clothing style. Before purchasing Porsche Design sunglasses for men, you should carefully read the recommendations of the experts. Depending on the type of face, stylists advise choosing certain frame shapes.

    • Round... For this type, frame shapes are suitable, which visually reduce roundness. Frames in the shape of a rectangle and a trapezoid will look perfect.
    • Square. Glasses with rounded edges will soften the angularity and make the features softer and more attractive.
    • Oval. It is considered the ideal type of face. Its owner can afford any frame design, except for very bulky ones that hide perfect proportions.
    • Oblong... A round frame works best for this type, a quadrangular shape is the worst option.
    • Heart-shaped... The sharpness of the chin will be smoothed out by the round design of the frame and aviator glasses (teardrop-shaped).
    • Triangular... Wearers of this type of face need frames with corners stretched upward, for example, glasses in the shape of a trapezoid.
    • Rhombus. The frame should balance the massive forehead and pointed chin. Aviator and oversized models are recommended.

    Hair color should be in harmony with the color of the frame. Bright and dark frames are suitable for fair-haired men, and light designs for those with dark hair.

        The color of the lenses should not contrast with the color of clothing and accessories.

        Always consider the general style of clothing: do not wear a sporty style of glasses with a business suit, and a strict frame with sportswear.

        An overview of the Porsche Design glasses in the video below.

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