A man's middle finger ring: what does it mean and who wears it?

  1. Middle finger value
  2. Patron
  3. What does it mean on a man's hand?
  4. Suitable ring types and materials

Since ancient times, special importance has been attached to jewelry. For example, not only the stones and metals in the jewelry could say a lot about the owner, but also how it was worn - as a pendant, ring or brooch. If the decoration meant a ring, then they paid attention to which finger the man had the ring on.

Middle finger value

The middle finger is the inner strength of a person, his personality traits, hidden capabilities and potential. However, at the same time the middle finger acts as a kind of conductor between the inner strength of a person and the Universe. In other words, this can mean that by activating his latent potential with the help of the middle finger, a person also triggers the action of his karma.

Much also depends on which particular hand a person wears jewelry on. So, the left hand is responsible for generic qualities and for the talents laid down at birth. The right hand is responsible for the future, for what qualities a person could develop in himself on his own and how this can affect his future life. There is also a theory that wearing a ring on an active hand enhances certain qualities (associated with a chosen finger and a patron planet), and on an inactive hand, to limit it.

It is noteworthy that wearing a ring on the left (inactive) hand for right-handers will not lead to dramatic changes in life, but only harmonizes the correspondence of the inner and outer worlds.


The patron saint of the middle finger is the planet Saturn. This is a Roman deity corresponding to the ancient Greek Kronos (Chron). This titan was the supreme god and father of Zeus, who was so afraid of the prophecy that his son would take away his power that he devoured his own children. So Saturn is the planet of powerful and powerful people. The ring on the finger of Saturn gives the wearer self-confidence and self-confidence.

What does it mean on a man's hand?

Since men and women are polar in their energy, it is not surprising that the meaning of the ring on the middle finger of a man will differ from the ring on the same finger of a woman.

On the right

The ring on the right hand will help a person find himself (if we are talking about a weak-willed person who has lost his life path), find his purpose and be realized in it. But if you wear the ring on this finger constantly, then it will bring into life the small difficulties that are planned in order to make a person stronger. But these difficulties can "finish off" an initially weak-willed person.

A man who wears a ring on the middle finger of this hand seeks to achieve harmony with himself and with the world. He loves himself and accepts for who he is, but with constant wearing it develops into narcissism and narcissism.

The larger and more noticeable the decoration, the greater the desire of the owner to attract attention to himself.

On the left

The decoration on the left hand will become a powerful talisman that protects from the negative influences of both others and the owner himself. It is worth careful to wear a ring on the left hand for powerful men who need this power - for example, a ring on the left hand can deprive a person in a leadership position of leadership traits. This, however, does not touch the middle finger of the hand - the decoration on this finger will either remain a beautiful decoration or become a strong amulet.

On both hands

A person wearing rings on the middle fingers of both hands seems to be out of our world. He is focused on his goal and lives only for her, which makes him somewhat divorced from reality, existing, as it were, in a different space. Sometimes he can afford to relax and have fun with friends and family, but such moments quickly pass, and the person leaves our reality again for the sake of the world that still exists only in his head.

Suitable ring types and materials

Since the patron saint of the middle finger is Saturn, who loves lead, it is better to choose jewelry from gray and silver metals. Silver, steel, platinum and titanium work great. But do not forget to look at the energetic properties of metals... For example, gold enhances energy, while silver dampens negative energy surges. If a stone is planned on the product, then it is better to give preference to stones of calm colors: white, transparent, smoky.

The palmist in the video will tell you about the meaning of the rings on one finger or another.

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