Gray wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom

  1. Popular shades
  2. Prints and textures
  3. What colors are combined with?
  4. What styles are suitable for?
  5. Beautiful examples

Gray is one of the most popular colors today. It is actively used by fashion designers and interior designers in their collections. Finishing in gray allows the room to get an aristocratic gloss, and thanks to the variety of shades, every homeowner can choose something of his own. Especially often gray tones are used in the decoration of bedrooms. This article will focus on wallpaper in this color scheme.

Popular shades

The gray color is very versatile and varied. It has over 50 shades. Light gray and dark gray are just the most familiar ones. Most often, the following options are chosen for bedrooms:

  • silver;
  • graphite;
  • shade of wet asphalt;
  • steel;
  • lead;
  • smoky;
  • with pearl undertone;
  • gray;
  • ashen;
  • pearl;
  • slate.

Most shades of gray are quite ambiguous, as they are obtained by mixing with another tone. Today it is a fashionable trend, and designers are actively using it in their projects. Let's take a closer look at this palette.

  • Gray brown. One of the most relevant shades. From a distance it looks extremely dark gray, but up close you can see a warm brown undertone.
  • Gray-white. A familiar and understandable color. It turned out thanks to a mixture of white and black, white dominates here.
  • Gray-black. Dark, but not gloomy tone. Like the previous one, it was created thanks to a mixture of white and black, but now the latter dominates.
  • Gray yellow. Light and pleasant gray color with slight yellow spots. It goes well with natural wood and stone.
  • Gray-violet. Very contrasting and ambiguous tone, purple is clearly visible.
  • Gray blue. Cold and rather strict color, which must be used carefully. Best combined with dark woods.
  • Gray pink. This powdery gray tone is a great choice for a girl. He is handsome and unobtrusive.

Prints and textures

Gray wallpapers can be made from a wide variety of materials. The cheapest will be paper ones, but they do not have a very long service life, and it is difficult to re-glue them. And yet they are quite popular due to their low price. Vinyl models are more durable, resist moisture and dirt well.

Non-woven solutions have also gained great popularity, which, if necessary, can be painted.

Even in the decoration of the bedroom, you can apply the following types of wallpaper:

  • metallized;
  • textile;
  • liquid.

The texture can also be completely different:

  • flax (this is a dense fabric surface);
  • canvas (it has a porous texture);
  • sand (graininess, roughness);
  • plaster (embossed texture).

In addition, the texture can imitate other materials. For example, stone or brick, marble. There are also absolutely smooth options.

As for the drawings, now they are much more common than the standard plain colors. If we talk about gray wallpaper, then certain solutions can be the most profitable.

  • Geometry. Geometric shapes are at their peak of popularity right now. The more complex the style, the more elaborate they can be. For minimalism, you can choose simple shapes, for example, polka dots, a small square, for high-tech, abstractions are suitable.
  • Flora. Floral and plant ornament is perfect for a calm interior. Large flowers, palm branches, designs of trees and foliage are popular.
  • Ornament. Ornamental solutions will be very appropriate in classic bedrooms.They can be supplemented with carving, stucco molding.

Also noteworthy are the photomurals, the silvery varieties of which look beautiful in the bedrooms. Images of cities, abstractions, drawings of a forest and jungle will look interesting.

Prints are also quite diverse, each of them is capable of performing a specific function.

  • Herringbone print visually expands the space. A small zigzag can be used to decorate the entire wall, with a large one, only one accent.
  • "Fish scales" - a great option for Art Deco bedrooms. Large scales should contain several shades of gray that will flow smoothly into each other.
  • "Damascus". An heraldic print suitable for classic and baroque bedrooms. Very sophisticated, it looks amazing in the color described.

These are not all the prints to choose from, but other variations will be less relevant for silver bedrooms.

What colors are combined with?

Gray wallpapers can rightfully be called universal, since they can be combined with almost any color shades. First of all, it is worth mentioning the monochrome interior. In such a design, only gray is used, not one, but two or more types. A gradient from light to dark or vice versa looks pretty interesting.

When combining gray with other colors, there are several important rules to keep in mind:

  • if several additional colors are chosen, they should have a single range (either warm or cold);
  • a rich tone must be diluted with light colors, otherwise the interior will turn out to be gloomy;
  • light silver undertones will require bright and juicy blotches.

Now let's look at the basic combinations that designers use most often.


The cold white tone is a great companion to gray as it is part of it. It should be noted that in addition to such colors, black is very often taken. All objects in such a room should be in harmony with each other. For example, gray wallpaper, white bed, black accessories. Bedrooms with a similar range look restrained and elegant.


