On which finger do men wear a wedding ring?

  1. Why is it customary to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger?
  2. What are the exceptions?
  3. Wearing traditions in different countries

Couples who decide to legitimize their relationship celebrate this event in different ways. Some arrange a lavish holiday, others spend time modestly with their families. Do not forget about the traditions of different countries and peoples. Despite significant differences, one element of marriage remains unchanged - the engagement ring.

Why is it customary to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger?

It is customary to wear women's and men's wedding rings on the ring finger. Each nationality has its own reasons for this tradition. The peoples of the East believe that it is this part of the hand that is directly connected to the heart through a vein.

The Slavs have other thoughts on this matter. For them, each finger is a definite connection with their relatives. Thumbs are parents. The family in which a person appeared and grew up. Brothers, sisters and other close relatives are indicative. The central finger is the person himself. Little fingers symbolize children, future descendants. Husband and wife are ring fingers.

Many people know the legend that tells of a strong bond between spouses. To demonstrate it, it is necessary to fold both hands, pressing the fingers together, and bending the middle fingers down, holding them between the palms. In this position, all fingers can be easily separated from each other, except for the ring fingers. Thus a strong bond between husband and wife is visible.

And also you need to take into account religious affiliation. Orthodox Christians wear the ring on the fourth finger of their right hand, while Catholics wear the ring on the same finger on their left hand.

What are the exceptions?

The wedding ring is not only worn by men who are officially married. Divorced people also leave this decoration. Residents of Russia who have broken off legal relations, but do not want to give up the accessory for various reasons (habit, like the look of the jewelry, etc.), wear a ring on the ring finger of their left hand. With the help of jewelry, a man can clearly demonstrate that his previous relationship has come to an end.

Lately, fewer and fewer people leave their wedding ring after divorce. Many get rid of the decoration altogether.

The symbol of family life is often retained by widowers. Some men find it difficult to fully accept the loss of a loved one, and they leave the ring in memory of him. Psychologists do not support this position. They believe that by maintaining an emotional connection with the deceased person, the individual harms himself.

If you want to keep the wedding decoration, you can leave it in its usual place, but transfer it to the other hand. In this case, Orthodox Christians change the ring on their left hand, and Catholics on their right.

Wearing traditions in different countries

Each nation has its own traditions and rules related to wedding paraphernalia and the conduct of this celebration.

    In the USA and Europe

    In America, things are completely different from in Russia. According to local traditions, residents of the United States first put an engagement ring on their ring finger, and during the wedding, another piece of jewelry is added to it - an engagement ring. This is due to the fact that almost all Americans belong to the Catholic faith. According to religious traditions, they are baptized with their left hand, therefore the ring is put on this particular hand.

    It is worth noting deviations from the rules depending on the region of residence and religion.

    In Europe, everything is more complicated. In this case, the country is of great importance.Westerners wear jewelry on their left hand in the same way as Americans. But the Europeans of the eastern part support the traditions of the Russians and wear a ring on their right hand. This rule does not apply to all Europeans, but the majority.

    And also wedding traditions are available in each country of the above region. Spouses living in Spain, Poland or Norway adorn their right hand with jewelry. But the French, British and Irish do differently. Opinions about which hand should wear a wedding decoration are sometimes divided even on the territory of one state. At the same time, disagreements do not prevent lovers from entering into marriages and living in harmony.


      According to Islamic traditions, men do not wear wedding rings at all. However, you can find Muslims who have a different opinion. In this case, the region of residence of the future spouses plays an important role.

      In ancient times, rulers often dictated fashion to the common people. The Shah had the right to issue a decree according to which wedding rings were to be worn on the index finger. Another ruler, in order to distinguish himself, issued another decree. It said - men wear a ring on their little finger... Thus, the peoples of the East had 10 options for wearing this accessory.

      Today, wedding traditions have been established, and Muslims began to wear jewelry on the ring finger, as is customary in many countries. The hand is chosen according to geography.

      The material of the jewelry for married men is different from the traditional one. Representatives of the stronger sex practically do not wear gold, opting for platinum or silver. And also the original form is widespread.


      The Jews have several wedding ceremonies that are still followed today. The main criterion influencing the conduct of a wedding celebration is the strength of religion. If the future spouses strictly observe religious principles, the wedding will take place taking into account the age-old canons of the Torah.

      According to the traditions described in the holy book of the Jews, men do not wear rings at all.... During the wedding, the jewelry is worn only on the bride's left hand (ring finger). Secular couples who have decided to move away from national canons can choose any product material, shape and wearing option.

      Note: It is worth noting that the spouse wears the ring on the ring finger of her left hand only during the marriage ceremony. Then she has the right to take it off and put it on any convenient finger. In this case, it doesn't matter which hand the jewelry will be on.

      Most women and men who choose to wear a bridal accessory choose the ring finger. This option is the most common in the world and is considered traditional.

      For information on how to choose a wedding ring for a man, see the next video.

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