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Men's thermal underwear is designed to keep the body warm in cold weather or cool the skin in hot weather. Wearing it prevents frostbite during prolonged outdoor exposure in frosty weather and gives a noticeable feeling of comfort. The most popular thermal underwear for men has become among athletes who are involved in winter sports. This functional underwear is recognized as an essential piece of outdoor adventure equipment. You can choose a suitable set or a separate piece of thermal clothing for yourself, based on preferences, occupation and weather conditions.

What it is?

The effectiveness of thermal underwear lies in its ability to remove moisture that has come out from the surface of the skin, ensuring dryness of the body under warm clothing even after intense physical exertion. Thermal underwear, due to the warming effect, provides sufficient thermal insulation, due to which body heat is not lost under the layers of clothing.

In addition, insulated thermal underwear does not hinder movement, which is explained by the special weaving of the material used and the perfect structure of microfibers.

The main advantage of thermal underwear is that when the body sweats, it does not accumulate sweat, but removes excess moisture. Unlike clothes made of cotton or synthetics, it allows you to keep the heat generated by the body at the coldest temperatures possible in conditions of low physical activity. Thermal underwear does not lose its thermal insulation qualities due to the accelerated absorption of sweat.


Most often, thermal underwear is popular with athletes for practicing in many areas and sports.

So, for surfing, it is preferable to purchase quick-drying thermal underwear. Skaters require the thinnest clothing that does not hinder movement during the ice program. For skiing, it is necessary to use men's thermal underwear with enhanced protection of the groin area from the possibility of hypothermia.

Tourist suits of this type are produced in compliance with established hygiene standards, which allows you to wear clothes without removing them for several days.

Thermal underwear is presented by different types of clothing.

  • Jumpsuits Ideal for training and competition on cold days, for skiing or snowboarding, for playing hockey and just outdoor activities. The overalls, due to the fusion, provide full thermoregulation in the back and lumbar region.

Freedom of movement becomes possible due to the special anatomical cut, the evaporated moisture is extremely quickly removed outside and the original freshness of the body is preserved.

  • Thermosocks have the function of moisture removal, thereby protecting the feet from freezing by creating a protective layer between the shoes and the skin.

High-quality thermal socks guarantee freshness, eliminate the smell of sweat, and create a comfortable feeling to wear in all climates.

  • Men's underpants are a special type of underwear thermal underwear that protects the body in winter from freezing temperatures and cold winds.

Thermal pants, among other advantages of thermal underwear, stimulate blood circulation and keep warm muscles in good shape during workouts.

  • White linen is a great alternative to a regular top worn as a bottom layer of clothing.It can be a thermal shirt or a thermal shirt. There are other options for colors and design, but it depends on the purpose and practicality of specific items of clothing.

Underwear for men is presented in stores in the form of boxer shorts, which provide protection against hypothermia.

By appointment

Certain types of laundry should be used in different situations.

  • Hockey thermal underwear serves as the bottom layer of the athlete's equipment. The most snug fit of the underwear is the main condition, because hockey protection is put on over it. Wearing comfort is achieved by preventing chafing of the skin with the fixation attachments, as well as the addition of integrated protection elements in the groin area.

There are thermal clothing for hockey in the form of a one-piece overalls, a thermal shirt with heating with long and short sleeves, underpants and shorts.

  • Ski thermal underwear presented in the form of an insulated suit with an additional layer. It is designed to prevent sudden jumps in body temperature, as well as to protect the body from harmful ultraviolet rays when skiing in ski resorts.
  • For volleyball thermal underwear of compression type, characterized by increased elasticity of the fabric, is best suited.

These tight-fitting clothing is essential for maintaining muscle and enhancing oxygen metabolism, as well as conserving energy and endurance during high-intensity play, increasing training efficiency.

  • For lovers of hunting and fishing the purchase of high-quality thermal underwear will not hurt. Indeed, when using it, the pleasure of relaxation will not be disturbed by a piercing wind, severe frost or increased dampness. For hunting, you will need durable fabrics that are resistant to various stains, in particular, fine merino wool with the addition of nylon or polyester is best suited to add elasticity to the fabric.

Soft, dense, lightweight thermal underwear, taking into account the expected speed of movement and favorable weather conditions, will help the hunter to be in extreme conditions of the wild without the consequences of a cold and harm to health.

  • For fishing in winter you need to choose a thermal underwear that corresponds to the intensity of the fishing method and the temperature conditions in the reservoir. At the same time, it is important not to forget to put on thermal socks, which will drain excess moisture from the legs, ensuring dry feet. Before buying insulating jackets and pants, you need to try them on to make sure they fit tightly to the body and there is no discomfort.

In order for the equipment to serve more than one winter season, it is recommended to acquire functional thermal underwear from the middle price category.

By the number of layers

Two-layer thermal underwear combines two useful properties at the same time - moisture wicking and heat saving. The functionality of the linen is achieved by the so-called air gap, which contributes to thermal insulation. The air inside the braided cells acts as a kind of buffer. A distinctive characteristic of thermal clothing is its cellular structure, which removes moisture from the cells adjacent to the body and redistributes it over the surface, ensuring rapid evaporation.

There is also summer linen, thin in structure, designed to regulate the processes of heat and moisture exchange. It is especially useful for high loads, accompanied by intense sweating.

In order for the equipment to serve more than one winter season, it is recommended to acquire functional thermal underwear from the middle price category.

