Men's silver rings: types, rules for choosing and wearing

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For several centuries in a row, jewelry has been an integral part of the image of both women and men. And if ladies most often prefer gold and elite jewelry, then men mostly tend to silver. In this article, we will talk about men's silver rings, their varieties, as well as the rules for choosing and wearing.


Silver is one of the most demanded metals in the jewelry industry. This is explained not only by its aesthetic appearance, but also by the ease of working with it. Metal lends itself to various types of processing, it is easy to interact with it, but this can become a disadvantage, since products made of the purest silver quickly deteriorate and lose their shape. For this reason, various kinds of impurities are added to silver. By their number, the sample of the received product is determined.

The following samples can be found in jewelry:

  • 720 - the lowest quality, such metal will soon cast yellow;
  • 875 - the quality is better here, but the silver needs to be cleaned often, otherwise it will turn black;
  • 916 and 925 are the best samples, such silver retains its original appearance for a long time.

As for the forms of silver for making men's rings, there are also several of them.

  • Sterling. It is practically white, very valuable silver, which has a standard of 925. In addition to the standard, rings made of this metal often bear the manufacturer's stamp.
  • Blackened. This silver has been known since the time of tsarist Russia. It has not lost its popularity even today, such products are considered a real exclusive. Rings made of blackened material look artificially aged.

Very often, to give the metal a shine, it is coated with a thin layer of rhodium. The best fashion houses in Europe can boast of such jewelry. Used in the manufacture of jewelry and sulfur, similar silver is called oxidized. Another method is gilding, when silver is covered with a light layer of gold, which makes it stronger.

Matte silver stands out with a special chic - such jewelry is rarely found anywhere, and they are highly valued.

There are many benefits to buying a silver men's ring:

  • metal is suitable for a person of any age and with any skin color;
  • decorations are minimalist, they are unobtrusive, they can be effectively combined with other products;
  • the price of silver is much lower than that of gold;
  • this metal has not lost its popularity for centuries, so one can hardly expect that something will change in the near future;
  • a huge assortment of all kinds of models is presented to the buyer's choice.

The only drawbacks of silver can be considered that it needs frequent cleaning, and is also subject to mechanical stress. Therefore, you should be careful in wearing.

Types and design

Before choosing a silver men's ring, which is planned to be worn for many years, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the common types of such jewelry.


This is the most common choice for men preparing for a wedding. Silver wedding models are minimalistic, do not attract attention, differ in slim design, look fashionable and stylish. They can be either thin or wide, with or without patterns. Many people prefer engraved engagement rings. This is a good solution for a lady who can make the same engraving on her jewelry.


These are massive rings, which got their name due to the fact that they used to be used for printing on documents. In past centuries, the family coat of arms could be engraved on the seal, which was a symbol of power and status.

No less popular were all kinds of patterns, engravings, seals and stones inlaid. Today, such rings have not lost their popularity; many men like them.

Modern seals are most often in the form of a square or oval, but the design idea is not limited to this, presenting other, less standard forms, for example, a circle. On sale there are carved, openwork, engraved, gilded seals with various symbols. Aged models made of blackened silver with ornaments look quite interesting.


Many people confuse such rings with a signet, and, indeed, the difference between the two varieties is hardly noticeable. In the seals, the upper part is rectangular, in the rings it is rounded. The overwhelming majority of men's silver rings are decorated with stones. Cubic zirconia, which shine with a cool shine and emphasize the masculinity of their owner, become the most budget option. Cubic zirconias are not inserted entirely, they are crushed into small crumbs and sprinkled on the front of the ring.

Another interesting solution would be a diamond. Despite the fact that such a stone is more often found in women's jewelry, it is also very suitable for men. If a diamond is chosen, the rings are usually coated with a layer of rhodium to complement the brilliance of the stone.

In addition, ring-rings can be inlaid with other precious and semi-precious stones: amethyst, sapphire, emerald, ruby, topaz. Of course, such models are quite expensive.


In addition to the standard rings familiar to the eye, designers regularly invent new models that can satisfy the tastes of the most discerning young people. These rings are a great choice for creative, free-spirited men who love to stand out from the crowd.

  • Massive rings with a skull, bones, and other symbols of death look quite interesting. These models are loved by bikers, as well as men who adhere to unusual youth trends and cultures.
  • Rings with animals, for example, a tiger or a lion, will appeal to brutal guys who love the attention of the opposite sex and want to attract it with all their might.
  • Options with unusual decor such as eyes, feather, leaves, claws, star, bird are suitable for creative people. Here, the choice will only depend on personal preference.


Such rings can be of different designs and designs. They are for guys and girls who are in relationships but not yet married. Often, such items have love symbols: large hearts, corresponding inscriptions, pigeons.


Orthodox silver rings are suitable for believing men. Usually, such models are engraved with short prayers, images of angels, saints. Such rings will be a good gift for dad, grandfather, uncle, husband.


It is believed that amulet rings bring good luck to their owner and protect him from all kinds of negativity. Quite often, such rings look original; ethnic ornaments or Slavic symbols can be depicted on them. But there are also simpler, classic options.

How to wear?

Many men, having bought a ring, do not always understand how to wear it correctly so that it looks beautiful and stylish. Modern rings can be worn on both the right and left hand. However, keep in mind that if you are married, the wedding ring will be on your right hand. It is undesirable to put rings on other fingers of this hand, but on the left one - no one forbids, the main thing is that there should be one ring.

Now let's see on which fingers it is recommended to wear silver jewelry.

  • Little finger. It is believed that rings on the little finger are worn by those who love intrigue, deceit, deception.Quite often, people with a ring on their little finger can be seen in films, and there they play far from positive characters. On the other hand, the ring on the little finger is often found in creative personalities, people of art.
  • Nameless. A wedding ring is usually worn on the ring finger, but if the man is still single, then any jewelry can be put on this finger. Silver rings on the ring fingers testify to the romance of nature, they contribute to the development of creativity, imagination, inspiration.
  • Average. Massive jewelry is rarely worn on such a finger, especially if it is the right hand. This is for a simple reason: large rings can interfere with daily work. Nevertheless, palmists believe that the middle finger is responsible for harmony in the soul, and therefore you can find men who put rings on it.
  • Pointing. The ring on the index finger often indicates that the person wearing it is used to power and self-love. Many years ago, by the rings worn on this finger, one could understand a person's belonging to certain areas of life. Today this tradition is a thing of the past, but often people still intuitively distrust men who wear a silver ring on their index finger.
  • Big. Wearing a ring on the thumb was considered fashionable even among the ancient Romans. It emphasized the status, strength of character of its owner. Thus, rings are still worn, but it is better to choose something not too massive.

It is important to note that the listed traditions, of course, do not oblige the owner of the jewelry to anything. Each man himself has the right to decide on which finger it is more convenient for him to wear the ring. It is important to take into account the person's age, physique, and clothing style.

Secrets of choice

When choosing a silver ring, a man is advised to remember a few rules for a successful purchase.

  • It is advisable not to buy rings online. It is important to be able to try on a piece of jewelry, see how it will look.
  • Product size matters a lot. If your hands are large, you need to pick up massive rings, if small - refined.
  • Make sure that there is a sample on the ring, ask the seller to show the quality certificate. Check that there are no scratches or chips on the jewelry. If there are stones, they should be tightly attached.
  • Try to choose rings during the day, in cool weather. In the evening, the fingers may swell a little, especially in the heat.

For information on how to choose and wear men's rings, see the next video.

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