Blue shades look best in sunny bedrooms. They go well with both plain wallpaper and numerous prints and patterns. Light blue can look pretty mediocre, but bright turquoise colors will come in handy. The same can be said for Tiffany, aqua, sky on a clear day. The atmosphere of the bedrooms in such a design will be cool and fresh.


Gray goes well with pink and is one of the most popular combinations today. Both colors come in many shades. For example, pink can be either light, powdered, or juicy, fuchsia. When combining shades, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the room will turn out to be flashy. A good option is to combine light with dark. For example, silvery light tones can be beautifully complemented with bright magenta or pink fuchsia curtains.

But even two light shades, when used correctly, can look beautiful: for example, ashy will be a good companion for lavender pink or cherry buds.


Sunny yellow always evokes warmth, summer. It immediately lifts your spirits, energizes, increases efficiency. Yellow is a great partner for gray, it effectively sets it off, makes it less gloomy. The room becomes warm and comfortable. You can use different variations of yellow to combine. So, saturated asphalt will look beautiful with apricot, sunny yellow, sandy tones. Lighter shades can be combined with corn, amber, lemon motifs.


One of the best companions for this color.Especially this solution is liked by nature lovers: if you combine gray, for example, with light green, then immediately there will be an association with spring and the first weak shoots making their way out of the ground. Here are a few more green options commonly used in a gray wallpaper bedroom:

  • jade;
  • Granny's apple shade;
  • forest green;
  • mint;
  • green meadow;
  • grassy;
  • green lime;
  • emerald;
  • chartreuse.


As mentioned, black looks best if the room has white tints. Combining only two colors, black and gray, is not a very good idea. The room will be gloomy and visually appear smaller. If there is a desire to arrange it this way, then you should think over bright accessories that will revive the room.


Both gray and beige are neutral colors, but with proper selection, it will be possible to organize a luxurious and sophisticated tandem. It is recommended to complement the main shade with the following tones:

  • lilac beige;
  • pink beige;
  • peach beige;
  • orange-beige.

In addition, such a bedroom will require several bright accessories.

What styles are suitable for?

Gray wallpapers can successfully fit into many design trends.

  • Minimalism. For this style, gray is the best choice. It is restrained and concise, like the style itself. Wallpaper prints should be simple and straightforward. The furniture is recommended in light pastel colors.
  • High tech. Stylish and fashionable hi-tech has not bypassed its attention and modern bedrooms.

Here, it would be appropriate to use rich dark colors, combining them with shiny glossy surfaces and steel accessories.

  • Loft. Concrete is one of the most common materials for an attic loft. Therefore, wallpaper in this color will look amazing. The ceiling can be either whitewashed or gray, ceiling beams are also appropriate. Furniture is better to choose wooden, rough construction.
  • Classic. For classic interiors, it is recommended to choose light gray tones or a gradient. Supplement with white is required. A print with monograms, stripes is allowed.
  • Shabby chic. This direction will turn out if you correctly combine silver with pink. Mostly girls choose shabby chic for their bedrooms.
  • Ethno. This style cannot be imagined without gray. It looks very original, bold, and relaxed. But in order for the room to look harmonious, it must be complemented with wooden furniture, fresh flowers and plants.
  • Provence. Romantic, gentle style. A bedroom in this direction will be calm and sincere. Wallpaper should be light gray, inserts with floral patterns are recommended. You can complement the main tone with pale purple, light pink, beige tones.
  • Scandinavian. Simple and restrained Scandinavian style will sparkle with new colors in a gray design. Dark shades will look bleak, so go for lighter colors. Be sure to have natural materials in the decoration. Live plants will also do the trick.
  • Nautical. This style can only be obtained by combining gray with blue or cyan, turquoise, aqua. The direction is characterized by special grace, it brings calmness, coolness and relaxation.

Beautiful examples

Let's look at some interesting examples of the use of gray wallpaper in the design of the bedroom.

  • The bedroom is in dark colors, but does not look gloomy thanks to large windows and thoughtful lighting. The three-dimensional picture serves as a bright blotch here.
  • Stunning silver and purple bedroom. The accent wall above the headboard contains a light yet eye-catching pattern.
  • In this photo, you can see how beautifully the gray-brown tone is set off by the glossy white surfaces.
  • A monochrome and very discreet bedroom, there is not a single superfluous item here.
  • Shown here is the bedroom in a minimalist direction.

Gray is diluted with cool mint shades.

  • Bright and light gray-yellow bedroom. The coziness is achieved here thanks to the rich yellow colors, which serve as a contrast to the restrained gray.
  • Elegant bedroom in grays and powdery pinks. The accent here will be a wall with a plant print.
  • And here you can see how interesting purple is combined with a large pattern on gray wallpaper. The accent wall also has a purple tone.
  • Very nice designer bedroom in gray and red tones. The abundance of accessories here does not create the impression of being overwhelmed.
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