Turquoise wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom

  1. Color features
  2. Shades and patterns
  3. How to choose?
  4. Beautiful examples in the interior

Turquoise wallpaper in the bedroom always brings a refreshing note to everyday life, contributes to complete rest and relaxation. Before choosing curtains for such a background, you just need to decide on a shade - it can be more blue or green. With turquoise wallpaper, it is easy to create an interior in light colors, but other options are also worthy of attention - they should be considered in more detail, having studied all the features in detail.

Color features

Wallpaper in a shade of turquoise in the bedroom is selected in cases where it is required to arrange the space in a calm and harmonious color scheme. They are used in different styles of interior decoration. The initially complex, multifaceted color originates in the color of a natural mineral, in nature represented by all tones of blue, sky blue, greenish.

When making wallpaper, much depends on the basis - on natural fabrics, the shades are more watercolor, on paper and vinyl - very bright and juicy.

Initially, turquoise is a cool tone that can look refreshing or become the perfect backdrop for an interior composition. It goes equally well with bright colors, as well as with neutral gray, white. This allows you to use shades in a greenish-blue range in almost any style, excluding hi-tech and minimalism.

Shades and patterns

A distinctive characteristic of turquoise wallpapers is the variety of their colors. Even when changing lighting from artificial to natural, they look different. Turquoise is a real "chameleon", playing in different ways with new accessories or ornaments. Among the options for wallpaper design, several shades can be distinguished.

  • Dark turquoise. They are well suited for accent wall at the head of the bed, for rooms with large windows, light floors and white moldings.
  • Light turquoise. Delicate and light tones are great for adding visual spaciousness to the bedroom. They blend well with pastel or vibrant colors.
  • Bluish green. For wallpapers with such a shade, the color seems to be washed out, it changes under different lighting conditions. It is a good choice for bedrooms in open-plan interiors as well as loft spaces.

In addition to plain wallpaper, print options are popular. Heraldic or floristic ornaments in silvery colors, in the form of embossing, look noble. The stripe is a great print for rooms with low ceilings, and geometric patterns can help visually narrow an overly spacious room.

Sharp contrasts and complex abstract patterns should be avoided - they neutralize all the charm of a delicate color. In the nursery, you can choose turquoise wallpaper with polka dots or with patterns of a marine theme.

How to choose?

The choice of a suitable turquoise wallpaper for the bedroom is worth doing considering the overall color scheme. For example, white pieces of furniture and curtains look good against a greenish-blue ornate wallpaper. Bright oriental motifs, where turquoise dominates in its pure light blue color, dictate other solutions - interspersed with yellow and orange.

Do not forget about other important parameters.

  1. Texture. Smooth is more suitable for a bedroom than bulky. The smaller the area of ​​the space, the more neutral the background should be.
  2. The proportionality of the picture. For the bedroom, plain options with small prints are more suitable. You can combine a laconic solution near the bed with a more luxuriant wallpaper design at the dressing table.
  3. Stylistic combination. Turquoise wallpaper is actively used in the aesthetics of country, Provence, Mediterranean style. They are appropriate in modern interiors, but in a monochromatic version, with a predominance of green shades. Oriental and colonial styles are also well complemented by such wall decoration, but in a more luxurious version.
  4. Appointment. Sometimes it is better to highlight just one wall with a bright or dark color, making the rest of the design more neutral. If the wallpaper is to become the central element of the composition in the interior, they can be selected in a richer range.
  5. Ease of application and combination. If the area of ​​the walls is limited, you should not choose photo wallpapers that are difficult to join, but liquid materials can be a good solution here. In rooms with complex geometry of the ceiling or walls, it is better to choose wallpaper for painting.
  6. Basis type. Paper wallpapers are the most budgetary, but quite suitable for the bedroom due to the breathable structure. Foamed vinyl bases are inappropriate here, but non-woven, with a complex structure, as well as textile materials, look good.

Given these recommendations, you can find the best option for turquoise wallpaper for bedroom decoration.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Turquoise wallpaper is a good background solution for a bedroom interior. They look harmonious both in combination with a bright Mediterranean style and in a classic frame. The most successful examples deserve special attention.

  • Turquoise wallpaper is what you need a walk-through bedroom, combined with other areas of the house. Color accent on the walls creates a sense of privacy, zoning the space, adding space and "air" to it.
  • Delicate turquoise in the form of a smooth wall covering is in harmony with the basic white, gray colors in the interior. Perfectly selected details are complemented by textiles with geometric prints and an original chunky knit bedspread.
  • Shades of natural stone always look advantageous in a spacious room. The bedroom with a large snow-white bed, furniture and textiles is complemented here by textured turquoise wallpaper with original ornaments. It was he who was chosen as the main accent in this laconic interior.
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