Materials (edit)

The determining factor in the purpose of men's thermal underwear is the material for its manufacture. Natural fabrics include cotton and wool, while synthetic fabrics include polyester, polypropylene, fleece and acrylic. Warmed underwear can be used by men in everyday use. The material of such high-tech clothing is made from cotton, cashmere, synthetic and woolen fibers. Therefore, this variation of the laundry acquires softness, but at the same time the removal of moisture is reduced. On the contrary, synthetics are water-repellent. The woven fibers of various cross-sections provide comfort due to the increased density of the fabric fibers.

Among other things, thermal clothing is distinguished by the presence of flat seams or without them at all from the outer part of the linen.

The cut of linen in different zones, as a rule, is built from a combination of various materials that differ in density, composition and functions performed. For example, thermal shirts are made from a hybrid of natural and man-made fabric fibers. Putting on thermal underwear, you can safely forget about getting your clothes wet. It is also not bad to wear such underwear in the warm seasons; a good option would be fabric made from natural materials with a slight admixture of synthetics.

Fleece men's thermal underwear is suitable for any type of activity, has an aesthetic appearance, increased strength and wear resistance, sufficient thermal insulation and provides access to the body of oxygen.

Fleece linen belongs to the budget category, but at the same time it is hypoallergenic, dries quickly, protects from the wind and does not absorb the smell of sweat.

Top brands rating

When choosing a set of thermal underwear, you need to be guided by the quality of the material used in the manufacture of underwear, as well as rely on the rating of the most popular brands and pay attention to the recommendations of users.

Men's thermal underwear should be durable and undemanding to care, adapted to constant temperature fluctuations, balanced in terms of heat-insulating and moisture-wicking functions.

The best thermal underwear must necessarily meet the optimal ratio of price and quality, fully fulfill the declared set of functional properties.

  • X-Bionic - a company from Switzerland, known all over the world and engaged in the latest developments and production of constantly improving models of thermal underwear, thermal socks and other sports equipment.

It has such competitive advantages as futuristic style, wear resistance, tight fit, optimal heat retention and freedom of movement.

  • Norveg - thermal underwear from a German manufacturer, presented in a wide range at an attractive price. Most of the products are made from special synthetic fibers, merino wool and natural cotton or silk.

Models of this brand are pleasant to the touch, reliably fit the body, have flat stitching and maintain the anatomical shape of the muscles, are suitable for everyday wear.

  • Guahoo Is a Finnish brand of men's thermal underwear that combines high quality and reasonable prices in its diverse product line. The kits differ from each other in that they are suitable for different temperatures and levels of physical activity. The material is composed of viscose and acrylic fibers.

Among the advantages are flat seams on linen and manufacturability.

  • Laplandic Professional - Finnish thermal underwear, taking into account the harsh conditions of the local climate. Its production is based on the use of a combined material, which includes polyester, cotton and acrylic.
  • Janus produces Norwegian thermal underwear from merino sheep wool, using high-quality raw materials in combination with modern production technologies. It warms up at any subzero ambient temperatures, regulating heat exchange and allowing air to pass through.

Suitable for everyday wear, creating a pleasant feeling of warmth and having a long service life.

  • Thermoform - Turkish functional thermal underwear with an enveloping warmth effect.Crafted from multi-layered hybrid materials, it fits perfectly to the body for a perfect fit without hindering movement.

You can choose a kit for any purpose, since the range of products is quite extensive.

What kind of thermal underwear to choose?

Before the direct purchase of thermal underwear, you should finally decide at what permissible temperature marks and in what type of physical activity the kit will be worn. Comfort during any activity depends on the correct choice of thermal underwear.

Men's thermal underwear is suitable for spending time in extreme natural areas, and for everyday wear, thus protecting against freezing even in severe frosts.

Before giving preference to a particular model, you should carefully examine it. First of all, make sure of the uniformity of the structure and the quality of tailoring. The seams should not be inside, be too stiff and large. In the process of using thermal underwear, proper care of clothes becomes an important aspect. Follow the instructions on the label when washing.

In the manufacture of clothing for recreation at an active pace and for sports activities, the principle of multilayer underwear should be observed. Thermal underwear is a body layer designed to control the efficiency of heat exchange during the frosty season. It should adhere sufficiently to the surface of the body, but not squeeze the muscles.

On top of thermal underwear, especially in winter, a second layer is usually worn, for example, a warm sweater or fleece jacket. Then they are insulated with an outer protective layer that ensures body breathing and the removal of excess moisture from under the clothes, while protecting against adverse weather influences, including precipitation and strong wind.

How to wear it correctly?

In order for modern equipment not to cause discomfort, but to function effectively, you need to carefully select each of the layers of clothing, clearly realizing what conditions the thermal underwear is intended for.

Manufacturers are constantly developing specialized models suitable for certain types of sports and recreation, taking into account the characteristics and degree of intensity of loads, the seasonality of clothing.

When buying thermal underwear, you should pay attention to the correctness of determining the appropriate size. Because clothes that are large in size will begin to dangle and cease to perform their intended functions, since they will not fit snugly to the surface of the body. And when choosing a smaller than required size, the muscles will be squeezed, and will also lead to a violation of blood flow.

Review overview

Netizens highly appreciate the quality of most of the models of thermal underwear on the market. When leaving reviews, the products are evaluated in terms of durability, design, comfort and ease of cleaning, as well as the availability of the required dimensions and performance of ventilation and heat-retaining properties.

For a comfortable stay in the cold, it is important not to warm yourself in several layers of winter clothes made of ordinary fabrics, but to buy yourself a set of thermal underwear that will be invisible under outerwear.

The most modern solution is sewing thermal underwear using seamless technology, which found a response among buyers.

One of the most important functional properties of technological thermal underwear is its comfortable fit, which prevents chafing of certain areas of sensitive skin. Another advantage of thermal underwear is called by users its hygienic properties, which prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

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